“ Miraculous Astral Surgery ”




I am Saroj Malik, wife of Army officer Major Suneal Malik.


I was born in Gorakhpur and brought up in Delhi. I belong to a religious and ritual oriented family. I always enjoyed doing the daily , aarti  going to holy places, temples and fasting with my family members.


My mother passed away when I was five years. Subsequently, I was raised by my grandmother, father, aunt and my elder siblings with great love and affection.


My parental family home has big rooms as temples, various idols of Gods and a priest comes every morning and evening to perform the , ' aarti '. Thrice a day, a special ' bhog ' for the God is prepared and offered. It is customary to have religious celebrations like Bhagwat, Ramayan, Shiv Puran, Durga Saptashati, Sundarkand and all religious festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show.


Since my child-hood, I have enjoyed being with myself and I remember that we used to sleep on the terrace and I would go on the terrace in the evening and loved to watch the setting Sun and the horizon. At night, lying on the cot I would look at the moon and stars and talk to them.


It was my feeling that the stars and the sky were the abode of God and that if I looked carefully I would see God in them. After coming back, from school, every evening I would accompany my grandmother to the temple to listen to the satsang.


Our kulguru abode is " Oochali Ashram " in Haridwar, which was our annual summer vacation destination. It was a daily practice to chant the mantra given by Guruji, before going to sleep. My in-laws believe in Gurudwara Sahib and did not believe in any rituals and ceremonies. This led me to feel that they were atheists, which was an error on my part.


In the year 1980, my husband got posted in the field area ( non-family station ) and so I came back to Delhi with my children and every poornima I started going to Vrindavan with my brothers and sisters. The allure of Vrindavan was so great that I started searching for Krishna in Vrindavan.


My frequent visits to Vrindavan, dancing to the beats of the mridang and crying had become like a madness. My husband who did not like these frequent visits started getting annoyed. The desire for Krishna became so deep that I wished to take a house in Vrindavan and live there.


One day my sister in-law, " Shashi ", invited me over to a discourse by Brahmgyani " Sant Pramila Bhagwan " from Lucknow. I always attended satsangs and so I went for Pramila Bhagwan's satsang. That day was the most important day of my life. I had finally found a perfect master, a Brahmgyani Guru ! Then there was no looking back. Pramila Bhagwan's entry into my life was no less than a miracle in my life.


I would go to Lucknow and in her presence my tears would not stop rolling down my eyes. Every word that was uttered by her would pierce me through and through. Nobody had ever told me the truth about myself " Aham Brahmasmi " before this.


On 22nd August, 2010, Guruji took samadhi and left for heavenly abode. I fell like a rudderless ship and did not know how I would lead my life without her guidance since till then I had not experienced my true self. My Guruji was my life and she would fondly call me an ' Ashiq '. I would cry for Guruji and my inner voice told me that I should learn meditation.


Then, " Asha Gupta " and I, decided to go to Shivani Gupta, a disciple of Avdhoot Baba .. but for some reason .. on the two occasions that we went to her, she could not give us her class.


Divine plan had something else in store for us and we learnt about " PSSM " from Ashaji's sister, " Kavita ".


We went to Shastriji's center in Safdarjang Enclave and came to know about " GCSS " to be held in Bengaluru. We learnt about the various masters who would be present at GCSS, " Jashmuheen " being one of them. My main attraction was to meet this master who .. I was told .. lived on ' prana ' alone and had not eaten anything for the past eighteen years! At GCSS, I met " Brahmarishi Patriji " and got complete knowledge about meditation from him.


On reaching " Pyramid Valley ", I felt that the place was heavenly and did not belong to this Earth. That night when I slept, I felt tremors and thought that there was an earthquake so I sat upright but realised that it was nothing. I tried to sleep again but the experience repeated itself two to three times through the night. Next morning I asked Ashaji about it and she told me that she too had a similar experience.


On enquiring from senior masters we were told that it was due to the high energy vibrations.


Meditating with PSSM totally changed my life.


I was suffering from photophobia, an eye problem due to which I could not tolerate light falling directly into my eyes and had to blink my eyes frequently. My eyes were always swollen and watering and it was developing cornea. All this brought my life to a stand still. I could not drive, nor could I watch TV and always tried to shield my eyes from light, to the extent that I could not make eye-contact with the person I was talking to as it put strain on my eyes.

I went to all the renowned eye specialists of Delhi but none could cure me of this ailment. After I came back from GCSS in Pyramid Valley, I continued to meditate and within a month the swelling and watering of my eyes subsided and in four months I was completely cured! Now, I can even drive at night !


I had pain in my left knee, found it difficult to climb stairs and would twist my ankle while walking and there would often be swelling in my left foot. This problem too got cured through a miraculous ASTRAL SURGERY ! One afternoon, as I was undergoing a meditation session, there was a pull in my left leg nerve. The pain kept on increasing and during night it was so excruciatingly painful that I could not walk a single step.


I understood that the pain was an indicator that it was energy healing my ailing leg and hence I did not panic. At night, I felt as though the nerves within my leg were being cut and that if I were to move it then my knee would break. Waiting for morning, I kept lying straight and fell asleep after 3 am. When I woke up in the morning I felt my knee and there was no trace of pain, it was absolutely fine ! I realized that the six to seven hours of pain that I had undergone was a knee replacement astral surgery. Today, my left leg is hale and healthy !


As a child, I always had a delicate constitution and fell sick frequently. Cold, cough, fever had always been a regular feature during change of season and the winters. However, this has changed since the time I have started meditating. For the last two years I have not fallen sick and this despite the fact that both the last two winters have been very severe.


In the year 2011, after attending Eric Burglund's workshop in GCSS at Pyramid Valley, I tripped and fell down spraining both my feet severely. One foot swollen up to twice its size and turned blue. I had a flight to catch next day and I thought that on reaching Delhi I would go to a doctor for an x-ray and plaster. On learning about my plan, Madam Swarnmala Patri sent a message through Nalini Kamal saying: " Is she a fool to leave the energized environment of the pyramid where people come to get cured ? " I cancelled my ticket and stayed back.


On the second day, my pain was better thanks to Eric's healing. Within four days my swelling had subsided and I was able to comfortably walk and even carry my luggage around ! On the fourth day, I climbed up to the king's chamber and meditated there. My foot had recovered up to 75% in those four days and by the fifth day it was completely cured !


Thanks are due to the highly charged environment of the pyramid which accelerated my recovery. For, I am sure that, had I gone to Delhi on the first day, my foot would have taken at least two months to heal.


All these miracle healings are a result of anapanasati meditation coupled with pyramid energy.


For total physical, emotional and mental health, anapanasati meditation .. not medication .. is the only answer as the root cause of all our problems is our mental disposition and our negative thoughts.


In December, 2011 , I went to Visakhapatnam City for Ohyan Mahachakra-II. Thousands of people participated daily in meditation to divine music. Patri Sir would invite people from north India to sit on the stage. While tens of thousands of us were immersed in meditation and the only sound being that of Patri Sir's flute and other musicians, I would feel dancing / running footsteps on the stage. On my confusion regarding these sounds I was informed that many astral masters were present on the stage. On one such occasion I even felt Patri Sir's hand upon my head for a long time.

Anapanasati Dhyan is a Grand Science !


Through the practice of this meditation we can understand the purpose of our life, know who we are and learn more about the entire cosmos. All our questions are answered through this meditation. " We are a soul ", is something that I had earlier heard but now I understood and experienced this eternal truth in PSSM through Brahmarshi Patriji.


After returning from the Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, I opened a PYRAMID MEDITATION CENTRE in my home and decided to spread this science to one and all. Whereever I would go to spread Guru's knowledge I started teaching meditation as well.


Through MEDITATION, I learnt that my life's purpose is to make everyone realize and experience their TRUE SELF.


The one and only key to man's peace of mind is Anapanasati Meditation.


All my waking and sleeping moments are spent thinking, planning, executing the spread of meditation. I have visions, where I see myself giving meditation sessions and these visions come true. I can feel the Universe helping me in this task as if it is there at my service. I am eternally grateful to the universe for having chosen me as a medium to spread the science of meditation.


I am highly influenced by Patri Sir's dedication and commitment to the spread of meditation and social awakening. His ceaseless efforts towards the realization of " Dhyan Jagat by the year 2012 " is an example for all of us. I am truly grateful to him for having nominated senior Master Rita Captain to spread awareness in North India.


I had the privilege to meet " Rita Captain " five months ago at Nalini Kamalji's house and since then have travelled with her to Lucknow, Faizabad, Ayodhya, Kurukshetra, Jammu and Kashmir spreading the science of meditation in north India and learning immensely from her.


Currently, I am visiting schools, colleges, NGOs, Welfare Associations, RWAs, Tihar Jail, and Political leaders, spreading the science of meditation. I have my family's full support in this task. My daughter in-law has opened a centre at her home and teaches meditation to her students at school.


My grand daughters too meditate daily !

It is my humble request to all to do Anapanasati meditation, use pyramid energy, construct pyramids and install pyramids wherever possible.

Also, please visit Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, which is the New-Age Shambala and receive the energy. Reading spiritual books recommended by Patri Sir will also enhance spiritual growth as Patri Sir's message to all is to follow the three pillars of spiritual growth.


• Do anapanasati meditation .. Dhyana
• Read spiritual books .. Swadhyaya
• Have company of masters .. Sajjan Sangatya


Saroj Malik
D-8 / 8079, Vasant Kunj, NEW DElHI - 110070
Ph : +91 93504 15563

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