" Treating patients with Holistic Approach "



I am Sadashivudu.


I am working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Oncology, Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences ( NIMS ), Hyderabad.


Way back, in the year 1994 .. while I was in Vijayawada, during my 4th year MBBS .. I came to know about meditation from my roommate Dr. Sreenivas.


Initially, I had no belief in meditation and hence, I did not pursue it seriously. However, after some time, I did observe a sea change in my friend's behaviour and his way of handling difficult situations. Then, I have genuinely decided to test the power of meditation and truth in spirituality.


Since we happened to be students of medical science, we took it as a special project and started experimenting with it by sitting in meditation for over 2 - 3 hours a day. Over a period of time, I could realize that there is some undefined force leading us towards our life design.


During our MBBS graduation, we formed a " Pyramid Meditation Group " in our Siddhartha Medical College. With the help of senior masters Paul Vijaykumar, Ranga Reddy and other pyramid masters, we used to conduct group meditation in our medical Hostel.


Once in a while, Brahmarshi Patriji himself used to come to our hostel to conduct guided meditation along with his flute music and teach us different aspects of science and spirituality.


They all taught us that  everything invisible and visible is existing in this Universe, and to see that invisible world, you should meditate and prove it for yourself.


Contrary to natural science .. where we start believing after we see it .. in spirituality, we can see it with our belief and intense sadhana. To taste the spiritual wisdom, we .. " THE GROUP " .. used to relentlessly meditate, read spiritual books, exchange our experiences and discuss different topics of great interest on spirituality.


In December 1994, we visited " The Buddha Pyramid Dhyana Kendra, Kurnool " and actively participated in New Year celebrations. While I was doing meditation in the Kurnool Pyramid, I had an out-of-body experience for the first time, and I could see the silver-cord connection between my physical body and Soul !


My real quest for spiritual knowledge began with that experience, and thereafter, I used to do intense meditation to know more about the science of meditation and wisdom of soul.


In the year 1995, during my final year MBBS examinations, I suffered from malaria and typhoid followed by severe anaemia. But, I wanted to experiment and heal myself through meditational energies without taking any medicines.


It took 2 - 3 weeks to get complete relief from the ill health. Thus, I have realized that it is possible and I can cure my diseases by meditation alone and without any medication.


In the same year, one of my close friends, Dr. P.S. Gopala Krishna was admitted into a hospital with severe infection and fever. Doctors advised him to stay in the hospital for 3-4 days for intravenous antibiotics. Since Dr. GK was also a strongly determined person, he did not take any medicine.


Myself and my co-medicos .. Dr.Vijay and Dr. GK .. we did intense group meditation for two hours in the hospital. To our surprise, within a span of three hours, Dr. GK recovered from his illness and got discharged on the same day !


This has surprised all the on-duty doctors as well as parents of GK.


With this amazing experience, I had further confirmation that with group meditational energy we can heal ourselves and also others more effectively.


After my graduation in medicine, I worked for some time in the state of Kerala. During that time I enjoyed the beauties of nature and visited most of the places of Kerala like Sabarimalai, Silent Valley, Thekkady reserve forest etc.


One day, while I was in meditation, I received a message that my life-design is to become a Medical Oncologist and treat cancer patients holistically .. by incorporating Medicine and Meditation and other aspects of Spirituality.


My original intention was to become a surgeon, but in order to pursue my life-design, I joined post graduation .. MD General Medicine .. in the year 1998.


In the year 1999, I married Dr. Kiran Latha who happened to be my classmate and a meditator. This is a wonderful experience in my whole life as I could find my soul-mate in meditation and married her after convincing both of our families !


After completing my MD, I was supposed to do DM Medical Oncology immediately. But, I chose to go to United Kingdom to pursue my career. I appeared for the qualifying examinations a number of times to get a job in UK and in this process, I wasted two most precious years. I could not clear all examinations in one go and so, I could not get a job in UK.


During this period of uncertainty, I had gone through many physical, psychological, financial and social problems. Then, I have revised my career plan according to my inner voice which I got while I was in Kerala, and decided to pursue my life-goal of becoming a Medical Oncologist in India.


After revisiting my plan, within one year, I got an opportunity to appear for entrance examination and got a seat in my first attempt itself in Medical Oncology super speciality training in NIMS hospital.


With this unique experience, I realized that if we fail successively to achieve our intended goal, we should revise our plan, accept the reality and drop our ego. I am enjoying my profession by treating patients with a combination of medical treatment and spiritual counselling.


There is a false notion that cancer diagnosis is like a death warrant and cancer is an incurable disease. But, in reality, it is untrue. Cancer patients invariably suffer not only from physical illness but also from spiritual ignorance. As a cancer specialist, I have an opportunity to discuss not only the duration of life and mode of death but also the importance of spirituality with patients and their relatives.


Scientific evidence proved beyond doubt that STRESS causes and accelerates the growth of cancer.


STRESS also aggravates the symptoms of disease and side-effects of cancer therapy. But with regular meditation, spiritual knowledge and acceptance of the problem, one can heal the ailment and live a better and extended life.


I advise all my patients to spend more time in meditation and read New Age spiritual books by masters like: JACK CANFIELD and LOUISE HAY.


I have observed that patients who accepted the problem and spent more time in spiritual activities lived longer with better quality of life.


I am treating every patient with complete understanding as a whole person with a holistic approach rather than treating them as diseased bodies with only chemotherapy drugs.


Now the whole world has accepted that meditation, yoga and spiritual wisdom are essential components of treatment of Every Disease.



Asst. Professor, Dept. of Medical Oncology
Nizam Institute of Medical Science (NIMS),HYDERABAD - 500 082
Ph : +91 08023489360, +919440911865

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