"Meditation has made me a much more likable person"


Hello! My name is Kiran Kumar! I am living in Melbourne from last 9 years. I want to share my experiences on the spiritual path with you all.

When I first decided to start meditating in 2010, it was at a time in my life when I was so fearful, so anxious and so stressed. I was barely sleeping in the nights. I was pretty fed up with my life.

I had heard all about the wonderful positive effects meditation would bring, and I was really looking forward for a happy, relaxed life and above all to get a good night's sleep. So, I trotted off to one of the senior PSSM Master, Mr. Rao in Melbourne, who held weekly meditation lessons for beginners.

When I first started I couldn't close my eyes in a dark room for more than a few minutes. My fear would return and I wanted to open my eyes. But regular meditation practice changes this state by increasing the stability and strength of one’s attention. We then have a choice about where we place our attention. We can direct attention away from fear if we so choose. We can focus on the comforting cycle of the breath to help us to connect with our own inner stillness and silence. Gradually we find that we can stay there for a bit, and then maybe for a bit longer. We eventually learn to intensify this ability to concentrate our minds so that during our meditation practice all of our attention is filled with the breath this type of complete meditative absorption is deeply peaceful. In the moment of full absorption there is no room for the experience of fear.

As I stopped paying attention to the feelings of depression and accepted them as a natural result of a break-up, everything got so much easier. I meditate just about every day now, and it's a truly great way to allow yourself to feel your feelings, and then let them actually pass away.

 Remember, everything is impermanent, and this depression too will pass!  Be aware of your emotions and thoughts, but try not to attach much importance to them nor reject them. And thus meditation has made me a much more likable person.






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