"When you do things without expecting anything, Universe will take care of you"



Myself Madhu, living in Germany . Married to a wonderful person Ram in the year of 2008. The reason for me to coming to Pyramid meditation is because of my Miscarriage. The quest to know the answer "WHY IT HAPPENED?" , I found the answer just by connecting with the breath. I understood that we complicate our lives, where we can all find the answers within just by being with the Breath. Then I started sharing my story to whomever I meet, When you do things without expecting anything, Universe will take care of you. I found the joy of sharing.

Patriji's role in my life has been a great impact. He is a living example where I have learnt many life lessons. One of the greatest lessons I have learnt from him is " Your Job is to spread Meditation .. If people come or don't come, It's up to them but the only thing that counts is YOU ARE THERE". That gave so much strength and patience. I always follow his words, "NO Judgements...... NO Complaints".

I became Vegetarian after coming to Meditation very naturally. The clarity I experienced is " One Soul cannot take Other soul just for the taste". I have a Deep connection with Pyramids as my husband and me started our this life's journey together in the Land of Pyramids, Egypt. Powerhouses they are, I could see them as portals and many experiences meditating inside the Giza pyramids. Our purpose of life is to bring joy in people's hearts and to make them smile .. Deepest Gratitude to my Spiritual Father Patriji .. Namaste!!!


Madhu, Germany
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