" My experience with Pyramid Meditation "



I have been meditating for the past 35 years for about 20 minutes and have been feeling relaxed and peaceful.


Recently, through an email from Mr. E.S. Jagdeeshwar, Advocate from Nellore I came to know about the website of pssmovement.org and also about Pyramid Meditation. Advocate Jagdeeshwar was kind enough to give me details about Pyramid meditation.


I then called Pyramid Meditation Centre in Mumbai and Master Satyanarayana got in touch with me and asked me to attend the Morning Meditation at Mulund Pyramid. I reached the Mulund Pyramid on 7th April 2013 and enjoyed the one hour meditation under the Pyramid under the able guidance of Ms. Sheela Mehta, Head of the Pyramid Meditation Centre at Mumbai. Her melodious song during the meditation, increased the power of meditation and made us more relaxed.


I did not realize that I had meditated for one hour as I am used to meditating for twenty minutes only. I do not know how the one hour went off. When I got up, I was fully charged, energized and was feeling very fresh. The body which was feeling heavy during the initial period of meditation had become light.


I was fortunate enough to meet Brahmarshi Patriji on the 15th of April 2013, within a week of my joining the Pyramid Meditation. I was stunned by his simplicity and the affection he showed towards all of us. He came and met each one of us and also gave us the opportunlty to speak. I thought he will deliver a big lecture on Meditation. He straight away asked us to close our eyes and by playing his melodious flute, while we were in deep meditation, took us to another world. Whatever doubts we had about meditation the first round, everything automatically cleared in the second round of meditation. It was also amazing to hear the Masters and other speakers who have benefitted immensely from Pyramid Meditation.


Immediately after this, I was again fortunate to attend the three day work shop on Spiritual Science Teacher Training and Certificate Course conducted by Senior Master Sivaramappa from Bangalore on 21st to 23rd April. The work shop was conducted at PEM high School & Junior College, Bhiwandi and no words to praise the hospitality of the host Dr. Manohar Pamu, Chairman of the College. The workshop was a total transformation for all the participants. We were immensely benefitted from the lectures of Senior Master Sivaramappa who has a very vast knowledge of the subject. The love and affection that vibrated class room cannot be written in words. I could feel how Brahmarshi Patriji has founded an organization which has " Unconditional Love " as the main motive.


I have now started meditating daily with a Pyramid cap for minimum one hour. I have also bought a 2 feet by 2 feet Pyramid in the workshop. I am now feeling confident that as I increase the time and quality of meditation, my third eye will open and give me more and more spiritual experiences and insight.


Mani Sundar
Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist

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