" Patriji and the great Gizeh pyramid "



Ever since my stepping into the spiritual path, I had been dreaming big ( so it appeared ! ) to enter the GREAT PYRAMID in Gizeh.


More than the sight of the GREAT PYRAMID pyramid in pictures, what fascinated my intellect was the stupendous efforts that its creators did undertake to get the pyramid into that size / place that we now witness.


After my great introduction to Brahmarshi Patriji way back in the year 1998, in the city of Mysore, I got to know more about the energy that is generated inside the pyramid and how meditation and pyramid go hand in hand.


I vividly remember a statement of Patriji that :


" A journey to the GREAT GIZEH PYRAMID.. at least once in our Life-time : is a must for any spiritual seeker. "


When my husband, Shri Rajan, proposed that during this year ( 2012 ) we may undertake the trip, rather a pilgrimage to the land of Pyramids, I was in cloud nine ! Thanks to the organizers, Saikumar and Venu, we had very little personal effort to make for undertaking the journey.


On 17th October 2012, we reached Cairo City and a good and comfortable resort for the night stay.. and on the 18th we were all set to leave by 5 am for the Gizeh Pyramid.


I was awestruck by the sheer sight and other worldly beauty of the massive monument which is really the foremost of the seven wonders of the world.


It appeared that some unknown force pulled me into the small entrance of the pyramid and I had almost run unknowingly there. I climbed up and went through the narrow passage bending my body to half its height. At the end of the passage, I had raised my head unknowingly when I got hit at the centre of my head, though lightly. That spot started a vibration within me together with a pleasant ticking feeling. That instant I started feeling the energy flowing into my body. We were then directed to the large hall .. King's Chamber .. where all the pyramid masters got assembled. We were all advised to sit down and start meditation immediately by Patriji. I was told to sit inside the ' Sarcophagus ', which resembled a large stone tub.


The moment I squatted there with closed eyes, I could feel a surge of warm energy engulfing me and I started perspiring heavily while the body was also vibrating and I found it beyond my control. And my great meditational experience began :


I saw a huge spiral bound book in front of me in which the pages started turning and stopped at the last page. Some letters flew from the stones and and placed themselves on the book like flowers. I perceived each letter in pictorial form to be an event. This page revealed the present status. That is, Patriji together with all of the pyramid masters assembled there had cleaned up the negative and evil forces blocking the entry of the energy passage at the top of the pyramid. These negativities have thus far engulfed the pyramids from all four sides and the top due to violence meted out to the animal kingdom.


( Patriji, in his earlier four visits had already cleansed the four sides » one side in each trip )


Now the energy connection from the GALACTIC CENTRE has been re-established in the two pyramids. A new energy connection from the Gizeh Pyramids also was established upto the " Maheshwara Pyramid " at Kadtal, in Hyderabad.


[ Now the ' Maheshwara Pyramid ' is as powerful as the Gizeh Pyramid ]


The pages in the book started moving by themselves backwards showing me all the previous events. It was almost a biography of our revered Patriji. I could perceive Buddha visiting the Gizeh pyramid in his previous incarnation, prior to the one in which he attained the Buddha-hood. I could also see Jesus Christ, Mahavatar Babaji and the Saptarishis along with many other astral masters visiting the pyramid. The Pyramid in Gizeh is the " sahasrara " .. or the Crown Lotus .. of this Earth and the Himalayas are its " third-eye " region.


Some of the Indian sages ( having experienced glorious third-eye visions ) stopped with the Himalayas, thinking that it is the final destination in spirituality. But the cycle of spiritual journey can get completed only if one undertakes a visit and meditates inside the Gizeh Pyramid since the GALACTIC CENTRIC ENERGY is directly connected to it. That is why India still suffers " karma " of not clearing itself through the highest energies in Gizeh Pyramid.


The other pages revealed many of the past lives of Patriji. Some showed the wars and evil deeds that had taken place through the ages.


Finally, the first page was shown. In that page, I see the first letter which eventually turns out to be an event. I see an overview from the GALACTIC CENTRE when many souls are suffering their worldy lives on the Earth without any solution.


They want salvation but do not know the way. Three fourths of the Earth had then been filled with forests and water.


The astral masters had then to take immediate steps to help the earthlings. So they decided to build pyramids and selected a place, ( some ten thousand years ago ) which later came to be known as the Gizeh Pyramids, in Egypt. They had planned two pyramids .. as duality was prevailing on the Earth. One was for bringing feminine energy meant for healing and the other was for bringing masculine energy meant for the shift to higher consciousness levels.


I saw Patriji laying the first stone for the pyramids carrying it on his little finger of his right hand. The first stone for the other pyramid was carried by him on his little finger of his left hand. He then writes a letter in a pictorial form on each stone.

[ This can be compared to Lord Krishna carrying the Govardhan Giri Hillock on his little finger ]


After some time, they acquire beautiful colours. In a similar way, more than one hundred thousand spiritual masters bring stones on their little fingers and lay them in place to build the pyramids. Each stone is touched by Patriji and instantaneously the letters written on it by the masters acquire a beautiful colour giving life force to the stone.!t took eleven years ( as per Earth Time ) to build the two pyramids.


Later, the rulers had built a number of pyramids in various ages, by copying from the original pyramids. But they were all destroyed during the wars and due to extreme weather conditions. The mighty river Nile, in Egypt, was also brought as a boon to the surface by astral masters.


[ I was also one of those in the first batch of meditators in the first pyramid of that time ]


I feel extremely happy to have received such great stupendous message and the wonderful experience in my meditation.


My heart goes out to thank our beloved Patriji for facilitating this knowledge and wisdom for all of humanity about what the Gizeh Pyramids really mean and what they really convey to everyone of us.



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