" From Treating .. to Healing .. to Transforming "



I am Dr. Suniti Sharma.


I am a gynecologist by training .. working in Railway Medical Services, New Delhi for the last eighteen years.


I am married and I have three children.


I am one of those blessed by our dear grand master BRAHMASHRI PATRIJI right since the year 1983, when the seeds of spirituality were sown by him.


That day is still so vivid in my memory, when myself and my best friend Dr. SUDHA KODURI ( Patriji's sister )  sat continuously .. in their house in Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad .. from 11 pm till 5 am without even a blink as though, listening to Patriji when we learnt so many new concepts and knowledge like .. astral travel, silver cord, etc.


I consider Patriji as my " SOUL-FATHER " soul sculpting has been watched closely by him .. for which i am so very grateful.


The concepts, which he taught, have had a great impact and, in fact, have become, the turning point in my life. The knowledge and wisdom which he imparted actually transformed my life at all levels.


I was firstly introduced to Anapanasati and then, in due course, to pyramid energy by him.


All the benefits of meditation like achieving complete health at all the levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual .. along with instant peace, joy, contentment, astral travels, getting connected to astral masters, joyfulness, past lives unfolding and many others .. have been experienced by me.


However, the introduction to our core reality as " ECW ( Energy, Consciousness, Wisdom ) " connected me directly to the quantum understanding and with that I could raise my level of consciousness in such a way that I began to create my own realities ill life as I wanted to be.


What came as a shock to me was the understanding that 98% of us is the SPIRIT and only 2% is our physical body.


And, as doctors, we spend our whole life working on that 2% and ignoring the rest!


That 2% is very important though ! The physical body is a vehicle to carry our SPIRIT for its realization .. so it is important to keep it healthy.


The real foundation of GOOD HEALTH is based on .. right vegetarian food, right exercise .. being with sunshine and the nature .. right relaxation, right sleep etc.


It's important that we grasp the concept of us being quantum energy stuff quickly, so we don't get any illness to manifest itself.


Our body's reserve of energy is small as compared to the SOURCE, which gives energy to millions of Suns and all the universes.


Our small reservoir gets empty soon and we need to refill by connecting to the SOURCE .. through meditation.

We are spiritual beings who have come to Earth for varied physical experiences.


The bottom line is that, we are light and information and what prevents us connecting to our core reality is our limiting beliefs. So, we have to break the core beliefs.


We have to get re-connected to the quantum energy field, which has all the potential to create anything we want to experience as our personal reality.


We are conscious co-creators. This is another concept, which has been hammered into our brains by our beloved grand master Patriji.

To create whatever we want is simple and easy .. just the grace of the personal energy of GURU .. and being with simple easy conscious breathing. Here we go, changing the reality the quantum way !


I realized the inner call to shift from MBBS .. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery .. to " Bachelor of Meditation and Bachelor of Spirituality " .. as inspired by Patriji !


What is more, even the DNA, which is the hardware of our being, can also be re- programmed and re-modeled by connecting to the quantum energy field.


I was trained and ingrained for so many years in the medical profession .. to have a mind- set of looking for problems in the patient and to rule out diseases or conditions based on symptoms and clinical finding and sometimes even to strain and guard ourselves thinking about the worst things that could happen to them.


Every doctor must make an inner journey taking his / her understanding beyond the limits of physical body and into the heart of a deeper reality to solve the riddle of life and death.


Our physical body is just a faint shadow line in the cosmic background.


I do know that the medical science has reached the peak of precision and knowledge .. but only related to physical reality.


However, as I have discovered, medical science has no place for emotions, feelings, karmas, beliefs, patterns, past-life understandings, etc., in the treatment of the sufferings of the patients .. although awareness of psychosomatic illnesses has been known for many years.


Spirituality starts where today's medical science ends.


As unlimited beings, we contain within us the miraculous possibilities and the keys to limitless possibilities and power. So, if what we create unconsciously is not to our liking .. we can re-design our intents and change our realities to get different outcomes.


Simple .. just meditate .. and have impeccable intents. We take background cosmic energy and transform it with our awareness and consciousness into our experience of what we call as our personal reality, which is really what we create inside our minds.


Our whole body cells are replaced every seven years .. but the diseases persist as they are created by the mind.


Relating to health and disease applying this principle of quantum energy field, which is the realm of instant healings .. as the time required for healing is infinitesimally small as compared to the linear physical reality. This principle can be applied to every aspect of our life for transforming the entire structure of the physical body.


It's at the energetic level, that, mind and matter meet. Thus, my whole focus changed from treating to healing to transforming.


Integrating all the spiritual science concepts and awakening to the quantum energy fields, so called " miracles " started happening daily in my life.


Healing actually happens at the sub-atomic level. Sub-atomic particles are separated by huge gaps making every atom more than 99.999% empty space, in other words, called as the " quantum energy field ".


I have complete theoretical and practical understanding of many different systems of therapies like .. allopathy, ayurveda, reiki. pranic-healing, quantum healing, flower essences, past-life therapy, rebirthing, hypno NLP, etc.


With all this understanding, I could easily see the superiority of meditation over and above all these.


The good thing is that through meditation, the two hemispheres of brain start getting connected and harmonizing.


Through meditation, I started witnessing miracles, for many physical and mental conditions.


Some of the examples are as follows :

• 90% of psychosomatic disorders resolved
• Retinal replacement
• Age reversal and anti ageing
• Cerebral paley overcome
• Physical disabilites got corrected
• Cancer regressions
• Gall bladder and kidney stones removed
• Lessening of mental retardation
• Clearing of emotional issues
• Remission of untreatable autoimmune disease like sarcoidoisis


I am grateful to my beloved Guru Patriji for this gift. Thank you so much !



Suniti Sharma
New Delhi

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