“ Whole night meditation miraculously healed a stone in my kidney ”


 In the Year 2009 .. one Sunday evening .. when I was resting on my bed, all of a sudden I developed backache. The pain was very severe and I started to scream aloud, but my family members couldn't hear me as they are watching TV downstairs. I could not speak at all as the pain was unbearable. I commanded strength to slowly go downstairs in my pain. My son-in-law saw me, and immediately  rushed me to the nearby clinic. The doctor referred me to the Emergency Department.

 After some preliminary tests, doctor diagnosed me with a stone in the kidney. He left saying that I will be scanned the next day. The sedative which he prescribed did not induce sleep in me, so I meditated whole night. I was scanned the next day, doctor was surprised as he could not find any trace of the stone in my kidney ! He asked me what I was doing the night before, I told him that I was meditating, probably for the whole night. He could not believe it, and he sent me to get a scan for the second time, to reaffirm the earlier scan report. He reported that the stone had disappeared! Miraculously the whole night meditation has dissolved the stone in my kidney.

 In my early years, I was more inclined towards prayers, spiritual chanting, and only a very little meditation. But Patriji implored me to do breath- meditation as Breath is our only GURU. Meditation uplifted me to the next stage of spirituality. The profound amount of energy in my body  made me  to realize that this path is the right path. It also aroused the question in me  ' WHAT AM I ? '  Even though I heard this question a number of times, but I never was focused on what it really means. I thought about it seriously only after I met with Patriji. I choose the path of Anapanasati Meditation to validate the truth of the statement with my own experience. I realized that we are not just the body of mere flesh and blood. We are a pure chip of ATMA or pure consciousness.

“ In order to obtain knowledge from any Guru, it's essential to have faith and trust in the Guru. Patriji knew about my sinus problem and prescribed 40 minutes meditation for 40 days  to give a permanent cure to my 35 years ailment. I meditated as prescribed and now there is no trace of sinusitis in my body !  I'm very fortunate that I have become a pyramid master ”.





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