“Reconnecting with the Breath”


I am “ Jackie ” from Lucca, Italy.

My first major transformation happened when I was 22. Till then, my life was very uncommunicative and l felt completely lost. I often wondered what was wrong with me.

I became aware that I could easily absorb the energy from others and this made me fearful of being open. Even bigger problem was that I realized my problem was, I was always giving my energy away without knowing how to re-energize myself. This was a major struggle for me.

Later, I started practicing yoga as a form of exercise, and soon realized its power. I was also introduced to meditation, essential oils and healthy eating. I then began my yoga teacher training to deepen my own abilities and to further explore myself and became a “ Certified Yoga Teacher ”.

Simply through the BREATH, I was able to connect to my movements, my presence, and my spirit. I won’t lie, meditation wasn’t easy but it changed my life and it all started with the BREATH.

In one of my Yoga sessions, when everyone was in “ Shavāsana ” (Corpse pose) .. one woman was crying .. I focused my energy on her and sent her love. She approached me after the class and thanked me saying she could feel me throughout that entire āsana! I was fascinated to know how energy has impacted my life and how we all are connected with everyone and everything around us.

After a few years of travelling and practicing yoga and meditation in my life, I realized that I needed a change. I left behind everything I had. I started travelling on my own, teaching and experiencing a new life. Once again, through the BREATH and connecting it with my practice, I have learned to listen and trust my INNER VOICE.

Life began to flow a bit easier. As a channel, I wonder at how abundant the universal energy is. I now can use energy and be a conductor while not being affected in the ways I had been.

My meditation practice has grown to something I love to do. It is as fluid as I am. Best of all, my faith in the universe has solidified. Now I am living my life to the fullest.


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website: www.energybeforematterlifecoaching.com


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