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I am “ Divya ” from Dallas.

In the year 2016, during Patriji’s visit to Atlanta USA, I got a wonderful opportunity to travel along with Patriji.

It was a long drive from Atlanta to Florida, where we visited “ Temple of Universe ” to meet Michael A. Singer .. author of  “ Surrender Experiment ”. 

During this trip I had a question and answer session with Patriji. Here, I am sharing those particulars with all of you:

Q: “ Can we become enlightened and still have diseases in our bodies like BP, diabetes etc ? ”

A: Yes, all diseases come from two sources: 

*  Due to one’s own past life karma (deeds).

*  By individual choice i.e., one might choose to live with a disease, to showcase to others that they can be enlightened and yet can live happily with their disease.

Q: “Are we living in a relationship just for convenience? Do we actually need relationships? Can we not all be just like friends ? ”

 A: It all depends on which phase of the Soul’s Journey you are in. If you are in the first half of Soul’s Journey .. you definitely need relationships. If you are in the second half .. you don't really need intimate relationships.

Q: “ Can we maintain fish as our pets ? ”

A: Fish and birds belong ultimately to the angelic kingdom, and they don’t require human touch for their evolution.

 However, domestic animals like dogs, cats, cows, horses require human touch (petting). You can also have tigers as pets .. as long as you don’t kill other animals to feed tigers. There are tigers as pets which eat vegetarian food.

To understand more about Soul’s Evolution, everyone should read the great book “Soul’s Journey ” by Peter Richelieu.

Q: “ Sometimes I am in higher\lower state in my thoughts and emotions.. Does this situation belong to lower chakras or is it normal ? ”

A: We take certain lifetimes to develop one chakra and other life times to develop other chakras; we keep progressing by doing deeds that correspond to different chakras. During this progress we may jump back and forth.

Q: “ Can service be of any kind? Social or Spiritual ? ”

A: Sahasrāra Chakra (Crown Chakra) corresponds to service. Yes, any type of service .. whether it is  social or spiritual corresponds to Sahasrāra chakra. All pyramid masters are in Sahasrāra stage.

Q: “ Should I keep telling people to become vegetarians repeatedly ? ”

 A: No! You just have to tell them once, then, they have to come back to you. If they don’t come back to you, forget about them totally !

Q: “ When other people are interfering with my work and slowing me down, what should I do? ”

 A: Well, it is your choice; you may choose to slow down. Suppose you are driving, if the traffic in front of you slows down .. you will have to slow down too.

Q: “ Being in the present moment is so hard for me .. I either jump into the future or the past.  How can I always be in the present ? ”

 A: Always learn to keep yourself busy. Set higher targets and higher goals that will make you to live in the present moment.

Q: “ Every time when I make pyramids, I feel someone is guiding and watching me!”

A: Every person has two guides: Angelic and Astral Humans ..

* Angelic guides- have never taken human lives; they help you in emergency and in higher planes.

* Astral Human guides - have taken human lives before, they know and are aware of human sufferings. They help you in your everyday life and everyday suffering



Dallas, USA

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