“Meditation taught me to be more self-reliant and derive happiness internally ”   


I am “ Sashank Pappu ” from Andhra Pradesh, India. I am currently living in Germany.  

My spiritual awakening began when I was 18 years old. Earlier to that, I tried many spiritual practices like Hatha Yoga .. Self Realization .. but none of them gave me any real satisfaction.

During that period, I coincidentally found a leaflet about “Anapanasati ” meditation. Further to this .. “ Spiritual Reality ” documentary film made me to understand the benefits of regular meditation practice i.e., healing of body and mind .. attainment of psychic and other-worldly experiences.

Before delving seriously into meditation, I had a very low self-esteem and lots of feelings of insecurity .. which resulted in many, many health issues like severe headaches, eye pains and skin problems. Ingesting medicines and consulting specialists only gave me temporary relief but never healed the root cause. But, meditation helped me in ways which conventional medicines did not! With gradual increase of my daily meditation practice, my eyes were miraculously healed and eventually my skin problems and headaches disappeared totally !

From then on, things started to change in my life. I started practicing daily meditation for 2-3 hours and attended various meditation programs conducted by Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement like “ Buddha Poornima ” and “ Dhyana Maha Chakram ”. I also started reading many spiritual books of great masters like Osho, Lobsang Rampa, Barbara Marciniak, Jane Roberts etc.

One day .. when I was in a very deep meditative state .. I felt very energetic and I started feeling a heavy warm touch at the bottom of my spine. I then experienced a crawling sensation on my back like a ‘snake’ .. and it felt like a warm fluid rising from the base of my spine to the top.

The moment the crawling sensation reached upto my neck .. I couldn’t take it anymore and I opened my eyes to see if there was anything on my back. However, I couldn’t find anything .. but the experience was so profound that it left a lasting impression on me. Later, through books, I learnt that this is a process of  “Kundalini  Awakening ”.

Despite of my busy schedule, I continue with my meditation practice daily without fail. Regular practice of meditation helped me to keep in touch with my inner self and taught me to be more and more self-reliant which aided me to derive happiness internally.

 I am really grateful to Brahmarshi Patriji who has dedicated his life to spread “ anapanasati meditation ”  to millions of  lives.


Sashank Pappu


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