“Be a Vegetarian ..utlize Pyramid Energy”


I am "Chui Fun" from Malaysia!

Ever since my childhood had haunting questions: "Where do I come from? Where is my real home located?"

I barely speak to anyone about these things. My family used to think I was suffering from autism·· but the truth is I do believe that speaking is not the only form of communication.

During my adulthood, I faced some very unpleasant obstacles during my studies and thereafter, in my married life too. However, my yearning to find out "TRUTH" got strengthened more as time passed. As I was going through critical times, the curiosity to find out "Who am I?" "Why am I facing all these trials?" got stronger and stronger.

I started learning about Buddhism right from the age of twenty and I have learned a lot of philosophy from this PATH but still it is not enough. I often communicated with my divine ..until one day, I saw a ray of LIGHT towering on me ! After that, the LIGHT followed me everywhere! Even during my walks, dining, also dusting and naps! It was, honestly, quite confusing and my husband started to think I am hallucinating.

I started questioning the LIGHT BEINGS: "Why are you following me ? What do you want me to do?"

By seeing my condition a friend of mine invited me to attend Kundalini Reiki classes. To be frank, I never believed in such extraneous factors but somehow I must know what this LIGHT is all about. Therefore, I attended the Reiki classes.

During that class, the master assisted me in opening my Chakras and I started doing meditation on my own. Not before long, I started seeing my own past life and there after the LIGHT vanished. As I was going deeper into and deeper spiritual path, I came to know that I am getting closer and closer to knowing "What l am?".

Subsequent to that experience, I ventured approaching different spiritual universities and contacting Gurus to further explore the TRUTH. It was during that time I got an opportunity to meet "Pradeep Sir" during the year 2016.

Pradeep Sir brought a crystal and I regularly attended his meditation class. During one of such meditation session, I got transformed drastically which enabled me turn into a vegetarian! Never in my life, I expected that one day I would change so much after a bout of meditation.

During my subsequent trip to Bali, Indonesia, along with Patriji and Pradeep Sir I got clarified to all my doubts and questions. The fog of ignorance slowly vanished and the PATH became much more clear.

Fast forward .. to my recent India Trip to Pyramid Valley, near Bengaluru .. I was lucky to be able to stay in this peaceful place for a few heavenly days. I experienced extremely wonderful inner journeys which cannot be described in simple words.

It is so enchanting to practice and to be with our BREATH. Be a vegetarian and utilize Pyramid Energy to get easily connected to your own heart.


Chui Fun


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