“Much Third-Eye Activity”


I am “Rinku Gupta" from Kolkata.

I have been doing Anapanasati meditation since the year 2010.

The Leh-Ladakh trip is my first spiritual tour with Patri Sir. We reached Delhi on the evening of 6th June to commence our journey to Leh-Ladakh :on the morning of 7th June.

As we boarded the flight to Leh at Delhi Airport, I met Pyramid Senior Master "Asha Gupta" and her family who were seated next to me. This was universe's divine plan as I was not aware of it earlier. We both shared our meditational experiences and respective spiritual journeys.

As soon as we landed at the Leh Airport on 7th June at 11am and stepped outside the airport, I felt a strong cold breezy energy on the top of my head. My awareness greatly heightened as soon as I landed at Leh Airport. I was in awe of the beauty around me.

We all were filled with joy, bliss and wonder. I love to be in Himalayas and I know deep down in my heart that I am strongly connected with the Himalayas from other lifetimes. Whenever I go to the Himalayas I feel I am being connected to my core.


"first day: acclimatization and third-eye visions"


On our first day, we were advised to acclimatize with the climate of Leh-Ladakh as it is located at a height of 11,000 feet MSL. We received a warm welcome from "Sameeta" as we reached "Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC) "where our accommodation was arranged for the subsequent four days.

We had our breakfast, went to our room and rested for the day. As I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes to sleep, my Ajna chakra started to get activated and I had visions of Himalayas, Landscapes, Valleys and Lakes started with rapid movement.

After that I sensed birds and various animal beings with transparent crystalline light bodies around me. I sensed that I was flying on a colourful bird with a different kind of shape of wings which was very huge. I just witnessed all that was occurring and fell asleep.

At 7 pm, we all gathered for dinner at "Shangrila" restaurant at MIMC and met Patri Sir there. Our joy knew no bounds as he prepared us for the journey in the days to come!


"second day : Goddess Tara"


Our second day started with a flute meditation session by Patri Sir followed by experience and five fingers concept 'sharing'. We were all set for the visit to the Alchi Monastery ..a 11th century ancient monastery of Ladakh followed by another 11th century ancient monastery Lamayuru Monastery.

As we were passing by the mountains, trees and valleys in a twelve seater bus, I sensed as if each and every mountain, tree and valley was speaking to me. We meditated at both the monasteries. A True Paradise, I went and sat down to meditate at Alchi Monastery and again I felt a strong cold breezy like energy at the top of my head.

I had a vision of "Goddess Tara" in a white silver light form. She started talking to me revealing the story of how she used to come down on Planet Earth in a physical form with other God-Goddess to celebrate, enjoy, sing and dance!

She revealed her physical form to me in a complete white gown, beautiful white a features sitting on a special colourful bird which I envisioned earlier. I was filled with infinite love, joy, bliss and compassion as I got connected with Goddess Tara! Each and every cell of my body was reverberating with Love, Joy and Bliss. I was in the state of ecstasy!

I envisioned Patri Sir as I sat down in front of Future Maitreya Buddha Idol. My breathing changed automatically. I found myself breathing deeply through and from my throat and thyroid gland. I could feel the expansion of my thyroid gland.


"green orbs and space ship"


At night .. post dinner ..while going to our room we captured pictures of moon from our camera and we all were amazed at the picture of two green orbs with moon. We sat there to meditate with the energy of orbs to take message.

Orbs revealed themselves as "Goddess Tara" and "Milerapa''. Instantly·· post that ..I saw a circular shape spaceship with multicolour light bulbs below that. The gate of a Space Ship opened and a flush of golden light showered on us ! Later that night Patri Sir told me to share my experience with everyone in his room and after that we all retired for the night.


"third day: visiting monasteries"


The third day started with morning's guided meditation by Manjunath with Patri Sir's flute music in the background followed by experience and further five fingers concept sharing by "Swarnalata Madam ".

As I sat down in the meditation, I sensed a strong connection and vibration at my root Chakra and I sensed that Patri Sir along with a few other masters were activating my root and sacral chakras. I also sensed Goddess Tara again sitting on a Lotus flower in the mid of the Sheshnaag.

Post meditation, we went ahead for the monastery. We all visited Hemis and Thikse monasteries. We took a glimpse of the museum of Hemis .. and I was in awe, as I saw the idol of Goddess Tara to be the first idol in there. While visiting Thikse monastery, we decided to go outside and meditate under a tree, and I had visions which gave me more insights.


"the dwarfs"


As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw a white light portal above us and it took me to an empty road which was moving backwards and after a while I noticed dwarfs in red clothes walking down the road.

The dwarfs were carrying something over their head while they were moving forward in a straight line and one of the dwarfs got inside my root chakra, climbing up my spinal cord into medulla oblongata, after which it entered my Ajna Chakra and placed a violet crystal stone there! The dwarfs later came down to my eyes and placed a Clear Quartz crystal on them. Then, they went out through my root Chakra the same way!

I received the validation from the masters in the form of a "white feather”, thereafter. Post lunch, when we meditated in the meditation hall of the MIMC and tears of respect and gratitude started flowing for my Guru. At night, while meditating with Patri Sir. I started feeling cold, and each and every cell of my body was freezing·· post which·· I went into a trance.


"fourth day: Shambala experience"


On the fourth day we visited Pangong Lake and the view was breathtaking! I was given messages related to the "Shambala" and overall it was a very beautiful experience.

The next day, Patri Sir took us through a meditation·· post which·· we were allowed to share our experiences of the trip.

A great journey! This whole experience has been overwhelming for me and I look forward to undertake many more of these, in the near future.

Rinku Gupta

Ph: 9831757349

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