“I surrender to the Magic of the Creation”



Iam "Shilpi" from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

My spiritual journey started when I joined "RITEE Group of Institutes" in the Year 2013, as in this organization along with work meditation is a part of corporate culture.

Shailendra Jain Sir (President of CGPSSA) is a great leader, who has dedicated his life to service of humanity. I am grateful to him for guiding me to the right path and I took training of "Spiritual Values Education" in the Year 2014 from Shri Shivaramappa Sir.

I am imparting training of Spiritual Values Education among students in "Kaanger Valley Schooll".

I got opportunity to meet "Brahmarishi Patriji" in the Year 2015, in Raipur. Under his guidance, I started regular meditation, developed the habit of reading right spiritual books and came to know about the Spiritual Masters, Great Sages, Saints, Divine Beings and Yogis.

The first book I read was "Autobiography of a Yogi". Like many others, I also have been mesmerized by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. It helped me to understand the purpose of my life.

As every one's life is full of roles and responsibilities, every person should be a meditator to understand his/her true potential.

For me, meditation is like a magic wand. As I am practicing meditation every day. I feel more happy, energetic, understanding and compassionate. Now, I have become more conscious, aware and realize that I am not just my body and mind, I am a Soul entity.

Meditation helps to resolve situations and learn lessons from situations.

Recently, in his Raipur tour, Patri Sir said "if situations affect you, you are a 'Buddhu' and if in all situations you are in bliss then·· you are a 'Buddha'”.

I still remember it was like a dream come true, last year, in May 2016, I participated in Buddha Poornima Celebrations, held in Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru.

During my early morning meditation with Patriji, at 5.00 am, I experienced, amazingly, the Sunrise, during the meditation session. Hence, with confidence, I was expecting a bright Sun outside. However, once the meditation was over, I could see only a cloudy sky followed by heavy rain!

After two months of this experience, I went to "Kausani (a hill station in Uttarakhand)" along with my family members. Next day early morning, my father woke me up only to show me a bright Sunrise. Tears started rolling out of joy to see the same Sunrise view, of my Bengaluru meditation experience ! I was totally overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness to Anapanasati Meditation.

Now, I surrender to the magic of the creation and I am grateful to my beloved master Patriji for guiding me to wisdom and power of being in the present moment and transforming my life.

Through this experience, I learned "The world is so vast and it is our illusion to think that we know everything. Go on a journey of self-discovery to explore the inner-self ".





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