" Meditation Heals Magnificently "



I am Ganga Rama Rao from Adoni, Kurnool Dist.


I am a Medical doctor by profession, I am also fortunate to be a student of the spiritual school of Brahmarshi Patriji,


Swami Rama's book " Living with Himalayas Masters " impressed and lead into the path of spiritual science and Patriji further spiritualizcd my personal and professional facets of life.


While I was introduced to Patriji quite early, his admonishments and scoldings put me off and hence for a while I began to drift away from him. This was entirely due to my lack of understanding and I realized this in hindsight.


During the year 2004, I had a mild anginal attack and about this time I was drawn towards devotion to Shirdi Sai Baba ; I pleaded for the protection of my family and myself to the saint of shirdi and totally surrendered at his holy feet.


On one such occasion, while I prostrated at Baba's feet, I was stunned to see the smiling face of Patriji when I raised my head ! This was a great revelation for me ! From then on was eagerly waiting to meet and hug Patriji .. as Sir never ever likes touching the feet, or bowing to a living master.


This eagerness was duely answered when Patriji next came to Adoni. He straight away came and hugged me asking my whereabouts all that while !


During the year 2008, I was down with an attack of cervical disc syndrome and about this time I received a call from D. Siva Prasad garu, connecting me with Patriji who was then in Australia. He directly inquired about the pain in my arm. Subsequently, I went into deep meditation and soon the pain was gone !


Similarly, during September 2010, I once again suffered an anginal attack and had to be hospitalized. That night .. at about 2.00 am .. my friend could distinctly see a hand massaging my chest while I was asleep.

Several are the instances when the Great Master Patriji came to my rescue and also that of my family and I am deeply indebted to Sir for the same.


I also wish to express my deep gratitude to Shri Premnathji of Adoni for his constant guidance and soulful support on my spiritual journey.


ANAPANASATI MEDITATION coupled with MELODIOUS SOULFUL MUSIC is the most effective means and cure for all kinds of ailments and I began to integrate them not only for myself but also for my patients admitted to my nursing home.


The efficacy of MUSIC MEDITATION can be imagined with the kind of ailements that I was able to treat and cure for the patients admitted to my hospital like :



• Painful musculo-skeletal disorders.


• Neurological disorders like LDS, migraine, and epilepsy.


• Castro intestinal disorders like IBS and peptic ulcers.


• Psychosomatic disorders, which starts as psychic, and progress as psychosomatic, somatic finally land as an organic disease


• Cardio vascular diseases ..


• DM, HTN and many more undiagnosed diseases.


Following are few examples where my patients got healed with MUSIC MEDITATION :


• Mahaboob Basha ( male - 53 yrs. ) who was diagnosed as hepato cellular carcinoma on June 28th 2008, had reduction of mass and he is living comfortably with MUSIC MEDITATION


• Ananthamma ( female - 73 yrs. ) who suffered from carcinoma breast had undergone simple mastectomy in the year 2003 and is doing well with MUSIC MEDITATION without adjuvant therapy.


• Satish ( male - 26 yrs. ) who got diagnosed as chronic myeloid leukernia in the year 2006, is doing well with only meditation.

• Hyder Saheb ( male - 73 yrs. ) who had bleeding duodenal ulcer got healed within a month with only meditation.


• Lingappa ( male - 62 yrs. ) had CAD, with tripple vessels' disease in the year 2001. Since then he is doing regular MUSIC MEDITATION and is keeping good health.


• A Male Patient ( 32 yrs. ) with HIV infection had chronic diarrhoea since two years, and he got relieved within a month. He also became positive in his outlook.


• A Male Child ( 8 yrs. ) had epilepsy and who was non-responsive to tegretol and lamitigrine got improved fully with MUSIC MEDITATION.


Similarly, many more patients got immensely benefited with MUSIC MEDlTATION.




1. Psycho-Neuro Immunology : Documents prove the link between body and mind and the ways by which our thoughts, feelings and emotions not only influence the health but also the occurrence and course of the disease. Because, MIND controls the BODY, and the disease first begins only in the mind.


Prof. B.M. Hegde : The renowned cardiologist and former vice-chancellor of Manipal University says :


" A single killer disease, starting from heart attack to cancer, now thought to arise from human mind. So, their cure or otherwise depends on human mind. A cancer cell or a cardiac muscle cell will have its own sub-atomic mind that makes or breaks the final outcome. "


2. Energy Medicine : Study of energy levels in the body and occurrence of the disease and their cure.


Usually the energy levels will be at peak at the age of 20 years and starts declining from 35-45 years and at age of 60 years it will be 60% and at the age of 75 years it will be 50%. Further, it will be decreased by stress, strain, negative thoughts and incorrect habits. So, once the energy levels are decreased, we are prone to diseases.


By replacing the depleted energy levels with cosmic energy through meditation we can heal or cure any disorder in the physical system.


Kirlian Photography and GDV technology are able to visualize the human energy body or etheric body or aura which allows studying the consciousness and its exploration and also helps in diagnosis of various problems.


In the book " The Psychic Discoveries behind Iron Curtain " by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, it is described that the bio-luminescence visible in kirlian picture, is caused by energy from the physical cells and is more mobile energy of bioplasma.


It is the oxygen that we breathe which converts some of its surplus electrons and a certain quantum of energy into the energy body. The biologists at Kazakh State University began to think that breathing ' ionized air ' has high medicinal impact on various kinds of diseases.


3. Vibrational Medicine : Einstein's paradigm sees human being as dynamic energy system. Through his equation " E = MC2 " he did prove that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. The universal substance is a primed energy or vibration of which we are all composed of.


Einstein proved that the ENERGY and MATTER are interchangeable. All the matter is a form of frozen energy.


According to Quantum Theory, an energetic particle will not be constant. So, all the atomic and sub-atomic particles in the human body are nothing but frozen energies, vibrating or oscillating at different frequencies.


Hence, attempting to heal the body through manipulation at basic energetic or vibrational level of the substance is popularly known as " Vibrational Medicine ".


Based on this knowledge by measuring the different frequencies of energy coming out of the human body, it is possible to diagnose various illnesses through EEG, ECG, EMG, USG, MRI etc.


Vibrational Medicine uses specialized forms of ( SUBTLE ) energy to positively affect the energy out of balance due to disease and rebalance the energy fields to regulate the cellular physiology. The SUBTLE energies manipulate our senses like : light therapy, colour therapy, aroma therapy, acu-pressure, acu-puncture, music therapy and meditation.


4. Genetic Inheritance : Elizabeth Back Bunn, professor of Bio-Physics of Los Angeles University.. in her lecture given at Hyderabad in February 2009 .. told that there are preliminary evidences indicating the effect of meditation on genes.


5. Law of Karma : Law of Karma plays ultimate role in every aspect of life which can be overcome by self-realization through meditation.




MUSIC fires the neurons in the brain to the tempo of the music played and brings the conceivable and significant healing effects.


MUSIC concentrates and maintains the attention and stimulates and utilizes many parts of the human brain. In other words, there is a direct link between certain melodious musical notes ( sounds ) and certain parts of the body.


When the physical body is in healthy state, each cell of an organ creates a resonance harmony with whole body. When an organ is vibrating out of tune ( non-harmonious way ) commonly called ' disease ' this abnormal condition can be restored by MUSIC MEDITATION.


MUSIC MEDITATION is healing all my patients, in my hospital, like magic. Hence, I am dispensing various music disks freely to all my patients, in my hospital.


POSITIVE INTENT : Before meditation, one should realize that he / she is ,1 Soul that is inhabiting in the body. So much so, our power is also infinite like that of the Soul. We are mere physical expression of our Soul.


Further, one should recollect their happy and healthy moments in the Life and feel as if he / she is in such pleasant moments.




In a study, during the year 2003, in Manipal Medical College, jointly conducted by department of physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology by inhabiting rats in pyramid chambers. they found that there is significant decrease in their neuro-endocrine stress, oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation.


Thus, the findings reveal that PYRAMID ENERGY significantly helped in :

1. Stress Management
2. Diseases prevention by reduction of free radicals


I am really grateful to Patri Sir, and I also thank Sri Premnathji.




Dr. Ganga Rama Rao
Aswini Priya Nursing Home, S.K.D Colony, ADONI
Ph: +91 9866715134

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