“ Spiritual Tablets Tour - Malaysia ’’


I am ‘‘Victo Nuatmi’’ from Vietnam. I am the co- founder of “Vietnam Meditation Community Development (VMC)”.

In January 2018, “ Spiritual Tablets ” workshop was held in Malaysia by Dr|| P.S. Gopala Krishna. Twelve masters from Vietnam attended this four-day workshop.

Dr|| G.K. is the founder of “ Spiritual Tablets Research Foundation, India ” who tailored several spiritual concepts as “Spiritual Tablets” to bring awareness to the people about self-healing.

During this workshop, Dr|| G.K. explained three reasons that are leading to major health issues:

1.Unwanted, Unscientific and Irregular Eating Habits: We should eat only when we are hungry, we should always keep our stomachs half empty and eat only as per one’s taste.

2.Unwanted, Unscientific and Unnecessary Thinking Patterns: Our mind creates thousands of unnecessary thoughts which do consume a lot of our energy. We can easily change our thinking patterns with regular practice of “Anapanasati meditation” .. sharing meditational experiences .. reading right spiritual books .. and thinking miraculously.

3.Unwanted, Unscientific and Irregular Relationships: In every lifetime, we choose our own relationships. We should be very cautious while choosing relationships, as they are directly related to our life-purpose. When we are in relationship with unscientific and unspiritual people, we tend to attract their negative vibrations, which will certainly lead to health issues. Therefore, choosing righteous and purposeful relationships is very crucial in the advancement of one’s Spiritual Life.

During this workshop, participants gained ample wisdom to analyze and change their thinking patterns for more healthy and more spiritual lifestyles.

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