" Pyramid Spiritual Health Care Centres "



I am P.S. Gopala Krishna.


I was born in December 1970, to my noble parents .. Shri Appaji and Smt. Eashwariamma .. a village " CHINTALAGRHARAM " .. 25 kms away from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.


I was brought up in a joint family with moral values, care and also the principle of service to humanity was ingrained in us. I spent my schooling days in my village up to 10th class.


Those days, I used to imagine myself as a scientist in a laboratory from where space ships would to fly into the Universe !


" wanted to become a doctor "


I was very ambitious and wanted to become a doctor .. with a magic cure capability of curing all ailments with a single tablet with a minimum cost to the patients. I was tormented by nightmares that predicted the destruction of our entire village and also my family. Death was lurking in my dreams and it was both intriguing and dreadful !!


After an arduous journey.. I entered into allopathic medical course in the year 1990.


During the initial three and half years period of my MBBS course, I encountered several tragic experiences with modern medical treatment. My own father was wrongly diagnosed, despite multiple scanning and due to this he could not undergo proper treatment.


The allopathic treatment, in which I had been trained failed, to deliver proper solution for recurring pharyngitis and frequent cold attacks from which T was suffering since fifteen years.


About this time a few of my fellow students ( my classmates and sub-juniors, totaling ten ) formed a meditation group that did a lot of experimentation as a part of initial intensive sadhana.


" meditational experiences "


I met BRAHMARSHI PATRIJI .. founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement .. for the first time, in the year 1994, during Buddha Poornima celebrations in Kurnool.


Subsequently, my interactions with grand pyramid master PAUL VIJAY KUMAR clarified many of my doubts and gave a new zeal to experiment something different in my spiritual path.


Later, I did very intensive meditation .. where I used to sit continuously for six to eight hours in a day. On one occasion, I sat for 21 hours at a stretch for meditation in my hostel room. During that time I got crystal clear Astral Experiences and a couple of dreams to answer all my doubts that arose in my skeptical mind.


I used to get lots of messages from astral masters .. telepathically during meditation, which gave me basic, essential wisdom. Thereafter. my guidance was mostly through symbolic dreams.


Our MEDICOS TEAM organized the first meditation class in Vijayawada under the guidance of Patriji, We took lot of pains and prepared the key pamphlet of " HOLISTIC HEALTH " and got the approval from Patriji.


In fact, this laid the foundation for all the key notes that I have put in place in the subject of SELF HEALING.


Meanwhile, I completely gave up non-vegetarian food, immediately after coming into meditation.


I used to see the forthcoming question papers during my meditation which helped me and my medical friends immensely ! This cleared and firmed lip my belief to take lip the Spiritual-path for this lifetime.


After our degree course, working as house surgeons, our medicos group, began to visit KURNOOL all the way travelling from Vijayawada, every forty days just to have interaction with Patriji.


We used to go on tours to Shiridi, Gael and Pondicherry along with Mr. Paul, Dr. Yugandhar and other senior pyramid masters which gave us a lot of practical spiritual wisdom.


Once, a three hour non-stop interaction with DR. NEWTON, in Hyderabad, really shattered all my residual doubts and I also received a lot of encouragement and support from him.


My sincere learning through spiritual service.. that began in the year 1997 .. continues to this day and with the result I am handling multiple projects presently.


" my journey as a spiritual master "


I started with a small group and regularly conducted weekly classes.


In the year 1997, for the first time. at a short notice, we arranged a major gathering for Patriji's mega meeting at Vizag.


Slowly, this turned out as a massive meditational movement with constant follow-up and more number of regular group and full-moon meditation sessions.


Simultaneously, I continued my profession as a medical doctor in various private nursing homes and used to conduct meditation camps regularly. To date, I have conducted about 3000 such camps in all the three north coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.


" meditation in Andaman Islands "


As advised by Patriji, I went to Andaman Islands and stayed there for almost 18 months, and conducted meditation classes for about 20,000 people moving front island to island.


I worked as a medical officer for JARAWA TRIBES which enabled me to implement and obtain full-fledged understanding about Patriji and the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ( PSSM ).


This vigorous meditation and multi-dimensional approach culminated in to a miraculous experience for me while on a sea ship .. which I can perceive as the " completion of third-eye experience ".


" meditation health clinics "


Soon after returning from Andaman, in the year 2003, I started a " Meditation Health Clinic " I which was inaugurated by Madam Swarnamala Patri.


This is the very first " Pyramid Spiritual Care Centre " where several facilities are being provided .. including emergency allopathic supervision.


Soon, this clinic flourished and further expanded into a chain of six more such clinics.


So far, out of 1200 recorded case sheets, about 750 patients have healed themselves through meditation and regular spiritual health counseling.


The unique features of this new system are constant follow up by pyramid meditation masters, efficient spiritual health counseling and specific spiritual prescriptions to the patients.


" 25 bedded nursing home "


In the year 2005, we established a 25 bedded Nursing home and successfully maintained it for two and half years where the top floor was exclusively kept for pyramid spiritual health care and we had treated about 250 cases. During this period, I practically understood that meditation and spiritual science are the only healing tools, for curing any disease .. from simple headache to terminal stage cancer.


" Dhyana Ashrayam "


Simultaneously, we initiated a spiritual old age home under the guidance of Brahmarshi Patriji, named as " DHYANAASHRAYAM"  very near to CMR Spiritual centre ( 35' x 35' pyramid ) in Vizag.


Nearly 350 couples .. in the age group of 50 years and above .. stayed in " DHYANA ASHRAYAM " for a period of one week to ten days and learned meditation to heal themselves.



Soon, this concept spread throughout Andhra Pradesh and helped to tackle so many family and social health problems to a large extent.


" Dhyana Arogya Kendras "


Thus, having all the above clinical experience in hand .. I initially started six " DHYANA AROGY A KENDRAS " in three districts of Andhra Pradesh. Now the whole project has grown to include up to sixty centers all over India.


My practice from " allopathy tablets " has completely turned into " spiritual tablets ".


The " spiritual tablets " are nothing but specific spiritual concepts .. aimed to heal specific physical and mental abnormal conditions. The concepts start working at the spirituo-intellectual level of the patients and remarkable results have been achieved in more than 90 percent of the cases. These are now published in the form of books and CDs.


" employee training workshops "


Conducting three-day employee training workshops as a part of expansion of DHYANA AROGYAM project, as also touring with Patriji when it was possible, gave me enormous bliss and clarity of thought in life. I visited Sri Lanka and Mauritius along with Patriji to conduct meditation classes.


We have recorded experiences of 8,000 chronic and acute illness patients who, after injesting and digesting spiritual tablets, have totally restored themselves to health and have completely stopped taking allopathic medicines. This has given me very great satisfaction indeed !


Several DHYANA AROGYAM masters were trained by me and they are all now working voluntarily as project leaders contributing in the spread of the message of healing spirituality.


For the past one year, I relocated to Mumbai to establish the above concepts 111 Western India.


" life ambition "


My life ambition is to establish " DHYANA AROGYA KENDRAS " .. " SPIRITUAL HEALTH CARE CENTRES " .. all over the world, where all types of ailments will be taken care of and every one can become a doctor to heal himself / herself for life-time and simultaneously to assist Brahmarshi Patriji in his " GLOBAL SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT ".



Hail unto Brahmarshi Patriji and all Pyramid Masters all over the World !



Dr. P. S. Gopala Krishna ( MBBS )
Chairman Dyana Arogyam Trust, Co-ordinator Dhyana Mumbai
Ph : +91 9246648410 ; E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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