" All Healing Energy is within the patient "



I am Sathyanarayana Murthy.


I am a Medical Doctor, specializing in General Surgery. I have my practice in the town named Jagtial, in Karimnagar District, Andhra Pradesh.


I have been having a keen interest in spirituality right from my child-hood. I always used to chant the mantra " Hare Rama Hare Rama " " Hare Krishna Hare Krishna " whenever I used to be in distress .. whether deep or otherwise.


My real spiritual journey began in December, 1989, when I first entered Puttaparthi Ashram premises of " Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba ".


I was so impressed with Sai Baba's spiritual activities in that Ashram, such as .. giving free medical treatment .. free supply of pure drinking water to several thirsty villages of Anantapur .. free education right from KG to PG .. and above all, the discipline prevailing there among devotees and the Ashram staff.


So, then and there, I became a devotee of Shri Sathya Sai Baba.


After many subsequent visits to Puttaparthi, I began devoting a major part of my time, in establishing " Sathya Sai Seva Samiihi " in Jagtial and started conducting regular bhajans .. free medical camps in the nearby villages on Sundays and holidays .. distributing essential commodities to the poor and needy people .. and organizing Nagar Sankeertanas during early hours of the day to sanctify the environment as directed by Sai Baba.


Until I met Patriji in July 1998, I continued all these as a very sincere devotee of Puttaparthi Sai Baba.


However, when I met Brahmarshi Patriji at his residence, in Kurnool, on a Full-moon Day .. for the first time .. something happened in my spiritual life. And, I got totally transformed in my inner core.


And, I began to feel, from that moment, that I belong to this New Age Spiritual Science Guru .. " Patriji "


Then, I started to attend Patriji's " one-day Meditation workshops " in Hyderabad regularly.


Patriji came to Jagtial on 16th January, 1999, and founded " The Jagtial Pyramid Spiritual Society ", which was the first of its kind in the entire Telangana Region.


In those early days, I used to meditate regularly and several wonderful meditational experiences poured on me.


My very first experience was seeing and conversing with " Vasishta Maharshi ". I have also seen my astral body quite a number of times.


Once, I have seen my supra-causal body .. by releasing from causal body .. the one which itself got released from astral body.


The causal body was meditating a little over and beyond the astral body which was also lying above the physical body which simply lying on the floor.


Once, I had experienced my Cosmic Consciousness and deeply felt that I am spread all over the entire cosmos and all the galaxies, planets and stars and all of them existed in me.


At that time, I could not bear the suffocation and uttered the word " Sai Ram " .. which was so dear to me in my previous Spiritual School ! Immediately Patriji's words were heard from somewhere: he corrected me .. so, I realized that " I am solely responsible for everything, and nobody else can rescue me ".


With all these understandings, I actually experienced " Aham Brahmasmi " and I wanted to share this tremendous wisdom with one and all.


And then, I constructed a beautiful and spacious roof-top pyramid 25' x 25' size on my Nursing Home which was inaugurated by our local MLA on 27th May, 2001 in the august presence of Brahmarshi Patriji.


Since then, I have been giving meditation classes regularly in our pyramid and also in nearby villages on Sundays and on other days like Poornima and other festival days.


I have also conducted " Atma Gnana Training Programme " for six months on every 27th to 29th ( 3 days ) very successfully .. and as a result .. a dedicated group of wonderful pyramid masters has been born through this project. Hats off to Anapanasati Meditation !


My only vision since my child-hood days has been that " All people should live peacefully and happily " and I believed deeply, this is possible only through a GOOD GOVERNANCE which can be given by only honest and dedicated citizens.


At that time, I did not know about politics etc, but I believed it could come through a good CM, he who can fulfill this. Even I used to fantasize as if I am governing all the country !


My role models were Dilip Maharaja, Vikramaditya and Chanakya ..


When Brahmarshi Patriji announced that we are entering into the political arena to eradicate all the calamities of inefficient governance and named the party as " Pyramid Party of India ", I really welcomed the idea wholeheartedly as it was my own personal ambition since my child-hood.


Naturally, I got very much involved and I could do my best for all the General Elections held in the years 1999, 2004 and 2009. I did contest twice as MLA and once as MP and bagged many many pure spiritually conscious votes.


One great tool .. which I believe I have been given by ASTRAL MASTERS .. is my ability to effectively present medico-scientific explanations in Telugu language for conducting the meditation classes. With this tool, I am able to visit so many new meditation centers throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh and this has earned me innumerable friends !!


As a professional medical practitioner, I always wondered, in my earlier years of practice :


" If the doctors and hospitals are so many more now, then there should be so much less incidence of suffering. However, of late, we are seeing the opposite, that is .. as the number of doctors and hospitals is increasing, the number of patients suffering various illnesses is also increasing ! Something is drastically amiss and wrong somewhere ! "


Somehow, I had an inkling that the healing treatment for illness lies not much with medical doctors but more with the patient himself / herself. However, after my gradual understanding of the universality of psychosomaticity .. and after my mature entry into spirituality and spiritual science .. I found out that :


" All healing energy is within the patient and therefore the patient alone is responsible for the cure of his / her illness or disease .. whether it be chronic or non- chronic. "


With the decrease of auto-immune power among human beings, all the diseases are now outpouring into the human system.


The solution lies in increasing the immunity that lies within, by way of practicing regular meditation, promoting vegetarianism inculcating positive thoughts, reading right spiritual books and spending valuable time with enlightened personnel etc.


My humble observation .. as a doctor practicing for over twenty six years is that :


" Medicines are genuinely needed, but in emergencies alone, that too for palliative purposes only. One should always trust in the soul-energies and believe in himself / herself and his / her body's natural mechanisms to overcome all physical problems and ailments. "


My sincere thanks to our beloved Patriji for giving me the cream of spiritual knowledge that has made me a better and more refined human being.


Dr. V. Sathyanarayana Murthy
The Jagtial Pyramid Spiritual Society

JAGTIAL, Karimnagar

Andhra Pradesh

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