“I saw a few Astral Masters”


I am "Devika Gupta" .. resident of New Delhi.

Initially, I was very diffident to go to Ladakh as I usually have a problem of travel sickness on Hills. However, as a result of vehement persuasion from of my father, I decided to proceed on the spiritual tour to Ladakh.

After our flight landed, I was more than amazed to see the beauty, the astounding scenery of Ladakh. Standing at one place and seeing more than five different views at the same time in different directions, I was mesmerized to find one how beautiful this Himalayan Land is !

Then we went to "Mahabodhi International Centre of Meditation", where our stay was arranged in the "Global Guest House". The place is so serene, vibrant and full of energy!

That night, when I was meditating before sleep, I saw a few Astral Masters having a panel discussion and they were talking in LIGHT language. A discussion was going on about the upcoming pyramid in the Mahabodhi campus, Leh !

Next day, when I was meditating along with Patri Sir and other Masters, I had an Astral travel, where in, I went inside the Earth through a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel I could see strong and vibrant red and orange colors. Travelling through it I saw a huge statue of Buddha in golden color. A pyramid was in front of him and then I saw a lot of crystals on the walls. The crystals were placed in a manner to tell messages just like pictoral stories of the pastera's. I did decode those messages during meditation; however, I forgot those once I came out of meditation.

Next morning, the second day of our visit, we went to the famous Hemis Monastery and I was surprised to see the view that I saw in meditation the night before! The same statue of Buddha was in front of my eyes! On telling this experience to Patri Sir ..he asked me to go deep into the Earth and do an intensive research on it. This is a new mission that he has given me.

The next day, when I was meditating in my room, I experienced huge amount of blue light coming into my body, just like, it's charging me like a power bank. And thereafter, when I was fully charged, Igot a message that I am here to spread my energy in this place. We .. all Pyramid Masters·· are here to spread our energy here in Ladakh. I realized the purpose of my going to Ladakh.

Next day, we visited the famous Pangong Lake. The experience of being there was different all together. The 134 km long lake was so beautiful .. it had different colors, shades and tints. The water was crystal-clear but extremely cold.

I meditated standing in the chilling water for about 15 minutes. Initially my body went numb·· but gradually, I could feel the heat from the ground entering my body. The saffron colour energy started to enter my body and filled my body and aura with lots and lots of red energy and heat. Coming out of meditation, I was filled with bliss and happiness and in fact, I never wanted to come out of that water! After staying a night in Pangong Lake we took our way back to Leh ..to the Mahabodhi Centre.

The little angels of Mahabodhi Centre had arranged a cultural program for us which was so enchanting. They sang and danced for us with nice Ladakhi, Tibetan and Nepali songs.

The final night at Leh was so delightful. I went on a small walk and could see Masters walking beside me!

When I looked up in the sky, I saw back to back 15 shooting stars. I gazed at them like a little child. They came my way to thank me and all the Pyramid Masters for being here. The amazing Streaks of Light falling from the night sky were a mark of celebration and a Farewell to us.

'I thank Patri Sir, my parents and all the Pyramid Masters for enabling me to have such a magnificent, magical, enjoyable, heavenly, grand, splendid and great experience.


Devika Gupta

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New Delhi ,Ph: 921237223

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