" Spiritual Health is the only Real Wealth "



I am Hari Kumar.


I am a medical Doctor by profession and an anti-ageing specialist.


Being the only son to my parents, I throughly enjoyed my childhood life.


I was considered as a smart student from my childhood .. highly ambitious with my own bench mark in elocution, mimicry drawing and sports. I used to be the topper many times up to my 10th standard.


Later, I was selected to the APRJC very prestigious plus two institution at Nagarjunasagar, AP, .. where my total education potential was unleashed. It was a turning point in my life where I learned throughly merging in the nature, more in silence breaking the routine and more creativity.


I got selected in MBBS during 1989 with first attempt .. by very least effort.


A common feature during all my studies is teaching that I have learned very immediately.. in a very creative way .. very authentically .. to my own classmates and juniors founder of PSSM, during my early internship during the period 1994 and 95, touched my root consiousness and aroused abiding interest in my inner journey through meditation and transformed me into a spiritual health.


During my very first meditation session, I saw myself as a yogi, teaching hundreds of spiritual seekers .. and on the third day, my purpose of life became very clear through my Over-self as imparting spiritual health to one and all.


Later, I realized that I was doing a similar for three past lives .. one as a Tibetian Master, second as an ayurvedic health scientist, and third as a religious revolutionist.


Imparting Holistic health wisdom to my medical colleagues and health seekers through regular meditation and enlightenment sessions at Kurnool Medical College and Govt General Hospital reconfirmed that many of present medications and quick solutions are unnecessary ... Every disease, without a single exception, in psycho-samatic.


All our diseases are because of mental worries and intellectual immaturities.


Spiritual energy and Spiritual intellect derived out of intensive meditation is the only one solution for all diseases and maladies.


My fact-finding temper helped me to probe into the field of kundalini energy dynamics, third-eye, astral voyage, telepathy, mediumships, channelings further and further and as result .. my vision of becoming holistic physician strengthened further and further.


I understood that medical fraternity is exercising only at body level and trying to use animal experimented drugs.


Despite using sophisticated investigations and new advances in the modern science .. we are yet to meet the defination given by WHO-The World Health Organisation-as health is not mere absence of disease but its' a balanced state of physical, mental, intellectual, social wellbeing.


Having understood that the only missing link is imparting spiritual health I have started a New Age Spiritual Organisation called " Pyramid Doctor's Association " during the year 2003, under the able guidance of PATRIJI.


I am tremendously fortunate to be associated with a living enlightened master Patriji, whose constant guidance has molded me from body - oriented doctor to an integrated metaphysical spiritual doctor.


I have met many enlightened masters .. learned much invaluable wisdom from them and my salutations for their teachings !


My search for truth has come to a complete end. My association with Patriji for the past 16 years has assured that. My Vision and Mission are crystal clear now.


Patriji always says " Samsara is nirvana " .. Rajani, my better half and my children Vaishnavi and Sohan are wonderful meditators and self realized masters .. are making my life spiritually memorable .. they have imparted many soul touching experiences from different angles and encouraged me to be in the spiritual lane after leaving my government job as asst professor in Surgery at Kurnool Medical College.


Presently, I am working as a consultant at APOLLO, Nallakunta, Hyderabad, and as a surgical consultant and anti aging specialist, offering various holistic therapies.


Now a days .. so many enthusiastic, dynamic self less doctors and healers are joining our " Pyramid Spiritual Doctors Movement " .. instantaneously becoming vegetarian .. advising their patients to become strict vegetarians and healers of their own diseases by becoming regular regular practitioners and teachers of meditation.


Spiritual health is the only real health.


Spiritual health is the only real wealth.


I feel, in the very near future, all medical institutions will transform and evolve into meditational health centers .. meditation will become the only medication !


All ill health will stop as the health-conscious people are going to abandon non-vegetarianism soon than later !



Dr. V Hari Kumar
Ph : +91 9440293903, E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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