“ Meditation unfolded many psychic abilities in me ”


I am “ Pranahitha ” from UK.  I got introduced to “ anapanasati ” meditation by my brother “Prabodh Musipatla”.

 In my very first sitting of meditation, I saw Grand Master Shiridi Sainath. When I tried to touch his feet, he gave a message that “ You and I are   equal ” which was unbelievable for me after opening my eyes.

Later, I realized the deeper meaning of his message as “Aham Brahmāsmi ”.. “ Tat Tvam Asi ” which means  “ I am the Infinite Reality/God ” .. “ You are That ”.

From then on, whenever I meditated I used to get many, many profound experiences. Even if I was meditating for five minutes, my experiences were so substantial, that it took me at least 30 minutes to share them with my co-meditators. Initially I did not understand what they actually meant .. later, I realized that I was travelling  through different time-frequencies.

Meditation unfolded many psychic abilities in me. I got many experiences like Angel expertness .. Lucid dreaming .. Astral travel .. Remote viewing ..  Time bending .. Visiting parallel worlds .. Bliss .. Oneness. I also got Autowriting messages given by masters like Annamacharya, Mahavatar Babaji, Buddha and Osho etc.

I started giving meditation classes .. and during that process I taught meditation  to one of my college mate “ Ravi Kiran ” whom I met after a long time. He liked it and became a meditator. In one of my meditations, I saw that we both shared some of the past lives together as partners. I confirmed the same with Patriji .. and later .. we got married in the divine presence of Patriji and now we are blessed with a great soul as daughter, “ Anika Zo ”.

In the year 2008, I conducted my first “ Silence Meditation Session ” and all the participants got great experiences. I continued organizing “ Silence Mediation Sessions ” at various places in India.

We moved to UK in the year 2010 .. and we are continuing steadfastly our spiritual journey here in London. We are organizing various group meditation sessions and also online sessions through Skype/Free Conference Calls .. where people join me from all over the world.

My heartful thanks to Patriji, for introducing “ anapanasati ” meditation to us and changing our lives.


Pranahitha Musipatla


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