“ When we open our hearts for self discovery, masters always appear ”


“ Spirituality and Meditation have always been at the top of my list of preferences. I always wanted to experience freedom and peace. ' When we open our hearts for self discovery, masters always appear'. This became true in my life .. when in the year 2015 .. I  came to know about free meditation sessions by Patriji from India at a club-house where I live today and it generated immense interest to participate in the event ".

“ I and my family participated in that event, there I met Patriji .. who was loving, happy and humble way to be .. taught us how to meditate. ' Anapanasati ' is the simplest way to meditate that I discovered in my whole life ".

“ From then onwards, along with my family members, I started attending regular group meditation sessions organized by ' Satya ' and ' Jyothi '. We now practice meditation daily and now it is part of our lives. Meditation has transformed us beautifully, believe me ! it's amazing when you receive so much energy and peace with this practice. Meditation brought to us lot of positive difference in our day-to -day lives, we feel blessed and grateful that we have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Patriji to learn this simple  yet very  powerful technique ” .                                                                                          

 Debora Franca Roriz,USA


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