" Journey to the Great Pyramid "



I am Shanker Narayan, from Erode, Tamil Nadu. I am an Allopathic Doctor practising Holistic Medicine for Chronic Diseases. I have been practicing anapanasati meditation for the past five years.


Very recently, I was on a travelling mission to the Great Pyramid, Egypt.


We started our travel-journey to Egypt from Chennai with senior pyramid masters viz., S.K. Rajan and Girija Rajan and Maram Siva Prasad on 17th October.


During the journey from Chennai to Doha, I was called to assist an Iraqi lady who was obese and feeling uneasy. She recently underwent a bypass surgery at Chennai. I reassured her and taught her to relax by simple Anapanasati meditation.


We reached Cairo and checked into the hotel. The arrangements for our stay and transport etc., made by A. V. Saikumar Reddy and K. Venu Gopal Reddy were too good and perfect. Patriji met us in the evening and briefed us about the Gizeh Pyramid. In the early morning we proceeded to the Pyramid in two buses along with local guides.


Soon, the imposing Great Pyramid came into view and we were fascinated by its enormous size. By 6 am we were at the entrance of the Great Gizeh Pyramid .. making my long existing dream come true !


We entered the Pyramid through a cave and climbed the steps and then a long tunnel and finally a staircase to enter the King's Chamber. Jagath Guru Patriji played two hours flute meditation with instructional guidance. We were virtually in a paradise not knowing how time passed.


After the meditation, Girja Rajan was asked by Patriji to tell her experience and very precisely she explained her wonderful experience. We were all sweating profusely, may be due to the intense cosmic energy.


Patriji said :


" When Jesus was seven years of age, he was initiated in the King's Chamber of Gizeh pyramid. Journey to the great pyramid is the ultimate journey for any pyramid master. "


In the evening, we had a meditation session at Ramesh and Madhu's house in Madi, Cairo. Patriji conducted a meditation session to a significant gathering of Egyptians that included Doctors, Journalists and Students. After the session, I had an opportunity to speak about the Science of Meditation and the Science of Vegetarianism.


The next day, we visited the city of Alexandria. A city replete with the achievements of Alexander the great including the Great Library. We returned to Cairo and left the next day for India.


I sincerely thank all the pyramid masters living in Cairo for their warm hospitality and their enthusiasm in spreading the message of breath energy health meditation and vegetarianism in a totally Islamic country ! However, one main point with regard to the country of Egypt is that it is the home of the Great Pyramid ! We all, of the PSSM, feel obliged to the great country of Egypt with its most ancient spiritual culture.



Dr. N.P. Shanker Narayan
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