" Through Meditation, I got answers to all my Questions "



I'm Sangeeta Nehra.


I'm working in Department of AYUSH, Haryana as Director. " AYUSH " is acronym of five words of traditional systems i.e. " Ayurveda ".. " Yoga - Naturopathy " .. " Unani " .. " Siddha " and " Homoeopathy ".


From my early years, I have been seeking CLARITY in every situation because what I saw was clearly not appropriate with Nature's Law. I have questioned tirelessly.


From my child-hood, I have been in search of a place where there is peace everywhere, no rigidity in family, no suppression of thoughts, freedom of choice of actions etc.


In my school, I was fond of standing in the first row and rendering school prayers loudly. I always enjoyed and filled myself with joy when I sang these prayers and these motivated me to go on the righteous path, to walk the path of truth.


In my child-hood, I was, however, confused about words like " right path ", " truth ". " peace ", " happiness ", " pain ", " which path should I follow" , " whom I should ask and where to ask such questions ".


Whenever, I asked such questions, my family would shun my questions and instead prod me to concentrate on studies, domestic women work.


I got admission in BAMS. As a sincere, hard worker, a sensitive student and to complete family expectations and to be a good daughter, I started working hard in my studies staying in a hostel.


As I grew, my questions remained unanswered and stayed, new ones also arrived and were added to the list like: " what is mind ", " where is mind ", " what is meaning of atma ", " indriyas, panch tatva " etc.


During BAMs,the best part was .. in morning at 4.00 am., chanting of vedic mantras made me felt fresh and alive. And, I filled myself with joy and thought that there is a path which pulls us towards serenity, humanity and spirituality.


Again " whom to ask " .... " whom to ask ? " many times I asked my principal, he always answered " God is one " and " God exists in each and every particle ".


I was always surprised, how it was possible that God is one and exists in each and every particle ? New thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes were being groomed into the mind. Bundles of questions made home in me, I tried to find out but the more I found, the more it became complicated.


It was during the final year that two families decided to bring their children together into an alliance and marriage happened. I got married with a police officer ( IPS ) and had two children .. daughter " Varenyam " and son " Yashovardhan ".


To get to spirituality, one needs to get to the bottom of life sometimes.. so one can know from experience. I have always carried with me the belief that our ways of life should always be joyous, loving, compassionate, and filled with service.


I started my married life with purity and followed teachings of Swami Dayanand Saraswati in which, motherhood was emphasised upon. With total sattvic bhava, I raised my children with good sanskaras and good habits.


Besides this, many more questions arose like " what is life ", " what is purpose of life ", " what is meaning of marriage ': " what is true happiness ", " why sadness and sorrow comes " and " how to spend my time with a purpose in life ".


The way we crafted our lives and continued to live was in a non-loving, dis-compassionate and without the attitude of serving others and this was not the way of life I cherished. Our lives are meant to be special.


I got a job as an Ayurvedic doctor and started reading holy books like Gita, Guru Granth Saheb, Ramayan, Shiv Puran, Swami Vivekananda and many others. On TV channels, I started watching discourses of many gurus and joined meditation centres.


In a long journey of twenty five years to experience MEDITATION differently, I was very much tempted to make meditation as a food and to find solution of questions. I was exhausted and there was no way to get answers to these questions.


Sometimes, marriage is a stepping stone to a spiritual revolution in our life. My married life was no different.


In October 2011 , my friend rang me up and said that a hanging pyramid was set up in her house and that I must visit and see it. When I heard the word ' pyramid ' I felt that my blocked channels started opening and I replied; 'I'm coming '. I reached her house soon and asked her about pyramid and pyramid meditation.


She told about " Rama Raju Sir " and the next day both of us reached " Sood Bhawan " Chandigarh, and started " Aanapansati Meditation " as explained. I followed sincerely, quietly, and meditation continued for an hour. During the first half in my meditation, I experienced playing piano in a sea shore! And, in the second half, I was running towards a long tunnel to reach a sparkle of the bright light which was calling me!


Then a voice echoed in my head, " last one minute to go ". When I opened my eyes my mind was totally full of light and I felt that I have found everything and this is the path where I can get answers to all questions ! I was determined and started meditating regularly in morning.


I surrendered. I learned to love myself and others equally. A new " me " was born within ! During the months of October and November 2011, I got some more experiences of my past- life.


In December 2011, I attended " Dhyan Maha Chakram II " in Visakhapatnam. The first day's morning meditation session was filled with melodious FLUTE by Patri Sir and I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Each particle of my body was vibrating and was dipped in music from the FLUTE. That's when I achieved universal GURU and FRIEND with universal FLUTE.


The next morning .. during meditation .. when I merged in the sound waves of Patri Sir's FLUTE, I saw all the beings of universe running towards the beautiful music and all were wearing pyramid caps. Soon, the FLUTE magnified to such on extent that all the universe could fit in it. The huge flute, then converted into universe' " Shad Chakras " .. " Sahasrara ".


The following morning, again during meditation, I saw Mother Earth standing before me and I felt millions of pyramids rubbing my feet and spread on mother Earth. I stayed in Visakhapatnam for five days, with all new experiences every day.


After returning from " Dhyana Maha Chakram II ", I got a pyramid made at my home with dimensions of 8'x 8'. In February 2012, Patri Sir inaugurated and the pyramid was named as " Sri Dhanvantari Pyramid ".


I regularly meditate Sitting under the pyramid and I organize weekly meditation classes where Pyramid Masters come and share their knowledge and experiences with others.


In " Sonepat " too, I keep organizing meditation sessions.


In " Panchkula ", with the help of AYUSH department, I organized a huge program in which Patri Sir came and taught meditation to AYUSH doctors.


I really started living my life since I started meditating and every moment I get a new experience, a new life.


My way of thinking has completely transformed and only now, have I received true answers to my questions. Everyday meditation clears all our doubts, myths on love etc.


Continuous practice of meditation opens the doors of many dimensions which we require day to day in life.


Life is beautifully designed by our universe with unlimited and beautiful dimension. We can get only what we allow within us to flow. We can come out from old fashioned selected dimensions.


Each moment of our life we should spend with awareness and live in completeness.


Dr. Sangeeta Nehra
H.No. 629, Sector-5, PANCHKULA, Haryana
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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