“Near Death Experience”


I am "Hari”  from Melbourne, Australia.

I have been meditating for the past seventeen years and also undertaking intense trekkings and spiritual trips.

However, the most recent trip to Himalayas to "Leh-Ladakh" has become very special to me. I have always become dreaming about Himalayas and at last it happened when

I saw an advertisement on the trip being conducted by "SAMEETA", a senior pyramid master. I enrolled for the trip immediately.


"the Great Himalayas"


And the day had come into reality on 7thJune 2017, when we landed in Leh ..a plane dwelling in the midst of mountains, streams and Lakes .. in the midst of the Great Himalayas.

We were welcomed by Mahabodhi International Meditation Center (MIMC) Sri Bhikku Sanghasena Ji and all the children of MIMC in a grand way. Our day started with resting in MIMC surrounding Beautiful Himalayas.

The next day, we started visiting various popular monasteries across Ladakh. Every angle of Himalayas was stunningly beautiful and serene. All the senses were completely attentive to grab every drop of beauty and energy from the scenic and saintly mountains covered with snow.


"a severe headache"


The trip was going amazingly well but for a severe headache bothering me because of the altitude which is around 12,000 feet above mean seal level (MSL).

On Day 3, my headache got worse and I decided to sleep off and take rest from afternoon. So, I slept and didn't even come out of my room.

Next day morning, we had a big day waiting to start our journey to Pangong Lake which is around 16,000 feet MSL.

This Lake is supposed to be the most beautiful and energetic place. I surely didn't want to miss it. And after a sound sleep that night and I got relief from my headache and got better. So, I got ready for Pangong Lake trip with all excitement. I finished taking bath and came down from my room and walking towards canteen to get my breakfast.


"conversation with Patriji"


As I walked, I heard a loud voice calling me by name from other side of the building. I turned around and it was none other than Patriji! I immediately walked towards Patriji. He asked me what happened the day before as I was not seen anywhere. I told him that I had severe headache and that I took complete rest. He said it could be due to high altitude. He mentioned that he himself had a Near Death Experience when he went to Manasarovar. Then, immediately after a short pause, he said "Why not you also experience the same in this trip?" I was shocked and told him that I am happy like this and don't need such experience. Patriji immediately responded and asked me :

"Why ? Why not that experience ? Do one thing, not near death experience .. instead just die! Die in Himalayas !" He uttered in a rather strong voice. I immediately wanted to put an end to this discussion and so, I told him "OK Sir .. Iam okay with anything and I am ready". As I said these words, I felt like I was affirming from deep within and agreeing that I was ready for a NDE.


"'Hari ' is going to die"


We moved to canteen for breakfast. As I was having breakfast, Patriji started telling this to everyone that I decided to die in Himalayas. I was stunned! He kept on telling everyone he met that "Hari is going to die in Himalayas and it is his decision." I started becoming more and more attentive and aware of these words.

Then, a question came into my mind, "Am I ready to die ? So, what if it happens?" The answer came strongly from inside' NO'. It's not out of fear of death. I knew that I had so much of work still left on Earth to finish. I am not ready to leave my body right now. Then, something popped off from within about a concept told by Patriji, a day before, i.e., "FREE WILL".

Patriji said: "FREE WILL is the master key for all concepts. Free-will works first and anything else comes only next. With free-will we can create anything. We can change even life's design." Then, immediately I made an affirmation that "I am living" .. "I am coming back from Himalayas .. I am not dying .. I am okay for the Near Death Experience .. But, I will not die."

I immediately told Patriji that I am using my 'free will 'and decided not to die now.

Patriji asked me : "Are you sure?"

I said "Yes! Iam sure. Even if the design for me is to die, using my free will, I am changing the design and have decided to LIVE on."

Patriji said: "Let's see what happens."


"Pangong Lake"


We started for Pangong Lake. After a few hiccups from weather, we passed through beautiful Himalayas towards the Lake. We played in snow en route and dwelled in the Lap of Himalayas.

We reached Pangong Lake at around 7 pm and after some meditation and speaking to the masters who came from across the globe, we slept off tight under warm rugs cuddling hot water bags. All through my journey, I was constantly watching my breath and also my mind·· making sure my free will is at the top of everything else.

Next day, in the morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and came out of my tent seeing the divine beauty of Pangong Lake. I meditated for some time and we all went to the Lake and stood in the Lake and meditated for some more time. It was divinely energetic. No words to explain the way I felt the beauty and energies of the environment in one of the most electrifying places on Earth.

As I was enjoying the beauty of it, we had to start back to Mahabodhi ending our one night camping.


"Haven't you died yet?"


So, we boarded the bus and Patriji started visiting each bus and saying "hello" to every one. As he boarded our bus, the first thing he asked me was: "Haven't you died yet?"

I immediately replied : "No Sir, I was making" use your teachings about free will. I used my free will to Live On and it worked. So, I am here."

Patriji said "That's Good". We all started back through the Himalayas.


"near death experience"


As we were journeying back through Himalayas, we had to pass through world's 3rd highest road which is at a height of 17,500ft. This is called "Chang La Pass". As we were passing through the tough road, my breath suddenly started becoming thinner and lighter. My heart-beat started getting slow. My body was becoming light. I was dissolving into nothingness.

Every cell of my body, mind and existence became non-deliberately light. I knew I am out of my body, but, I made no effort to get back. The state was so naturally happening. There was no deliberation (or) struggle. It was a state of calmness dissolving into nothingness drop by drop. I knew there was no breath (or) heartbeat. Yes, it was absolute death, which lasted for about fifteen minutes!

At that time, I had a piece of camphor (folded in a tissue) held in my hand. My right hand automatically lifted up and put the camphor at my nose and taken a very long breath. It was for so long that it triggered the functioning of my body immediately. That's the first breath after fifteen minutes. I was back into LIFE! I was back into my BODY!


"I died and returned back"


I remained in silence until I came back to "Mahabodhi". It took time. I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I feel like staying in that state of nothingness as much as I could. I felt so very fresh and alive. Just like taking a new birth. Taking a new life.

After reaching back to Mahabodhi, I went straight to Patriji and told him what all happened to me : "I died and got back".

Patriji shook my hand and said : “Everyone in one's life has to have atleast one such experience".


" a total shift "


Life after this experience has become totally shifted for me. Now, I see everything in a totally new dimension.

I profusely thank Patriji for making me more attentive and focused. Patriji prepared me to face Near Death Experience with complete awareness.

I was very strong, I was with my free will to get back to LIFE. This is one of the most profound experiences in my seventeen years of spiritual life of practicing meditation.

Thanks to “Sameeta” for organizing this trip which enabled many to have life-changing experiences.

I truly cherish each moment of my Leh Ladakh Trip. With this new energy, I am all ready as a warrior for spreading "Meditation .. Vegetarianism ..Pyramid Energy" to the whole of the world as much as I can.



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