" My many many Astral travels "



I am Arjun Kamboj.


Presently, I am working as Director with " Jan Shikshan Sansthan ", Chandigarh, sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.


Till the year 1983, I was non-vegetarian.


On 25th December 1983, Om Prakash Sharma ( Mamaji ), follower of Guruji ( Gurgaon Wale ) came to our house. He asked me to give up non-vegetarian food and become a vegetarian. He also said that " You have not come to this world to eat animal flesh and make your body a graveyard. "


I promised him that I will not take non- vegetarian food right from that day itself. He embraced me and invited me to visit Gurgaon on Shivratri day so that he may introduce me to Guruji.


In the year 1984, I visited Gurgaon and met Guruji for the first time and felt that I had some relation with Guruji in my previous life-times. He asked me to help the poor and needy people. I followed his principles and completed my basic spiritual education very easily.


I married Vibha on 16th January 1991. She is a very nice lady and she is helping me in discharging duties towards my parent, relatives and society at large. She is also playing a great role in my spiritual life. We have two daughters.


Elder one is " Sakshi " who is doing her graduation. Younger one is " Sirat ", studying in +2 standard.


Since the year 1983, I have continued to follow the principles of Guruji and did Mantra Jaap daily. I also learnt so many things from the followers of Guruji who were doing Mantra Jaap. In this way, I continued my rituals and I observe fast on every Monday. I sit in the pooja room of my house daily and do Mantra Jaap. Several times I felt some vibrations in my body but I ignored them thinking this to be a routine process of human body. For the first time in the year 1994, during Mantra Jaap I felt my SOUL-BODY moving within the room and again I ignored it, considering it to be my illusion.


Our Guruji had taken Samadhi in the year 1991, and I had no courage to ask anyone about these vibrations, feelings etc., thinking " What will people say about me ? ". However, I continued Mantra Jaap and this became my daily routine. I realized during Mantra Jaap that a moment comes when my mind becomes silent and at this stage there would be no thoughts in my mind. At that time, I would feel vibrations in my body and feel very relaxed also. Now, I realize that this stage of mind leads us to meditation.


Since the year 2000, and till date, I have had several astral travel and other experiences.


In the year 2000, I had the first astral travel experience during my meditation which totally changed me but also created a sort of fear in my mind. That time, I was living in a rented house in Mohali.


One day, while I was meditating in the morning, I felt great vibrations in my legs and body and within a few seconds, I saw a bright light in my forehead. I felt so good but have no proper words to explain that moment. I felt that my body was moving very fast. I came out of my body and went out, through the window. I started flying in the sky. During this " TRAVEL ", I saw the moon, the stars, the Saptrishis etc., in the sky. I saw mountains, trees, green valleys etc. !


A moment came when I could see only the white smoke in the sky. I got scared, with this thought, I came back immediately into my body. I was feeling very happy to have this experience. I felt myself lucky. What I had enjoyed and felt during astral travel cannot be explained in words. I shared this experience only with my wife but she also felt that this was my illusion in my mind.


I wanted to have another experience of ASTRAL TRAVEL but fear persisted in my mind. One day, during meditation, I felt vibrations in my body and a moment came when I came out of my body and started flying on Mohali roads. That day, I saw houses and flats and felt the air brushing my body. After some time, I was in a very dark green valley and saw a wonderful waterfall. This time again, I felt scared and felt like going back into my body. Within seconds, I entered my body. When I opened my eyes, I found myself sitting on the floor.


A few days later, I again tried to have ASTRAL TRAVEL experience. This time, I travelled to Mansarovar and also saw a temple of Hanumanji. This was an ancient temple. During this trip, I could see some saints doing meditation on the bank of a big river.


Then, I decided that I would not go for ASTRAL TRAVEL anymore and keep doing Mantra Jaap only. I started doing mantra jaap several times a day. Whenever I had vibrations in my body, I would open my eyes to avoid the astral travel.


After few months, I again decided to go for ASTRAL TRAVEL thinking that nothing will happen if I control my speed. I practised this several times during ASTRAL TRAVELS. This time, during astral travel I saw a big pond full of water surrounded by green huts, as seen near sufi saints mazaars. I also saw a Shivling in the middle of the pond where people were offering water. I also offered water on the Shivling.


Now, I was worried to go back. I raised both my hands upwards and started flying. I was moving very fast and now I had learnt one thing more. Earlier I was not able to change my direction during astral travel but now when I raised my hands to left side my direction also changed. When I raised my hands to right side, I started travelling to right. In the same way, I could move upwards and downwards also.

With all these, I had good experience of astral travel. Despite that, I was scared that I may not come back into my physical body. Hence, I stopped experiencing astral travels but continued my daily Mantra Jaap and pooja of Lord Shiva. I got relaxed and felt something entering my body through the upper part of my head during the Mantra Jap. I am still awaiting for answers to my questions and hope to get them one day.


In February 2011, " Shri Bhupender Jain ".. who is a good friend of mine.. came to my office along with " Shampaji ", who is a great pyramid master. He introduced her to me and told that she wants to conduct the meditation classes in Jan Shikshan Sansthan.


The next day was fixed for holding the meditation class in the office premises. During this time I interacted with Shampa Madam and discussed the process of meditation. She explained that seven types of experiences are gained during meditation. When she explained these one by one I co-related these with the experiences which I had during Mantra Jaap.


I shared my own experiences with Shampaji. She clarified my illusions and misconceptions regarding meditation. She also explained to me that during meditation nobody will harm anyone and hence I could go safely ahead on the path of spirituality without any fear. She taught me the technique of " Anapanasati Dhyan " and since then I am following this technique.


Next day, she conducted the MEDITATION class in my office compound in the presence of our Chairman, " R.K.Sharma ". After meditation, she asked students to share their meditational experiences. Some students had seen green valleys, some had seen mountains, trees, water bodies etc.


On that day, I shared my ASTRAL TRAVEL experiences publicly for the first time! Since then, meditation classes are being conducted regularly in all our campuses where students are getting the benefits. Pyramid Masters " Sanju " and " Anoop " are playing a great role in conducting the meditation classes in all the centres.


Now our instructors have also become masters and they are independently giving the meditation classes.


After this, I again tried to experience astral travel but this time I was full of confidence. During this experience, I saw the sea and a big river where I was busy doing meditation. The flow of water was disturbing me but I continued it. I saw myself doing meditation in rain also.


One day, during meditation, I saw dead bodies flowing in the water. I thought I should meditate to save the lives of the people. At that time, I felt that someone was holding me from my shoulders but I could not see him. He was my grandfather who blessed me and encouraged me to continue with my meditation.


I have also seen my previous life-times through meditation. Once, I was an aircraft pilot in India. Another time, I saw myself as a child named " Balram ".


I also saw myself on the bank of a big river doing meditation with other saints. This I have seen number of times. Brahmarshi Patriji also confirmed during his visit to my house on 23rd August 2011 that in one of my previous births I was Balram, elder brother of Shri Krishna.


During meditation, I have repeatedly seen a lady who wants me to heal her illness. I refused to do so and told her that she can heal her illness by herself, by doing meditation. I explained her the technique of meditation which she learnt and started practising.


Now, I am doing meditation without any fear and trying to learn more and more about meditation. Pyramid-Master Rama Raju has started a centre at my house and people of the area are attending the classes there. I have got different experiences in meditation and want to teach meditation to every person.


With the help of Chandigarh Pyramid Spiritual Society a number of youth have learnt meditation. At present, about 500 girls and boys are doing meditation in our different vocational training centres organized by " JSS Chandigarh " in and around Chandigarh. More than 900 students had already learnt the technique of meditation and now are helping us in spreading the meditation in and around Chandigarh.


I am eager to take meditation to the border areas of Punjab also.



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