“I mastered everything in my life through Meditation”


I am ‘‘ Rajasekhar ’’, son of “ Amarajyothi ” & “ JaggapaRao ”.

I was introduced to meditation in the year 2005 by my family friend “ Prakash Babji ”.

I started practicing meditation regularly since the year 2007. I also started listening to experiences of various masters and read many spiritual books. “ The New Earth ” by Eckhart Tolle has been one of my favorite books which melted my ego drastically. I experienced total calmness in my mind with regular practice of “Anapanasati Meditation ” for six months.

Patriji recommends everyone to follow these four steps: Meditation .. Sajjana Sangatya .. (sharing meditational experiences with others), Swadhyaya .. (reading right spiritual books) & Spreading Meditation .. following these steps has helped me to overcome all of my negative qualities which were hindering my spiritual progress.

Even though I was practicing anapanasati meditation, I used to consume meat. But, one afternoon after eating meat, I felt drowsiness in my mind and couldn’t focus much on my work. From then on I decided to be a Vegetarian.

I moved to UK in the year 2010 and am continuing my spiritual journey here. One day while meditating .. I experienced that I was going through a black tunnel .. and saw a bright white light at the end of the tunnel. When I came out of it, I saw Patriji in white dress along with many other masters. Patriji welcomed me and hugged me and made me to sit on a bench and asked me to do more meditation. I felt seamlessly floating with joy since that day.

“ Yogah karmasu kauśalam ” .. has been one of my favorite GITA statements which means “ Excellence in action is yoga ”.. I have been a national Chess player and a good Cricket player too. Focusing on the game is not at all a simple task .. but, I attained excellence in my games by practicing meditation at least one hour before going to the game.

I would love to serve the community by promoting Meditation and to live miraculously under the guidance of Patriji.


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