“ Meditation is an Art ”


I am Mihir Sanghvi.

I come from a Mumbai-based family where there has always been a strong emphasis on Karma rather than Dharma.

My grandfather had been the biggest influence on me. The emphasis in my family has always been on living a simple and honest life.

However, meditation has been a very refreshing and a positive start for me. Although it was introduced to me long back, it only became more real after Patriji's visit to USA in the year 2012.

 Patriji made my father start “ anapanasati meditation ” and that was definitely something that made me develop faith that I could do it as well. Yet, it did not appeal to me right away but, in due course, has definitely grown on me.

 Meditation to me is more of an acquired art. Like anything in life, one has to be persistent with it.

I always have based my choices on ‘logic’ and ‘science’, anything ‘religious’ does not really resonate with me.  When I met “ Parimala Patri ” .. my wife .. and started listening about meditation ..  I could not readily relate to it and was a little close to the idea of trying anything new. For me, the most difficult step was “ having an open mind ” and that was a tough transition.

However, in due course, “ having an open mind” did make me open to new ideas and changed my outlook. Suddenly, I was not hating ‘religion’ any more and I was less angry and was very accepting of anything new. What drew me to meditation was the great simplicity of “Anapanasati ” .. the fact that I can practice it anywhere .. and the fact that I don't have to chant anything or anyone's name made it even easier.

I attended quite a few sessions with Patriji and the last one being the “ Vegetarian Summit ”  in New York in the month of September 2017. What stood out and left an everlasting impression on me was listening keenly to people’s meditational experiences and their fantastic enlightenment stories.

It’s unbelievable to hear how meditation has impacted people and how much faith they have in it. All this made meditation much more “ real ”  to me.

I am still a “ newbie ” and a “ skeptic ” in this spiritual world and I still don't understand much about spirituality and I definitely do question a lot of things.

I believe my journey has just begun and I am ready to have my share of experiences and eager to meet more and more people and listen regarding their particular “ amazing ” spiritual journeys !


Mihir Sanghvi


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