‘‘ Breath ” Meditation sessions in Egypt



My name is “ Madhu ”. I am currently living in Germany.

Earlier, me and my husband “ Ramesh ” lived in Egypt for eight years. Sharing Meditation with Egyptians gave us so much joy and we immensely enjoyed doing it every day. We realized that our purpose was to share this path of Joy.

In December 2016, we moved to Germany. I always had a wish to go back to Egypt to meet all my earlier meditation friends. My husband has to visit Egypt, as part of his official work. So, our trip to Egypt got coincidentally manifested during the month of our marriage anniversary.

We reached Egypt on 30th November, and we started our trip by visiting one of the power spots in the world, “ The Great Giza Pyramid ” and we had a peaceful meditation for 20 minutes inside the king's chamber.

Then, we travelled to various places in Cairo and conducted several Meditation sessions. Although it was quite exhausting to travel for long hours from place to place, I always remembered Patriji, who travels around the world restlessly to spread “ Anapanasati Meditation ”. When I think of him, I feel so motivated and I feel that what I am doing is really very little, in comparison.

Some of our Meditational Friends joined us and played their native musical instruments like American flute .. Bansuri flute .. Tambura .. and Singing bowls .. during our meditation sessions. Every meditation session we conducted this time in Egypt was like a stepping stone for me. I had to go and share meditation with people in different centers. Initially, I had to face my fears .. but, later I gained confidence and understood that I am doing God's job and “ Everyone is God ”. So there is no point of being scared of anything, this realization helped me to overcome many of my fears.

After we moved to Germany, many of our Egyptian friends started their own meditation groups promoting “Anapanasati Meditation”.. knowing which brought us immense happiness. Thanks to Patriji for inspiring and guiding us. Thanks to all the Spiritual friends who took care of me in this visit.


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