‘‘ Divine Crystal Meditation Retreat- Vietnam ’’


My name is ‘‘ Do Tham ’’, I am from Vietnam.

 In December 2017, “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ” (PSSM Vietnam), hosted “ Crystal Meditation Retreat ” in Hanoi City. Seventy people participated in this retreat facilitated by “Master Pradeep’’.

During this retreat, I had a wonderful experience while meditating with “ Divine Crystal ”. During the first 15 minutes, my mind became empty .. I felt a huge amount of cosmic energy flooding through my body. Suddenly, my legs started hurting.. my whole body became hot .. exciting .. and I became emotional .. tears rolled out of my eyes naturally.

I shared my experiences with “ Master Pradeep ” and he explained that the pain is the physical symptom of inner healing process. Further, he explained that, the “ Divine Crystal ” was programmed to activate heart chakra. As I was deeply connected with Divine Crystal, I experienced pure love, which made me emotional.

Many others who participated in the Crystal Meditation sessions had similar experiences.

Final few days of the Retreat were held at the top of “ Ba Vi ” mountain which was a natural and peaceful location. “ Master Pradeep ’’ suggested us to live in middle path .. to become vegetarians .. and to connect with the Mother Nature.

I learned a wonderful lesson during this retreat, “Communicating with the heart”. Whenever, there is a difficult situation in your life, gently slow down .. relax yourself .. put your hand on the heart .. and sincerely make a question. The heart will give you the best answer. I practiced this lesson several times and I got many of my questions answered completely. I followed my heart and it helped me to resolve many issues in my life smoothly.

My deepest gratitude to all the great Pyramid Masters who are spreading message of Vegetarianism and Anapanasati Meditation to the whole world.


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