" I was daughter of Helena P Blavatsky "



My name is Abhinetra.


I am eighteen years old. My mother's name is Chennupati V. Lakshmi. My father is late Lakshmaiah Nelakuditi, who passed away when I was an infant of 11 months.


I started doing meditation since the year 1999, when I was only four years old. My first vision was of my father, standing next to me in my meditation. At that time, I didn't know that it was my father because my mother never put his picture in the house as she herself was against all rituals like doing death anniversaries or pooja celebrations.


When I told my mother about my vision, she couldn't figure out whether it was my father or someone else. So, she took some advice from a Senior Pyramid Master, Ranga Reddy Sir who is a very good guide and very close to our family.


Ranga Reddy Sir asked my mother to show me a picture of my father. When she showed it to me .. that is when I knew it was my father, who was standing next to me in my meditation. I was six years old when I had this experience.


That time as I was still a kid, I couldn't talk to him in my meditation. However, my mother could talk to him. He told my mother that he came back from " Astral Worlds " in order to help us.


I used to have number of visions in my child-hood. I always had a difficulty to realize what they meant to me.


At that critical juncture, when I was confused about everything happening around me, Ranga Reddy Sir and Dr. Newton Kondaveeti helped me to get clarity about all these. In fact, they helped me as well as my brother N. Abhinay. They used to explain to both of us the inner meanings of our experiences and visions.


Since my child-hood, I have known a number of my earlier incarnations as well as of others'.


In my recent past-life, I was the daughter of great spiritual master, " Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ".


The following was my past-life experience with Madam " Helena Blavatsky " :


I was going through February, 2013 edition of " Dhayanandra Pradesh ", an article about BLAVATSKY which caught my eyes.


In the beginning of the article there was a picture of her. She looked so familiar. She looked like someone with whom I have a strong relationship with. So, I asked my mother about her. My mother told me that she didn't know anyone named HELENA or someone who looked like. I thought to myself that there must be a reason behind the fact that she looked familiar.


Before reading the article I started meditating.


I took her into my channel and that's when she told me about the relationship we had between us. She told me that I was her Daughter.


HELENA said the following in my meditation :


" When I was 14 years old my family tried to marry me to a man. But I didn't want to marry him because if I did, I could never do for what I came to do ". I didn't understand what she meant.


Then she told me :


When I was twelve years old, I had my first premonition, in which a beautiful lady told me that the reason I was born is to spread Spirituality to the world.


I were to marry someone with whom I could never live my life, the way I was supposed to. So, I ran away from home.


" After few months, I had a beautiful girl ( it's me ). I could neither raise you nor go back home. You were born in a peasant's home in kingdom ( now in Pakistan ). The king who ruled it was very kind. So, I decided to leave you in his hands. He happily accepted you as he did not have children of his own. Once I made sure that you were safe, I left and travelled to many countries.


" After a long time ( almost twenty years ) I came back to the king to see you. But, he told me that you were killed by a snake bite at an age of seventeen. He also told me that you were married to a prince in India. I came to India and started a society in your memory. "


She further told me to read the article to know more about her life and her travels.


To my surprise, there was no mention about Helena having a daughter.


When I asked her again, BLAVATSKY told me that no one except her own self knew about the baby.


She told me:


" I have met a lot of people, have done so much to the world but what I did in India gave me the ultimate satisfaction. "


When I asked my mother if she knew about any such society, she told me that she received a message from astral worlds to visit a society named " Theosophical society ". As a proof, she showed me what she wrote in her diary.


When I completed reading the article I wanted to know about " The Theosophical Society " which was established by BLAVATSKY.


When I asked BLAVATSKY about the experience my mother had, she told me:


" I was the one who gave her the message to go and visit my society, that is the way I can tell you or your mother about our relationship ".


BLAVATSKY also told me that at present, she is born again in Russia. Because, during her earlier travels she didn't visit Russia to spread Spirituality and that there is so much that she has to do now in Russia.


I hope that one day, I could visit " Theosophical Society " and also BLAVATSKY's birthplace.


I have so far performed a number of inter galaxy works, visited a number of astral worlds and made conversations with masters with high energy and high knowledge.


But, best of all my experiences and visions was my past-life experience. All my spiritual experiences gave me the following message :


" You create your own Realty : that doesn't mean you can create everything. Apart from facing critical situations, you can create a way that leads you to enlightenment. Nature will always be with you. "



Abhinetra Nelakuditi
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