“Meditation has showed me the Path to Enlightenment ’’


Iam “Sanveen” from Canda

 In the year 2007, I moved to UK from India with my family and started working in London. The pressures of moving to a new country, settlement, long working hours amongst other things, unknowingly started to take their toll on me.

During this phase of my life in UK .. in the year 2013 .. I re-established contact with master “ Pranahitha ’’, who has been my colleague at work. She visited my home and while we were talking about inconsequential things, suddenly she asked me “ How are you ? ” It was a simply question, yet it opened up a myriad of feelings in me and I felt a deep hole filled with fear and unhappiness blatantly appearing in front of me.

Despite having a deeply satisfying materialistic life, I expressed feelings of emptiness and a deep rooted sorrow to “ Pranahitha ”. Her suggestion, “ You need to start meditating ” changed my life for forever.

Thus began my long journey towards Self- discovery. “Pranahitha”, and her husband “ Ravi Kiran ”, guided me throughout this arduous process. I started experiencing visions of Gods .. past lives .. and increased intuitive powers .

In the year 2016, I also met “ Master Prabodh Musipatla ’’, from India, and gained much deeper knowledge through his sessions.

After moving to Canada, I started to experience a deep guiding force of Goddesses in my life, which is helping me to take the right decisions in life. I started to understand the wisdom of “ Sikh religion ” and the “ Vedas ”.

I also started teaching meditation to my children and to some of my friends in Canada. My deepest gratitude to Masters “Pranahitha”, “ Ravi Kiran ” and “ Prabodh ”.


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