“Anapanasati Meditation in Vietnam”



I am "Vo Thi Kim Cuc" residing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Seven years ago, I was a business woman. I had everything in my physical life but my spiritual life was empty. I never felt completely happy with life.

I had many questions about life such as : "What is the meaning of life?" .. "Why do we exist on this Earth ?" .. "What is life beyond earning money, eating, sleeping, traveling, gaming, marrying, making love, giving birth, etc. ?" .."What makes us different from animals ?" And, last but most haunting one .. "What happens after death?"

To seek answers to my questions I read some books and went to the local Pagoda but I did not feel satisfied. It did not resonate with my being.

One day, I joined the meditation class of "Master Ram" in a Yoga Center. Since then, I practiced meditation for two hours each day for 40 days continuously. I saw so many changes and significant transformation in life!

Then, I decided to join "PSSM- Vietnam" and continue to volunteer in organizing outdoor activities, to spread meditation to people including full-moon meditation classes, Patriji's meditation classes and Patriji's tour in Vietnam.

In August 2017, when we went to Bangkok to attend meditation classes conducted by Patriji, I met "Master Pradeep" and saw the Divine Crystal. I felt really amazing energies with the Divine Crystal. During meditation with the Crystal, I got a message to invite Pradeep along with the Divine Crystal to Vietnam.

Master Pradeep accepted my invitation and planned to visit Vietnam for a period of ten days from 13th to 23rd October, 2017. We designed a tour in seven cities: Ho Chi Minh .. Binh Duong .. Bien Hoa .. Vung Tau ..Da Lat ..Daelae ..Da Nang from 13th to 23rd October.

In all, we organized fifteen Anapanasati Meditation classes and one two days retreat. Around thousand people got the Divine Crystal Energy and many of them got transformed and became vegetarians too! Master Pradeep's own spiritual journey inspired and awakned all of us so deeply.

We also inaugurated our first Meditation Pyramid in "Da Lat, City", Vietnam, with Divine Crystal Energies!


Vo Thi Kim Cuc

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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