" I found the purpose of my Life "



I am C.K. Bhardwaj, an industrialist, businessman, science enthusiast and researcher, philosopher and now a spiritual scientist.


My spiritual journey would be incomplete without introducing my mother, indeed an angel.


My mother, belonged to the " Dikshit " family, but received ' deeksha ' only after marriage.


My father had taken her to his Master, Maharaj Sawant Singhji of Beas ( RadhaSoami Math ). The master handpicked her out from the crowd and ' initiated ' the process of giving deeksha to her. In her initial experiences, she connected with her master with light, activated her third-eye and heard the resonance of the Anhd Shabad ( divine music ).


During this time, she had decided that if she ever bore a son, she wanted him to have the inquisition to know more about God, the Almighty, and Organizer of the Cosmos. And so, with a strong intent, she designed my presence in her womb and gave birth to me on 19th March, 1942, in Lahore .. then a part of undivided India.


As an infant, I was struggling for life ( as my soul did not want to come back to this world ). But, she decided that I must live and through powerful thought and meditation, kept me alive and nursed me back to good health.


In the year 1947, after the partition of India, we moved from Lahore ( Pakistan ) to Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Having to leave all our riches behind due to the political unrest, we came to India with bare hands.


The real learning for me began then .. when I started observing the stark difference in my parents' approach towards our new life. My father was mostly upset and disheartened due to losses in the businesses he had set up, but my mother was always smiling ! She was a constant source of strength and courage for us during the phase of the struggle.


After a few unsuccessful stints in business, my parents finally moved to Delhi, in the year 1956, where we slowly and steadily moved towards a comfortable and previously accustomed life-style.


In the year 1959, I was initiated by Maharaj Kirpal Singhji and started the practice of meditation then onwards. Despite the thrill of the experiences I had, I was unable to make sense of the beautiful visions, music and feelings that I was experiencing during meditation as I treated it as a ' ritual '


Mentally, I felt enlightened to receive innovative and ground-breaking ideas. Using the same, I furthered my progress in the physical world by establishing the first induction melting unit in the country, working with the defense ministry on secretive operations and other scientific ventures. Monetarily, I was well settled and living contentedly.


However, as destiny would have it, around the year 1993, the flourishing business I set up started running into losses due to bureaucratic loopholes and with the cumulative effect of a troubled personal front, I lost all hope in life and wanted to END it.


It's interesting how during the times of the hardship and failure we are pushed to know more about God and realizing him. During this time, when I was contemplating committing suicide, I knew I needed a painless way to die. I stumbled on an article stating that freezing yourself would be the most painless way to kill. Coinciding with all these events, I was scheduled to go to Siberia on invitation from the Russian Academy of Science. Part of the visit included a visit to the Baikal Lake and I felt that the opportunity was just right for me to jump into the water and freeze.


Circumstances played out in such a way that the day before my scheduled visit to the Lake, I met a young professor who spoke to me about an experiment he conducted where he concluded that under the light of a laser, the human cell multiplies and the entire human body is made of trillions of cells.


This episode brought about a new dawn of spirituality for me. I realized that my mind's suicide mission would cause the trillion of cells forming ME pain. Now, my mission was to understand how these trillions of living cells functioned together to form ' ME ' and how from a single cell in the mother's womb .. I became a crown of creation .. the HUMAN BODY constituting trillion different cells.


Another incident took place on this trip when I stopped over at Moscow. My flight tickets were cancelled by the Russian Government. I was informed that a conference was organized to discuss " SPIRITUAL YOGA ". Knowing nothing about SPIRITUAL YOGA, I was in a fix when the organizer ushered me to the podium to address an august gathering of eminent scientists sitting before me. At that point, I closed my eyes, remembered my mother and master and something happened .. a strange thing !


I started talking. I remembered my exact words were :


" ' SPIRITUAL YOGA ' deals with the knowledge of how to have interaction with the energy that runs the human system and this energy is part of absolute intelligence and capable force. At the time of death, this energy leaves the human body and merges with the absolute. "


I repeated this sentence at least seven times and each time I uttered these words, something happened within me ! On completion, I received a standing ovation and was finally briefed to the ultimate purpose of my visit.


Institute of IRTIS had developed a non- invasive technology to study the force fields emitted by the human body. On experimentation, they witnessed the scientific explanation for what are called 11 miracles by man ", but they were unable to justify the phenomenon. They wanted me to provide the answers .. to comprehend and explain the meaning of the phrase " interaction with the energy ".


Dumbfounded again, I closed my eyes, and sat in meditation. On opening my eyes the words uttered then descended on me :


" At the start, there was just a single, elementary particle ( light ), the Absolute intelligence and a capable force .. One and alone .. in all its grace, in bliss. This single particle, in want of love, started vibrating within and moved from one to many. Each sub- particle, forming part of the Absolute, the elementary particle, had an equal portion of the absolute intelligence and capable force.


" When one of the sub-particles of Light Source, split and formed colors Elements came into existence. Recent discovery about the GOD PARTICLE .. Higgs Boson .. proves that elements were bound together (  attracted ) by the force field created by the protons colliding and hence, mass / matter came into existence. When substance was converted into mass, Suns and planets were formed. ( e.g., Sun is a combination of Hydrogen and Helium elements, Comets are a combination of hydrogen and oxygen )


" Through one such combination, the Earth was formed. Earth, having its own electromagnetic and gravitational field, restricted the entry of the sub-particles in their true form. Hence, being a part of the Absolute, the sub - particles took from the universal mind ( quantum field ), the causal mind, Abstract mind using the information of the time and laws of nature on the Earthly plane. Using the information provided by this mind ( including characteristics of body, mind and reason ), they designed the senses, culminating into the Astral body. Last came the language, which through the connection of the physical mind with the universal mind, were received as vibrations ( reference to string theory ).


" This sub-particle is us, ' Our Soul '. The outward expression of the soul is our ' ATTENTION ', Couple the mind ( information centre ) with the attention .. it triggers the brain to produce nerve impulses to instigate action. "


I was able to convey the message of the universe:


" We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience in a physical body. And hence, where the attention goes, the energy flows ! "


From that day of revelation, I found the purpose of my life. On returning to India, I immersed myself in spirituality .. and under the guidance of my mother .. started enjoying and understanding the experiences I witnessed during meditation.


My association with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, PSSM began when I met Senior Pyramid Master, Shastriji as a representative of the organization at Gurusangam. This led me to be invited to Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, for Buddha Poornima celebrations.


There, I met Patriji for the first time. At the first class where he asked me to speak to the gathering, I spoke about the origin of language. While Patriji was translating for the crowd the words I spoke, I was enthralled by his humbleness and sense of compassion and respect for one and all .. Master and meditator alike.


Like him, with him .. my endeavor is to spread the message of spirituality in its truest sense to one and all.


With peace, love and light to all.


Dr. C.K Bharadwaj
12-A, Milan Appartment

West Enclave, Delhi

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