" Meditation a Complete Path "



“ birth to do spiritual work ”


I am Vijaya Menon.


I was born on the 12th January, 1951 .. coinciding with my mother's birthday .. which was a Friday.


My mother underwent sterilization after having five children, but surprisingly, my brother ‘ Murali ’ and myself were born after that operation.


Looking back, I feel, it was a symbolic cleansing and purifying of the womb, before we were born. I also feel, we both had a higher purpose in life.


We were meant to take birth to do spiritual work and help others evolve.


Both my father ‘ Shri Gopal ’ and mother ‘ Kamala ’ were very spiritual, pious, kind-hearted persons. They were tuned into the cosmos and could interpret the signals, the universe was giving them.


My mother, especially, had psychic powers. My brother and I, have imbibed some of my mother's psychic powers.


My maternal forefathers were landlords and my paternal uncles were closely related to the royal family of Travancore.


“ unlike other children ”


I was educated in St. Mary's convent in Mumbai. Even in childhood, I was not like other children, in the sense, I never threw tantrums for dolls and things like that. I never cried when I got hurt. I was a very frisky, fun-loving child, who mingled easily with everyone. I was and am very adaptable, by nature.


In school, I was very good in academics and performing arts and loved to write poems and short stories and took part in singing and dance competitions and in athletics, as well. I am a voracious reader.


“ deaths in the family ”


I have succeeded in bringing up my children with good sanskaar.


I have taught them to respect nature and appreciate everything that God has given us, to learn from our mistakes and to face everything that comes our way with equanimity and fortitude.


June 2004, I lost my 31 years old son, ‘ Rajeev ’, due to jaundice, but I was mentally and emotionally prepared for it because I had already got many signals about the impending calamity. Always, whenever something bad was going to happen, I was warned in advance.


For example, an hour before my brother ‘ Achuthan's ’ passing away in Kerala, I could feel death in the atmosphere in Mumbai, where I lived. I had a strong foreboding and could not resist calling him up at 10:30 pm ; we talked for an hour, then he started getting breathless, so I asked him to relax and meditate, during which, he passed away peacefully.


He had done astral travel and he knew when he would pass away.


“ classic spiritual experiences ”


Once, I had to undergo an operation for piles.


I saw my departed son, sitting by my bedside and keeping watch over me.


Another time, when I was operated for an ear operation, while I was recuperating in my room, I felt myself floating. From the ceiling, I looked down and saw my daughter chatting with her friend and saw my body lying on the bed.


Then, I went through a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel the white light was a very bright, which did not hurt my eyes. I reached the light and merged with it. Then, I woke up and found myself lying on the bed.


Another time, I was a point of light and flying in the air and I could see beautiful, flowery bushes and landscapes below.


Once, when I was sleeping, I felt myself levitating 3-4 inches above the floor. I was awake at the time and felt slightly frightened.


“ meeting patriji ”


Once I went to my friend's house for a past-life regression session, which of course did not happen. But, as I sat there, my eyes fell upon a “ SPIRITUAL INDIA ” magazine. I asked her to lend it to me, along with any other issues, which she might have.


I felt very good reading them and decided to join this group. A couple of times, when Patriji visited Mumbai, I tried to meet him personally, but somehow, it never happened.


During April this year, I could meet him. When I met Patriji, I could not believe it ! The reason for this is that for a long time, the vision of a bearded elderly man, was appearing in my thoughts and I had the feeling that he was going to be my next Guru. He, in some way, resembled my former Guru .. “ C.B.K. Menon ” .. who had initiated me in theosophy, to whom I owe most of my metaphysical knowledge and to whom I am extremely grateful.


He had a major role in bringing me out of the grief that I was experiencing after my son’s demise. I still offer my salutations to him several times a day. “ extensive spiritual quest ”. Since the year 2005, I have turned to spirituality. I have done the Art of Living courses. I am a Brahmakumari, a Reiki healer and I dabble a little in basic numerology. I am also a theosophist and know six languages.


I have read books written by great masters like .. Annie Besant, Leadbeater, Osho, Yogananda, Lobsang Rampa, Brian Weiss, Barbara Ann Brennan, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsh, Linda Goodman and Deepak Chopra.


Every spiritual aspirant must read books authored by such masters. Being spiritual, is being protected, I believe. We use only 1/10 of our potential in this material world. But, with meditation, we can tap the vast resources of our inner self, which holds the answers to everything in this universe.


“ meditation .. a complete path ”


Meditation is a complete path. It not only brings inner experience,but also removes all the worries and tensions of the mind and washes away the ‘ karmas ’ of countless lives.

Meditation is the means, by which, we can see the truth, as it is. Our inner awareness becomes deeper and our understanding of internal and external things, becomes sharper.

Meditation stills the wandering mind and establishes us forever, in a state of peace, that remains stable, no matter, what happens around us.


Through meditation, we become aware of our fundamental unity with all things. To have that experience, we must pass from one state of awareness to another, moving gradually, to deeper and deeper levels of our being.


In meditation, we pass from the level in which we have the awareness “ I am the body ” to the level, in which we have the experience “ I am God ”.


“ third-eye ”

I started practising Anapanasati meditation,a year back .. on my own .. without anybody teaching me. I used to sit for 2-3 hours at a stretch, meditating. I was able to keep my mind blank.


Then, I started seeing colours, after which I saw the third-eye. It is seen as a ray of golden light, encircling a sphere of opalescent blue and at the centre, a pentagonal, white star. It is the entry way into the alternate states of divine consciousness.


Then, after that, whenever I meditated, I had visions of Lord Krishna, Christ, the divine Goddess and even angels and some of the great masters.


“ energetic and charged ”


As my meditation progressed, I felt energetic and charged. This, in spite of all the household chores I was performing.


By and by, I felt like an electric current was passing through my body. My whole body was vibrant and awake. I could not sleep at night because I felt so rested and fresh that I did not require any sleep. I became profoundly aware of everything around me.


I came to realize that the same consciousness vibrates in each and every particle of matter in the universe. I could feel the vibrations of another person very acutely.


“ helping others ”


I feel that we should use our knowledge and experiences to improve the lives of those around us. I have tried to help, love and give solace to whoever I have come in contact with, in this life. I have tried to bring positive changes in them, according to my capacity and capability. This has brought me fulfilment, to a certain extent.


Now, I feel at total peace and am encouraged to move further ahead in my spiritual endeavours, knowing that, Patriji is there to guide me at every stage. Now, I look forward, to discovering more of the self within.


My grateful pranams to Patriji.



Vijaya Menon
Lakhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai
Ph : +91 9619936772

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