“Spiritual Retreat in Leh-Ladakh”


(A Spiritual retreat into the enchanting tend- Leh Ladakh was organized by PSSM from Jlh to 12h June 2017)

The most awaited trip that was decided an year ago (during June 2016) by Patri Sir came to a reality this year in June 2017.

"Ladakh"..the land of Lamas is surreal .. be it the mesmerizing scenery, the ancient monasteries, the lakes with changing colour, the mountains that feel sacred and living·· and of course the people who are humble, shy, loving and always ready to serve.

It was decided last year·· that the stay will be at "Mahabodhi" International Meditation center (MIMC) itself, which is under the care of "Bhikku Sanghasena Ji". Patri Sir and DLN Shastri Ji gave me the total responsibility to organize the trip! I felt very happy but at the same time I was a little apprehensive about my abilities to carry on the task successfully on a grand. But, with Patri Sir's presence, Iwas confident, I will be able do it.

Around May this year, fifty people registered for this trip and count-down started ..and so I decided to be in Ladakh well before the group's arrival in order to look into the arrangements. Finally, on 7th June the GROUP arrived along with Patri Sir.


Day-I.. 7th June


Everyone arrived at Leh, some by fights and a few by road. After reaching Mahabodhi center, we were specially welcomed by Guruji Sanghasena and his Team. The welcome song in honor of Patri Sir and all pyramid masters by the students was overwhelming. Everyone rested later so as to acclimatize to the high altitude.


Day- 2..8th June


We were all so excited and happy with the pleasant weather, breathing crisp pure air, viewing the Himalayan Snow Mountains all around us! Special care was taken with delicious and awesome food provided by Mahabodhi.

After a peaceful and vibrating meditation session by Patri Sir,we were all ready to travel also with perfect, well trained Ladakhi drivers to visit ancient 11th century monasteries "Alchi" and "Lamayuru". We were mesmerized by the beautiful view of Indus River near the monastery. We took many pictures of the sceneries and preserved them in our cameras and videos.


Day-3·· 9th June


Early morning, Patri Sir and a few Pyramid masters were invited by Indo Tibetan Border Police ( ITBP), to conduct meditation session for the "Jawans".

One hour session by Patri Sir along with his flute meditation was fully enjoyed by all the ITBP personnel. They not only shared their experiences but also promised to practice meditation daily and even teach their respective families!

Later, during the day we visited the biggest monasteries "Thikse" and "Hemis”. The view from "Hemis" Monastery was beautiful and divine energy in the temple was felt by many. The famous courtyard at Hemis Monastery was enchanting with its architecture and colourful layout.


 Day-IV .. 10th June


Each one of us was truly excited and ready with full of energy to visit one of most prefered tourist places by all "Pangong Lake".

Ladakh is famous for its lakes and one of the most popular one is "Pangong". It was decided a night before that we all will leave for Pangong at 6 am, and accordingly Patri Sir guided us and shown the magic of his wisdom and strong connection with the Nature.

Despite the adverse weather conditions we were all confident that as long as Patri Sir says "we are going to Pangong", we knew in our hearts "YES·· we would certainly go and also reach the goal". It was decided to go along with the nature and stop wherever required.

We halted at nearby restaurant for lunch till the road got cleared. With all the enjoyment, discussions and teachings by Patri Sir on , ‘Group Consciousness’ and special sharing by "Shreans Daga" on his journey of beginning towards spiritual path, we then continued our travel to Pangong Lake by late afternoon.

In just two hours of drive we reached "Chang La Pass", where all of us were awe stuck by the breath-taking snow peak mountains, with snow everywhere, and each one started playing like a child, throwing snow balls at each other, feeling the purest of the energies and presence of astral masters around us.

Finally, after long hours of travel in the evening we reached the serene, calm and sacred Pangong Lake. Here we had quite different accommodation facilities for camping in 'Tents '.

As we reached our accommodation, some of them decided to rest and straight got into cozy blankets provided by travel agents. Some decided to indulge in chating and some decided to meditate under the Full-Moon which begin to peep out from the clouds, it was bigger and brighter as it's seen at such high altitude of 16,000 ft MSL. It was felt that the energies here are far beyond human apprehension and it's truly an abode of the divine.


Day-V·· 11th June


Early in the morning, Patri Sir conducted a melodious flute meditation which was enjoyed by one and all along with the beautiful sunshine.

After breakfast, it was decided to spend our precious time near the Pangong Lake, by touching and sensing the Himalayan waters besides watching the changing colours of the Lake. Each one felt that it was the most adventurous journey to experience the great beauty of Nature.

By afternoon, we were back at Mahabodhi center, Leh, and in the evening there was a very special farewell planned by Bhikku Sanghasena Ji and his Team of Mahabodhi Center. There was a sweet cultural show with dance, singing, music by the children of all ages.

Sanghasena Ji thanked all the pyramid masters and especially Patri Sir and he said that "Mahabodhi will always welcome all the people from PSSM every year".

There was an announcement made for construction of a pyramid ..the first of its kind in Leh-Ladakh .. at Mahabodhi.

The event concluded with Patri Sir's talk as he shared his happiness along with Mahabodhi Team. Each member of PSSM enjoyed the evening with the love showered by Mahabodhi Center children and their Team which will be remembered always.

The five-day trip to Leh-Ladakh and Pangong Lake came to an end, and we all carried with us many, many memorable moments, bonding within the group, making new friends at Mahabodhi, truly honoring Ladakhi people and care for this blissful land, as we can proudly say "It's a Heaven on Earth ".

Our special gratitude to DLN Shastri Ji .. for guiding this trip ..to Manjunath for helping at every step·· Deepak Pandey (ITBP) .. staff of MIMC and all Ladakhi people who helped us with care and safety.



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