" You do the Interview "



I am Pradeep Kumar Vijay. I was born on 19th March, 1982. I am the eldest son and have a younger sister. I spent my child-hood days ( till sixteen years of age ) in Chittoor, a town in Andhra Pradesh.


My father, Sri Vijay Kumar, was a government employee in Animal Husbandry department .. and my mother Premy, is a teacher in a Government hiqh school.


I fully enjoyed my child-hood by being in a joint family with my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins in all twenty people, who all lived under one roof.


I was all playful and also good at studies. I studied from class I to VI in " Little Flower School " run by Christian missionary. Every day, the first subject taught in the school was Moral Science and it was also my favourite subject. It was in this subject, I learnt the word " consciousness ". Since then, when it comes to making choices or doing anything, I would always ask my consciousness.. " Is it right ? " and I would get instant answer from within which will say " yes " or " no ".


" Yes " is associated with comfortable feeling and ' no ' is with uncomfortable feeling.


Since my child-hood, I used to have many questions such as .. " Where do I come from ? " .. " How I came into this world ? " .. " Who am I ? " .. " Where do people go after they die ? " .. " Why people are born in first place if they have to die in the second place ? " .. " Who is God ? " .. " If Krishna is God, who is Jesus ? " etc. These questions got never answered convincingly for me, when I was a child and remained unresolved inside me. However, there was a strong sense of inner feeling that I would come to know all the answers one day !


From class VII to class X, I studied in " Maharishi Vidya Mandir ", which has a very large campus and located on the outskirts of the town. The class rooms were in huts made of hay and often when weather was pleasant, classes were held under the trees close to nature. It is in this school, I started enjoying studies, as I was spending more time in nature under trees, with birds and fresh air.


As I was growing up and because of the expectations from parents and teachers .. to study more, do more, become like someone and better survival in the society .. questions about life and death were put on hold and all the materialistic goals had taken priority.


I completed B.Tech, in Information Technology from University of Madras in Chennai in the year 2004 and came to Australia in the year 2005 for further studies in Masters in " Information Systems " in Melbourne.


I finished MS in late 2006 and got a job in the year 2007.


I was happy with job, money and in the mean time, I got my Permanent Residency in Australia. I was enjoying life in Australia to the fullest extent possible.


Australia is a beautiful country and every weekend, I used to go to long drive to natural places and used to enjoy nature. By the end of year 2007, I felt a strong urge to go to India for a vacation.


I came to India in December 2007 as a successful person .. who completed studies, got a job and Permanent Residency in Australia. I was enjoying my time in India too. In the eyes of society, I was a successful person. My parents were very proud of me ! I spent two months in India happily shopping, travelling, spending time with family and friends.


In spite of all these, I noticed my happiness was not long lasting. When I do shopping, I am happy but this happiness didn't last long. Whatever I do, I noticed eternal happiness was not there. That moment, I realized being a successful person in career will not give eternal happiness and I know materialistic success or social status cannot give eternal happiness either because I can see lot of successful people with good social status but still their eyes are not reflecting happiness.


And, I was in deep search of something in my life which can give me eternal happiness. I postponed my return trip to Australia indefinitely for no reason because, I felt like staying in India for little more time and I thought of updating my career skills.


I went to Hyderabad and joined an institute. While I was in that institute, I met a person named " Suman " who sat next to me and closed his eyes whenever there was an opportunity. One day, there was a complex problem to be solved and he remained very cool and relaxed and gave very simple solution. I was surprised and asked him how he can be so calm and relaxed in such a complex situation. He simply replied " I meditate " !


I became curious and asked him more about meditation and put following questions :


" What is meditation ? "
" Where did you learn ? "
" What exactly do you do ?


He explained about meditation and said he learnt it from Guru called " PATRIJI ".


I asked him:

" What kind of Guru ? "

" Does he have a long beard ? "


He replied " Yes ". I told him, I don't trust people with beard because I was in assumption that people with beard and in saffron robes are bogus. And, I didn't ask him any further questions. But, I was curious to know more about meditation
technique and the process.


So, after three days, I went back to him to know more about " meditation " and asked him :

" How to know whether PATRIJI is a real Guru ? "


He replied:

" I will give you some audio and video CDs and you decide for yourself. "


I watched the first video of PATRIJI " Appo Deepo Bhava " and in that PATRIJI said:


" Body is the temple : god is inside the temple .. you are the god .. and everybody is god ".

That stuck deep cords inside me and my consciousness responded " Yes that's absolutely true ".


So, the question which I was having since child-hood .. " Who is the God ? " .. got answered instantly. All my child-hood questions like .. " Who am I ? " .. " Where I came from ? " .. " Where do we go after death ? " etc., resurfaced very strongly and I heard PATRIJI saying :


" Meditation alone will answer all these questions. "


Then onwards, I started meditating and was listening all the audios of PATRIJI for only reason, I wanted to know " What am I " and " What will happen after death ",


I used to be an aggressive meat eater and non-vegetarian food was a must for me. After I started meditation .. within few days .. I noticed that my urge for meat disappeared and more over, I started to feel the pain of animals. I never forced myself to be a vegetarian but vegetarianism became my way of life instantly and naturally because of the awareness through meditation.


I finished my course in Hyderabad and returned back to Melbourne in July, 2008. After returning to Australia, I didn't apply for any job: nothing interested me except listening to teachings of PATRIJI, meditating and reading all spiritual books !


September 2008, I met PATRIJI in Melbourne at my friend .. Nath's house and I was little bit nervous to meet PATRIJI.


When I met PATRIJI, my first question was :


" There were many, so called Gurus and holy men, whom I never bothered to listen or approach them. But, after listening to your audios, I deep down felt, I should come and meet you. "


PATRIJI replied:


" Your intent brought you here "


I asked to explain me further. For that he responded:


" Every person's search is according to their level of intent. For example, If your level is ' E ' , you will be interested in people of that level or above and you will not go to lower levels like ' 0 ' or ' C ' etc. which you have already completed in your past lives. "


When I asked PATRIJI regarding success and failure, he said:


" Success is pregnant with materialistic gains .. where as failure is pregnant with spiritual gains. "


I asked PATRIJI : " What should one do to be happy and blissful always. "


PATRIJI replied:


" You need to do three things:

Reading right spiritual books
Sharing meditational experiences with others. "


After many more questions, the final question

I asked him was: " Do you have anything else to say to me ? " For that he replied :

" I am glad you have come to the right place. "


I was filled with joy and bliss after spending time with PATRIJI. And, after PATRIJI'S visit to Australia in the year 2008, my interest towards spirituality increased ten fold.


I continued meditating, reading spiritual books recommended by PSSM, listening to music.


I was very happy and contented in this state for almost an year. Reading books by Great Master Osho, helped me to come out of all conditionings and gave the courage to live life for myself .. and not for parents or society.


The more I explored spirituality, the more I wanted to explore and the entire outside materialistic world appeared meaningless to me.


I thought there is no point in searching for a job, getting married, having kids, making property and finally vacating the body, in old age without knowing.. " Why I am born on Earth .. my life purpose .. and What am I ? "


My parents were worried about me, as I became a complete rebel to all the religious practices, belief systems and they thought something has happened to me as I am not doing any job and I always sit silently with closed eyes, lazy and escaping from normal life.


But, deep down nothing bothered me as I know I was not doing anything wrong and used to feel I am in the right path and on the other hand that everybody is in the wrong path. I had no desire to find a job, earn money or get married as I thought everything is " Maya " and temporary. I don't want to divert myself in any way except to know u What is life and its purpose ".


By the end of the year 2009, I realized that I was in ' extreme ' spirituality and I heard PATRIJI saying:


" Middle path is a must and spiritual and materialistic life should be in balance. "


I realized living a balanced spiritual and materialistic life is a greater challenge. I should never escape from life challenges in the name of ' spirituality '. Then, my first challenge was to get a job in Australia. I know my masters are always there to help me in need and I simply trusted the existence.


I applied for a job after a gap of nearly two years. I got a call to attend for interview the very first job I applied. I was a bit nervous because I was out of touch of all technical skills required and don't know how I will face the interview.


I told myself : " I didn't waste the last two years, but I was in a very important spiritual journey which transformed me completely, which brought me from darkness into light. " I simply trusted the existence.


On the interview day, I got only three hours left to attend the interview. I got ready and sat for meditation so that I can attend the interview in a relaxed manner.


In meditation, I heard a voice repeatedly saying: " You do the interview. "


After I came out of meditation, it was strange for me about the message. I was contemplating on the meaning the message : " You do the interview ".


I went to the interview spot and the receptionist asked me to wait in the conference room. I was sitting in the conference room but still the message " You do the interview " was going on in my head. Soon, a lady entered with lots of documents in hand, I stood up, greeted the lady and asked her to take a seat which I noticed was a strange behaviour from my side.


Before she started asking anything, I started asking her about the company, roles and responsibilities, working style, platforms and tools being used by the company. I was asking her question after question for just fifteen minutes and later I told her she may ask any questions.


She put aside all the files she brought saying those are not needed and replied :


It I am happy to offer you job " and she asked me to sign appointment letter if I am happy with the pay and the role !


The whole interview process lasted only fifteen minutes ! I was surprised by the fact that meditation can help in getting a job too !


When I joined the company, I came to know the lady who interviewed me was my manager and my team mates told me that she had rejected nine applicants before me and none of the interview lasted less than an hour. I realized it's all masters' guidance and I thanked all my astral masters.


I used to go to job from morning 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and rest of time, I would continue reading spiritual books, meditating and listening to music.


Because of meditation, my work performance was very good and soon I got appreciation from all the people at my work place.


Month of May 2010, I wanted to go to PYRAMID VALLEY INTERNATIONAL, BENGALURU to meditate inside the mega pyramid on BUDDHA POORNIMA day. But, I was working on a critical project which has to be delivered in time and any form of leaves was not appreciated by the company. None of my team mates were encouraged to take even half a day leave. But, the strong desire to go to PYRAMID VALLEY on BUDDHA POORNIMA, made me to go and ask my manager for two weeks leave. She looked at me and said : It I will speak to you tomorrow ". And, next day she came and said :


It If you can finish your task by next week, you can take paid holiday ! ".


It's been more than a year since I have seen my family members and friends in India. I told them I am coming to India to meditate in PYRAMID VALLEY and I can't come to the native place as I wanted to spend time in PYRAMID VALLEY doing meditation. Instead, I asked them to come to PYRAMID VALLEY if they want to see me ( my intention was to make them come to pyramid valley ).


My mother was very worried listening to me and having no choice, all my family members came to BUDDHA POORNIMA celebrations in PYRAMID VALLEY INTERNATIONAL to see me.


Initially, they had planned to stay for one day but extended their stay for five days enjoying meditation, the peace in the valley and the energies surrounding it. At the end of the 5th Day when they are leaving PYRAMID VALLEY, I can see only happiness in all my family members' faces !


They were no more worried about me and my mother said:


.. Today, I am proud I have a son like you. "


Since then, all my family members became vegetarians and started doing regular meditation.


When I met PATRIJI, later, during BUDDHA POORNIMA in PYRAMID VALLEY INTERNATIONAL, I told him that it was a miracle that I got leave for two weeks to come to PYRAMID VALLEY and that too as paid holiday.


PATRIJI looked into my eyes for few seconds and said:


" When your astral masters are sitting on your manager's head, what other choice does she have ? Your visit to pyramid valley is already planned. "


Since then, I have a deep down connection to PYRAMID VALLEY and used to tell everyone that PYRAMID VALLEY is my " HOME ". Henceforth, I used to visit PYRAMID VALLEY three times a year because it is my energy recharge centre.


Whenever I come and meditate in PYRAMID VALLEY, I become instantly equipped with all the energies to face the outside world. I realized my purpose of life and also met my life partner in PYRAMID VALLEY .. No wonder I come to PYRAMID VALLEY so often from Australia.


In early 2011, I started to realize I am not very happy doing the computer job and my interests and passions are in spiritual areas. I got trained in past-life regression and Inner child work from enlightened master .. Dr. Newton Kondaveti in Hyderabad.


Currently, I am practicing past-life regression and Inner child work along with my job in Australia. From the year 2013 and beyond, I am going to do full-time spiritual work which is my passion and strength.


In September 2012, I was blessed to receive PATRIJI and organize meditation classes in Melbourne. PATRIJI was in Melbourne for four days and we organized meditation classes in all the different parts of Melbourne.


While PATRIJI was in Australia, I had an opportunity to meet and interact with another enlightened master Or. Tom Chalko ( author of The" Freedom of Choice " ). Also it was a memorable time with Mary and Gary Q'Brien( authors of " Messages from Your Soul ", " Reuniting Human and Spirit : The Hero's Journey " ) who are vehicle for the message channelled from spirit called " The Path of Dzar ".


 We had a question and answer session with The Pathe of Dzar Energy and PATRIJI ( available on YouTube ). It was a great experience to be in that energy field and listen to the Masters' conversations about the most important topics like vegetarianism, pyramid energies, planet earth in the coming hundred years.


PATRIJI'S visit has crystallized my life purpose and my vision to create a spiritual resort like " PYRAMID VALLEY " in Australia where meditation, vegetarianism, past-life regression, future-life progression and all the spiritual tools will be Integrated.




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