" 2012 = 2 + ' 0 '= 12 "


I am Girija Rajan.


I discovered my real path in this spiritual journey of life on 5th July, 1998 when I got introduced to Patriji throuqh a family friend, in Mysore.


I learnt the simple system of " anapanasati meditation " propounded by BUDDHA and also went into deep levels of meditation to the accompaniment of the melodious flute music by Patriji.


Initially, I developed a severe headache and even thought of discontinuing meditation but for the strict but caring words of Patriji which were .. " do not open your eyes until I say .. okay ".


This made me to continue my meditation whence the energy through the flute dissipated the heaviness in my head and elevating me to a level of bliss and great instant happiness !


I then started having breathtaking visions in my meditation, particularly of the silvery peaks of the Himalayas, completely oblivious of the fact that I was at the " Jagan Mohana Palace Auditorium " in Mysore at the meditation session.


This singular experience made me pursue more intensely the practice of meditation, with absolute dedication and regularity. To my surprise, within ten days of rigirous continuous meditation, I found myself very active doing my daily chores at home with ease and efficiency besides getting regular ' third-eve experiences ' in meditation.


Experiencing total change and transformation in my physical body, mind and soul, I ventured into teaching this art of, anapanasati meditation I to many friends and relatives.


I was also delighted to notice that my husband Rajan and my two daughters Jayshree and Poornima also progressed rapidly after taking to meditation.


Patriji used to make visits to Mysore once in two months when we used to organize meditation sessions and also receive all the spiritual knowledge and wisdom which he used to shower on us.


During one of his visits to Mysore, Patriji told me that I should not go to any doctor or take any medicines even when I fall sick. So, with his encouragement and deep rooted support in self healing, I decided to adopt the new approach and I was astonished that it worked miraculously.


From then on .. for the last fourteen years .. did not visit any medical practitioner or consumed any tablet or medicine. All disorders or ill-health had vanished from my system totally.


I realized the truth that I am responsible for my own illness which can be erased permanently through meditational energy. Patriji also introduced the other technologies like ' pyramid energy ' to us, stressing the need to ' read great spiritual books ' and to freely, exchange meditational experiences' with others.


On 16th June 2012, I was subjected to a strange sensation of uneasiness and a severe pain in my shoulders. I could not even sit in meditation which was my habit in case of any physical discomfort. Therefore, I sat silently for some time with my eyes closed. In spite of the pain, I attended to my household chores like cooking etc.


On 19th June, my pain almost doubled making me sit quietly in meditation since I found that it was extremely difficult to even lie on the bed. It was quite evident to me that I was confronted with a problem that related to my heart. I was determined not to go to any doctor despite the advice of my family members to consult a specialist I was wonder struck by the innate courage that I had developed.


On the evening of 20th of June 2012, alone at home, I gathered strength to sit in meditation wearing a ' pyramid cap '.


" We have seven pairs of DNA, one pair in each body. "


" The first pair is in the physical body which can be seen in the blood and hence having its colour as red. "


" The prerequisite for the next pair of DNA in orange colour to bloom out in the energy sheath ( pranamaya kosha ) is a block-free and strong physical body suffused with plenty of meditational energy. Hence the temporary uneasiness and discomfort in the physical body. The DNA in the seven bodies take colour of the ' rainbow ' in that order. "


" It is a bit difficult for the 2nd pair of DNA fixed in the pranamayakosha to bloom out since the blooming is based on the purity and fitness of the physical body. Once this is bloomed with the help of a lot of energy, it is easy for the rest of the four pairs to bloom out. "


" The seventh pair is already bloomed and are fixed in the Nirvanic body. "


As he said this, I saw for a flash of a second, the two divinely beautiful. profound and deep eyes of BUDDHA opening to show that they are his DNA strands fixed in his Nirvanic Body ".


Patriji ( Patriji's Overself ) further said:


" When the five pairs of DNA strands are fully bloomed and vibrate with energy equal to those of the seventh or Nirvanic Body, then we are in equal status of the Creator : "


" In fact, I operate on the Earth at this level at which there is no dependence, expectation nor any want. YOU ARE GOD YOURSELF .. you become ' SELF ' sufficient : YOU ARE A BUDDHA ! "


He also told me that I have raised my level to that of a fruitarian. He advised me to cut down on the intake of normal gross food to include more fruits in my daily diet.


Patriji ( Patriji's Overself ) continued to say :


" Now is the right time for everyone to take a giant leap in spirituality and get the twelve strands of DNA fully bloomed. For this, everyone has to spend at least three hours per day in meditation. This will help all to achieve their life's purpose, having opted to come to the Earth physically. "


Then, I was shown visions of the ' astral hospital ' .. where I saw two tiny beings in human form. One of them introduced himself as Dr. Gerard, who I gathered to be one among the pioneers of cardiology, working in London and passed on to the Astral World in the 1920s.


He says he has conducted research in healing through energy especially in cardiology.


He advised me to bear with the severe pain that I was experiencing. To my astonishment, when I put up with this severe pain, it turned out to be a great pleasure !


He told me that he had assisted to remove five blocks in my physical heart since I went into the ENERGY ZONE in meditation where I could absorb the needed amount of energy which was utilized by a technique similar to ' Nano Technology ' to clear the blocks in my cardio system.


He also said that the ' white coat ' uniform of doctors and asceptic conditions in the physical wards of hospitals were replicas of the conditions prevailing in the ' astral hospitals '. He stated that the ailing persons under sleep or sedation or coma or meditation, travel astrally to the ' astral hospitals ' and get some relief.


If they adopt to meditation, there will be enough energy to heal their physical bodies through ' astral operation ' and help them to get to a permanent solution enabling them to activate the DNA strands. He along with his wife and son ( in one of his physical lives ) are the chief beings who conduct operations/surgeries through ' Astral Energy Technology '.


Two and a half hours had already passed before I could come back to my normal conscious state after this great meditational experience.


I was relieved of all the pain and discomfort in my body and was ready to dance before my family members ! All of them heaved a sigh of relief to see me back to my normal self after the turmoil in the last few days.


From that day onwards, I observed that my intake of food had reduced to hardly 10% of my normal intake. Patriji had advised me to become a fruitarian just then and to my great surprise, all the cells in my body had adapted themselves instantaneously to this new diet!


I am reminded of Patriji's new age ' empirical formula ' for this year :


2012 = 2+'0' = 12


This means that if a person ( with 2 DNA ) meditates and becomes zero at mind level, then all his 12 strands of DNA will bloom easily.


That is the significance of the year " 2012 ".

Heart felt salutations to you .. beloved, revered master Patriji !




Mrs. Girija Rajan 

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