“Great Experience”


I am "Drona ".

When saw a message about Ladakh tour on "WhatsApp", I became very much inspired to go there. I decided to go along with my friends. And, we all travelled from Jammu to LehLadakh by road !

We have been enjoying Patriji's beautiful messages on a daily basis and also doing meditation under his guidance. We saw many monasteries and I feel we are no way less than any Buddhist Monk. I enjoyed being in Himalayas. I felt Iam everywhere in rocks and trees and snow.

On 10th June, while going to Pangong Lake, we enjoyed at Chang La Pass in the snow. There, I felt I was in the "Bhutala Swargam .. Heaven on Earth".

Early morning at the Lake side while doing meditation beside Patri Sir I had a great experience.

As I closed my eyes, I saw a GROUP of sixty two Great Maharishis sitting on the opposite side of the Lake. I saw clearly that they are doing meditation, may be, for very long years.

Then, I could see, the bottom level of the Lake ; there are so many pyramids, at the bottom of the Lake. And, also beneath the mountains, there are so many pyramids. That means it is a natural energy center of the pyramids and Maharishi's Meditation Center.

I really felt very happy and every year I wish to visit Ladakh to experience more in order to absorb the more spiritual divine energy.

The arrangements done and guidance given by "Sameeta "were indeed fabulous. Thank you, Sameeta !


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