“ Happiness is not about what you have, it's all about your inner Peace ”


 A good career, with high salary, a healthy and a fit body, marrying someone whom I loved and having kids has been happiness for me until I turned 30. However, the year I turned 30 was the toughest year of my life. My life was tough with my family, my workplace and I lost interest in everything and my health was ruined. Then I realized that whatever made me happy  till then couldn't make me happy anymore. 

 What you say is far more different than what you live. You may think you know everything but when you face a real situation, if you don't apply what you know, then the knowledge you gained becomes pointless. Experience is more important than knowledge because experience brings wisdom. You may make mistakes, but it's important not to repeat the same mistakes again.

 During such tough times, I came across article of Osho on internet. That article impressed me so much that I started reading  books of Osho and also started listening to his discourses everyday. I became happier each time I read his books. My life completely and positively got transformed as if some magical hands have touched me. The way Osho speaks is so simple and so easy to understand. Only after you trust and believe in an enlightened master, you begin to walk towards your own enlightenment, I trust Osho completely.

 Doing meditation and reading right spiritual books, changed my life completely. Now I love my work, I feel healthy and have a good relationship with my wife and with everyone else. I also realized that happiness is not about what we have, it's all about our inner peace. I feel that we all  have so much to learn from each other.

“ I want to end  this article by sharing my favorite quote of Osho  ' The only way to love life is to create more life, is to make life more beautiful, more fruitful, more juicy. Don't leave this earth unless you have made it a little better than you have found it when you were born . ”




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