“I am a Soul with a Free Will”


I am "Grace Ghong" born and brought up in Malaysia.

I couldn't look into my true self. For decades, I have been living like a "puppet" .. a puppet that takes whatever the society gives and repeats blindly.

Ever since I started studying in college, I came across a hobby called 'Cosplay'which is precisely costume role play. I am not saying that the hobby is bad, but my intentions were definitely negative. I enjoyed putting on wigs, dramatic outfits and insanely thick makeup so that I could become the heroine of that particular Anime/ Cartoon. I longed to become popular, smart and beautiful like the characters inside the show. I used to think that was only the way to find myself .. I got stuck to that stupid idea.

And, I did not allow any of my friends to see my true personality. For that sake I displayed several of my Facebook accounts. I was living like an "iceberg". Only my Cosplay friends knew about my real personality. None of my university friends knew that I do play Cosplay.

As time went by, I found myself being isolated from everyone·· no one understands me and often loneliness overwhelmed me.

My parents do practice meditation regularly and because of them, I also have been meditating. But, none of my friends knew this also. Even though it helped me grow, I never dared to share my experiences with anyone as I don't want to be a "weirdo". My apprehension was that only people with some mental sickness would attend meditation classes.

One day, in November 2016, my parents introduced me to the crystal meditation conducted by "Master Pradeep". I have had a few experiences of viewing my past life through meditation before this. However, I never wanted to accept the fact, I had experiences like this, as people might think, I am crazy!

However, during my first session, the crystal ripped open my third-eye! It was only then, I realized that I chose the RIGHT PATH after a long waiting. My third-eye visions enabled me to see so many things!

But, I was adamant not to see. Even now my mind is resisting and is afraid of losing all my friends and losing my image also. So, I kept quiet during the entire session, hoping no one would ask me to share my experiences.

A few months later, I was informed that the same Master is coming for another session with that crystal. It's seldom possible for me to voluntarily attend a meditation class but for the first time, I went for a repetition with a slight urge in my heart longing to find out more about my INNER SELF. This is when I really found out about "Bengaluru Pyramid Valley" and “Pyramid Meditation". Not knowing what to expect, I signed up for "India Trip" and immediately took leave the following day.

I started off the trip to Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, India, with lots of frustration, fear and resistance, as I was tagging along my parents, uncle and aunt. How could I possibly show them the vulnerable side of me? I would be the laughing stock of my relatives.

It was my first visit to the Mega Pyramid in Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, which did break the shell of my stubbornness. We were meant to drop by the pyramid only for a few minutes before heading for our lunch. But, most surprisingly .. within minutes .. the pyramid power literally wiped all of the miserable, hurtful and depressing feelings away from me once and for all ! Tears flooded my face and they would not stop even though I tried my utmost best to remind myself that I am in a public area and my I ‘reputation’ is at stake!

On the way to the dining area, I felt sure that my image was totally ruined. However, it was surprising to hear compliments and supporting words from everyone, not a single person mocked me ! After that, I started to be more truthful with myself by letting go all my EGO, doubts and fear during meditation sessions.

Thereafter, we went to a few other ashrams located near “Kalikiri", Andhra Pradesh, that could heal the hollowness of my heart. Who would have thought I have been living a fake life just as to impress others? !

At last, I realized, that all through my life, I was leading a lonely and hollow life because of the choices I made as per the wishes of the society not of my individual self.

Lastly, I enjoyed meditation but I am afraid to let anyone know just because they might think otherwise.

Spiritual experiences I gained and the revelations I made after my trip to India:

  1. I could tell all my friends and colleagues that my trip to India was not for a vacation but it was actually a spiritual journey. My past illusions about losing friends due to my meditation had faded away as they were only illusionary creations of my mind.
  2. I stopped playing all "hide and seek" games completely. Now, I have so much of time and money for my real favourite hobbies. Further, I realized that conversation is never a problem if we have a real will to speak.
  3. I learnt how to truly love myself and that love can help me make all the right choices in life. All the decisions I make now are no longer fear-based but based on LOVE, so every decision can help me to achieve a more favourable and peaceful life.
  4. Last but not the least, I realized that, I am no longer a "puppet", I am a soul with a perfect free-will.


Grace Chong

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