" I am happy to teach Meditation "



This is Pravin Patel.


I was born in a Gujarati family ( in SUVA, Fiji Islands ) on 16th June, 1956.


My mother Laxmi Ben Patel and father Lallubhai Patel were / are very religious. I come from a big family of seven .. four sisters and three brothers.


I studied in a Christian school from child-hood and studied in a Methodist School at the pre-college level. At the age of eighteen, I had to give up formal education due to financial problems.


I started taking keen interest in religious activities and at a later age I came to understand that I will be punished if I did not do pooja regularly. So, I started following all rituals meticulously.


Although I was godly, in the year 1990, I started taking alcohol regularly in heavy quantities. I became depressed and more and more alcoholic; however, a true search for " inner truth " began, along with alcoholism.


During the course of my rather unscientific search for " inner truth ", or " how to go within ", I was diagnosed with cancer in the year 1992. This was an opportunity to intensify my attempts " to go within " .. but, I could not succeed in my attempts.


In the year 1994, I was again diagnosed with cancer for the second time. It was really a bad experience and it was in it's last stage and doctors declared that I was terminally ill.


However, I had not lost hope on God and myself .. and did not give up my fight against the malady. May be, because of my strong positive attitude, I could gradually come out of my illness.


I started really seeking help from GOD from the year 1996. In the year 1999, I started interacting with Puttaparthi Sai Baba. In all, I had about nine personal interviews with Sai Baba. In those days, I used to visit him twice an year. Every time I met Swamiji, my search for inner truth became more and more intensified.


One day, I questioned Sai Baba : " What shall I do ? "


Then Swamiji simply said: " Go within ".


During this phase of my life, I was advised by Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, again and again, to do intense meditation.


Subsequently, having heard about BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI, we invited him to New Zealand.


I met PATRIJI when he came to Auckland, New Zealand in September, 2008. I, somehow, believed that he could be the right person who would help me in my meditation.


PATRIJI taught me ' anapanasati ' meditation. After he left New Zealand, being a very staunch follower of Sai Baba, I went to PRASHANTI NILAYAM in Puttaparthi to meet Sai Baba and get his blessings.


Sai Baba, came out and gave me his darshan.


I asked him: " Swamiji, I have learnt meditation from a person known as ' Patriji ' in New Zealand. What do you say ? "


Sathya Sai Baba took my hand and said:


" I am very, very happy Go, learn, and also teach. "


On my return from PUTTAPARTHI, I went to the PYRAMID VALLEY, Bengaluru. This is where I sat on the KINGS' CHAMBER and meditated and could activate my third-eye ! I had lot of wonderful experiences and new understandings. All I can say is that one has to meditate and experience the benefits.


I did meet PATRIJI in Bengaluru where he was in a meeting with other masters. He invited me to the hall where I was asked to inaugurate the new website on " PYRAMIDS EVERYWHERE ".


The next day, just after my meditation on the KINGS' CHAMBER, PATRIJI called me to his room and asked me a question :


" Why are you so selfish ? "


I said, " I don't understand ".


He said the same thing what earlier Sathya Sai Baba asked me to do ..


" Go and teach meditation "


Since then, I have been teaching meditation in places like New Zealand, Fiji Islands and Australia. I was privileged to accompany BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI twice for teaching meditation in Fiji Islands.


I make it a point to teach anapanasati meditation every day to different groups.


People whom I teach meditation are from different cultures and of different colours and creeds. I am happy to teach more because while teaching, I am myself learning and progressing as well.


Recently, I had been hospitalized because I had a serious blood clot. I was admitted for three weeks. Doctors could not heal me and hence I got myself discharged from hospital.


Now, I gave up all my medication that I used to take for cancer treatment! Now-a-days, I do not take even a single tablet !


I started doing meditation more intensely which significantly reduced all my worries, anger, greed, lust, desires, ego etc.


My final message to the whole world:


Go immediately to a meditation master

Learn anapanasati meditation
Practice anapanasati meditation daily
Start teaching anapanasati meditation to all.



Pravin Patel
Fiji Islands
Ph : 64-21 2460700

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