“Anapanasati meditation and 144 facet Divine Quartz Crystal”



I am "Navneet Kaur" born and brought up in Singapore. I was introduced to PSSM's Anapanasati Meditation in January 2011.

My first group meditation session offered me an astounding experience. I felt so energetic, so full of life and slept only three hours that night. Also, I was intrigued by the power of the pyramid and the ease of Anapanasati meditation. It was so effortless compared to several of the active meditation techniques which I was doing earlier.

Now, I stopped all the other active meditation practices and focused only on Pyramid Meditation and helped Anapanasati group sessions regularly at the Centre. I purchased one hanging pyramid and started practicing Pyramid Meditation daily at home too. I witnessed profound changes in my life thereafter.

First and foremost, I became a vegetarian with great ease .. my relationships at the workplace improved dramatically·· my dreams became more lucid and clear and my productivity in all activities improved.

After about nine months, I received a clear message in my meditation to teach meditation and hence I joined "PSSM Singapore" as a volunteer. I started conducting weekly group meditation sessions and helped to organize classes for Spiritual Teachers who visited Singapore.

When attended the annual "Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS)" in Pyramid Valley in the Year 2013. Here, I met the Australian Pyramid Master, "Pradeep Vijay".

I got acquainted with the 144 facet Divine Crystal when Pradeep first received it in Year 2014.

He is the currant custodian of this magnificent clear quartz crystal which was gifted to him in a ceremony which took place in Pyramid Valley in Year 2014. It was a significant event which took place in the King's Chamber on 2nd October, the first day of GCSS.

I witnessed the whole event together with 2,500 other people in the pyramid and was in awe of the magnificence of it.


My Experiences with "Divine Crystal" and Pradeep :


I travelled with Pradeep to many countries where he taught Anapanasati meditation. He would place the Divine Crystal in the centre of the room and people would gaze in to the crystal and then go into meditation. During these sessions I noticed that my mind became rather empty very quickly and I was instantly in a deep state of relaxation.

Reflecting back on my meditational experiences over the last three years, I feel that the Divine crystal "speaks" to me. It reflects back to me my true self and reminds me of my true nature, that of unconditional love. I have, on some occasions, asked deep questions to the Divine Crystal and have always received an answer in my meditation. It is a very fulfilling experience to know TRUTH directly.

I now practice the same even without the presence of the Divine Crystal and feel very happy to have connected to that part of me that is authentic, infinite and ever so loving to guide me on my earthly journey.

In the process, I have also gained a better understanding of the nature of the human mind. Most importantly, I now recognize that Anapanasati meditation .. using the natural breath technique ..is a must for self realization. I am grateful that the Divine Crystal has been such a tremendous support in my spiritual journey and also for my beautiful friendship with Pradeep.


Meeting with Alex Orbito .. Philippines


In the Year 2014, when International psychic healer Alex Orbito from the Philippines was visiting Singapore, I introduced him to Pradeep.

In April 2016, Alex Orbito was supposed to make his annual visit to Singapore which got cancelled due to sudden news of his stroke. When Pradeep heard of Alex Orbito's condition, he felt intuitively guided to visit him for meditation with the Divine Crystal. So we reached out to his secretary "Marika" to organize a visit to the Philippines.

During our chat with "Marika", she informed us that she had been seeing the number 144 repeatedly in her dreams and in her waking state. So, when she learnt of the "144 facet Divine Crystal", she felt it was synchronicity and invited us as guests to conduct Crystal Meditation at a spiritual retreat organized at the "Pyramid for Light" in the Philippines in December 2016.

The “Pyramid for Light" (21m x 21m size) was conceptualized by Alex Orbito and inaugurated on 11-11-2011.

When we arrived at the retreat, there were about 60 participants from different parts of the World, mostly French-speaking.

Alex Orbito looked weary but seemed to have recovered from his condition. At the retreat, Pradeep taught everyone how to do Anapanasati meditation. Everyone sat in a circle, gazed into the Divine Crystal and then started observing their BREATH. After the one hour session, everyone shared amazing experiences. Some people were in tears, a few instantly opened their Third Eye, astral travelled to their star nations and felt their star lineage.

It was amazing to hear their experiences knowing that it was their first time sitting in Anapanasati meditation ! Alex Orbito too looked much better the next day, after meditating with the Divine Crystal!

As the participants asked for more Anapanasati Meditation with the Divine Crystal, we ended up doing many more such sessions at the  “Pyramid for Light".

On the last day of the retreat, some participants approached Pradeep and requested that we visit their countries to conduct Divine Crystal meditation classes. Invitations came from France, Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria and Nepal.

Anapanasati meditation with Divine Crystal .. in EUROPE:


Visit to .. Sofia, Bulgaria


Pradeep and I visited Europe for three weeks starting 11th September 2017 at the invitation of our new friends. Our first stop was Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our host “Maggie" organized a full week of Crystal meditation classes in Sofia. We also brought along with us pyramid caps, “Spiritual India" magazines and spiritual books to distribute to everyone. Participants realized how simple and easy meditation was and had many experiences. Some had clear third-eye experiences, some saw beings unknown to them and some wept in joy.

One participant, felt guided to invite us to Italy next year for Crystal Meditation. She is part of a spiritual community called "Damanhur" located in northern Italy.

Our host organized two days trip to the famous "Rila Mountains" in the Balkan mountain range. Thirteen people decided to join us to spend more time with Crystal and to meditate in the mountains. Balkan Mountain Range is beautiful with lot of healing energies and meditation on the Rocks communing with nature is a joyful experience. All the Participants got guidance on how to go forward in life and meditation was the answer.


"Visit to .. Switzerland"


Our next destination was Switzerland. It was an early morning flight to Basel and we were looking forward to our first visit to this scenic country. Our host "Martin" fetched us from the airport and drove us to his home in the City of Fribourg.

About thirty people attended the seven hour Divine Crystal Meditation session the next day. The session was a fantastic experience for everyone. Participants understood why breath is the key to emptying the mind. One participant experienced going back to her home in the stars. Her tears of joy were uncontrollable.

Everyone expressed much gratitude after the session ended. They all felt amazing energies radiating from the Divine Crystal. All the participants requested us to return to Switzerland as soon as possible as they felt the one-day meditation class was too short a duration and they wanted more days in the next visit.

After the session ended I expressed to Pradeep that he consider organizing a spiritual conference in Switzerland in the future so that all Pyramid Masters from India and elsewhere can come together and also appreciate the beauty of this country.

The next day as we were preparing to leave for the airport, Pradeep received a phone call from Patriji who was in Germany at that time. Patriji informed Pradeep to relocate to Switzerland and it will be the "International Centre for PSSM and Crystal".

Patriji also informed Pradeep that his work is now in Europe and added that the DIVINE CRYSTAL needs a cool climate and Switzerland is the right place.

It was heart warming to hear that especially since my first impression of Switzerland was so extraordinary. Before we left Switzerland, we got an invitation to visit Belgium and Switzerland next March, clearly an indication of more work in Europe!


"Visit to .. London. UK"


We reached our next destination London, United Kingdom. We were welcomed by Pyramid Master Ravi Kiran at the airport. Ravi, Pranahita and Srilakshmi organized the Crystal Meditation sessions during the next five days in different locations in UK.

It was a great experience to meet all the Pyramid Masters and seekers of truth in the UK. They experienced the energies of Divine Crystal and shared their interesting experiences ; most of them experiencing huge cosmic energy flow, feeling their heart Chakra activating, releasing blocked emotions and feeling lot of love.


"Visit to .. Fontainebleau .. Paris"


Our last destination in this Europe tour was Fontainebleau, near Paris. Our host "Vincent" and family welcomed us and this was our second visit to Fontainebleau. It was three days of meditation and spiritual sharing sessions. Most of the participants had become vegetarians since our first visit in May 2017. This time they experienced Meditation with Pyramid Caps and were excited with Pyramids and its Energies.

Once again people enjoyed deep meditational experiences and understood the importance of Breath, Pyramids and Vegetarianism.

The whole group planned to visit “Pyramid Valley", near Bengaluru, next year and they invited us again during March next year for a full weekend Meditation retreat.

Our Europe Tour was most memorable. Many people got to experience being with their BREATH, how easy it is to be with the BREATH and how to experience peace within themselves simply with breath.

The Divine Crystal provided amazing energy and offered people wonderful experiences. Many connections were made and more invitations mean another trip to Europe.

We are looking forward to returning to Europe and to our new mission in Switzerland!

Navaneet Kaur


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