“ Silence is not emptiness .. it’s full of answers ”


“ I have been fascinated with meditation since my childhood. However, when I hear people telling about their meditation experiences, I never attuned with them. I wanted to validate .. and therefore ..  started practicing mindfulness and meditation regularly ".

 “ In this journey I met ' Sheetal Pawar ', who introduced me to Atlanta Meditation Group. Doing meditation with the group regularly, has deepened my meditation practice. I finally experienced true essence of Meditation that is ' Silence is not emptiness .. it's full of answers '. Now I strongly believe that  ' The Body benefits from Movement and the Mind benefits from Stillness '".

 “ Meditation brought miraculous shifts in all areas of my life. A regular day feels full to the brim with simple joys, and amazing positive attitude. This practice has kindled the fire of compassion and love for everyone. It has opened the doors for creativity, things around me look more meaningful, colourful and senses are much sharper. I can feel more lighter now and see a big transformation within me ”.                                  


  Radhika Mitter

Atlanta, USA


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