" You create your own reality..
in every situation and at every given moment "


I am Vani.


I was born at Vemulawada, Karimnagar Dist., Andhra Pradesh. I chose Sri Lingaiah and Smt. Vijaya as my parents for this life-time. My father was a businessman and my mother is a house-wife.


I fully enjoyed my child-hood days by being in a joint family with my parents, brother, sister, uncle, aunts and Cousins.


I completed my M.Sc., ( Geography ) from Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad.


My house is adjacent to Sri Rajarajeswara temple, Vemulawada, which is popular as " Dakshina Kashi ". I used to play and roam here and there in temple premises every day. I was curiously watching the devotees visiting the temple for worshipping and taking oaths before the deities. However, I never did like that because in my child-hood I used to feel that " I am the one who dwells in that.. then, why should I worship. "


In my child-hood, I had a feeling that " I am omniscient and I could help anyone in difficult situations ". I used to give suggestions to all in any problematic matter. All of them expressed wonder after hearing such great magnificent words from me at that young age ! Sometimes, I used to question myself, whether I was over confident by not performing pujas to those deities.


" we are all one "


If anyone had asked a favour, I used to help them even though I did not have much resources. I had a strong feeling that only by spending more time and playing a lot in and around the temple, I can experience the truth .. " God is One ".

Because of my unique child-hood experiences in the villages, I used to love and respect all religions. I even used to attend places of worship of Muslims and Christians and visited friends on their festivals. I used to say " We are all one " and " God is one for all of us ". I never uttered the words .. " We are different  ".


In my child-hood, I had a lot of dreams like visiting old temples and flying over in the sky. I could see many bright and wonderful natural scenic places of interest. At times, I could feel that I was flying over the tower of the temple and moving over many people and different things. I used to remember that those dreams were really happening after getting up from the bed.


When I was in my degree course, I sensed that some Swamiji was roaming in our house. I felt that there was some unknown energy. I told the same to my family members. But they simply rejected my statement saying it was a kind of , nightmare .


When I joined M.Sc. in Osmania Campus, Hyderabad, I used to be scared because everything was new to me. I could not speak to anyone and had a feeling of loneliness engulf me at that time. I had an inferiority complex and a lot of negative thoughts. I started wondering about my future as there were many thoughts relating to the past and there were innumerable thoughts. I was never in the present state.


" getting into meditation "


I was introduced into " pyramid meditation " on 5th November 2010. When I was in second year, I had a great curiosity to learn everything.


One day, I saw that O.U., pyramid masters were conducting 41 day Meditation and Enlightenment classes and there were around two hundred meditators. The very sight of that inspired me so much and I attended the meditation class. On my first day, I was taught about " Anapanasati Meditation ". When I sat in meditation, I was frequently disturbed with many stray and useless thoughts and I felt a bit worried. But, I kept my courage and zeal to continue the practice daily.


One day, there was an announcement that they are going to celebrate Patri Sir's birthday at NTR Garden. That was the first time, I attended Patri Sir's programme and I was shocked to see a huge gathering of meditators. I saw Patri Sir on the stage for the first time. I very much liked the messages given by Patri Sir and Dr. Newton.


" I become a vegetarian "


Dr. Newton clearly told about the importance of vegetarianism. He explained why we should not eat non-vegetarian ' food '. He clarified that only vegetarian diet is suitable for humans. By listening it from Dr. Newton, a medical Doctor and Spiritual Scientist, then and there, I decided to totally stop eating non-vegetarian food in my life.


From the day I stopped eating meat, I was able to meditate nicely. Thoughts got reduced as soon as I started my meditation. I was going into silence faster, compared to earlier times.


I was totally convinced why we should not eat non-vegetarian food and how it influences our mind, body and also thinking pattern. I found that my body remains active all the time. I also understood there would not be any progress in meditation if we keep eating food of violence. On the contrary, there would be enormous growth for a meditator by resorting to only vegetarian diet with which we can go into peaceful states.


When I started meditation regularly, I had a glimpse of a yogi. I was stunned because till that time I did not read much about spiritual matters or yogis. And, I was also not well acquainted with spiritual books, spiritual masters and their life stories.


When I was meditating in our Hostel room, I had many visions, saw many colors and very bright light and pictures of different personalities. I thought " It is all my imagination ". I vividly saw a yogi in that meditation and was looking at him continuously. When he looked at me, I experienced a great joy of energy. My body's vibration level increased greatly. There was abundant energy around me. The environment was very pleasant.


While I was experiencing all these, the yogi disappeared suddenly. I felt disappointed and frustrated within me. I wondered, why he should leave me alone like that. But he later told me that nowadays, I do not require his help at all. All these meditational experiences I had just in five days only.


" 41-day meditation "


Positive thinking .. Being in the present .. Fearlessness.. Expanding understanding levels .. Being in thoughtless stage and inner happiness.


Subsequently, I started teaching meditation, attended satsangs. I was able to meditate now intensely and regularly.


" power of meditation "


I was very happy on meeting Patri Sir in the O.U. campus. Thereafter, I was totally busy in reading spiritual books and doing meditation in the morning hours at 4'0 clock. All these made me joyful and energetic.


We were about fifty students from Campus who went to Jagannatha Gattu Pyramid, Kurnool. We went there on a spiritual tour for doing intense meditation. There I saw an Orange Light. I experienced some unknown energy being with me. I could go deep into meditation in any place. We also went for trekking in the night. I was reluctant to comeback from there. There was some different kind of energy which attracted me towards that place.


I went to Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, on the occasion of Buddha Poornima during May, 2011. There, I sat in king's chamber to meditate. I experienced that the energy was ascending in my chakras. I was about to fall from my chair but suddenly, I came to my consciousness. I felt very joyful with lot of silence in and around.


At " Tapasthali " in Pyramid Valley also, I felt it was a very silent meditation, which we all enjoyed. During that tour, I could meet Patri Sir and different Senior Masters and exchanged experiences with them. Patri Sir gave a compliment to O.U. Students by saying " Osmania University students are extraordinary ". We were extremely happy on hearing that.


" classes at Girl's Hostel in O.U. campus "


After coming from Bengaluru tour, I got an idea and started group meditation exclusively for girls at night from 9 pm. to 10 pm. at Girl's Hostel in O.U. Campus.


Every day, there would be about fifty new comers coming for meditation. By the power of meditation, the place was filled with a lot of energy.


Whenever the newcomers sit in meditation, they would spontaneously go into deep meditation.


Once, when I was meditating in that place, I experienced as if Patriji was present along with us there ! I could feel the high energy level of a Great Master ! I smelled varieties of fragrances and felt a very serene atmosphere !


Conducting group meditation at Girls hostel and teaching about meditation to newcomers made me to find out many physical and mental changes like spreading the energy into the different parts of the body, having extreme pains out of the body, severe pain at neck. Even though there were pains, I never stopped meditation. Since then, I started self-healing.


Patri Sir says : " No doctors, no medicine ". Henceforth, I stopped taking allopathic medicine. I knew that this becomes possible only through meditation. I learned this by myself, through my personal experience.


" group meditation "


Keeping an intent that " everyone has to get into meditation ", I began distributing pamphlets and made others to meditate regularly at nights. It became a natural habit in due course.


After completing my exams, I went to my home town and spent very many hours daily in meditation as well as in reading books. I had many different experiences.


When I was back to O.U. Campus to take some more exams, I continued doing group meditation and conducting classes. Everyone participated in meditation and we were happy because all of them were very fond of meditation. I can never forget O.U. Campus because this is the place where I got into meditation and learned many excellent things about my life.


This was the message given by Patri Sir when he gave a class at O.U. Campus:

" Meditation alone will answer all the questions. And, we are all Gods. You create your own reality in every situation and at every given moment. To meditate, you need not go to Himalayas. Even in the kitchen you can meditate. "


When I sat in meditation in Dhyana Maha Chakram II, during the month of December 2011 at Visakhapatnam, I started seeing beautiful visions, sceneries, elephants and peacocks etc. I felt that entire nature was in front of the stage. After that, it appeared to me as if, Patri Sir was walking on the ocean. This vision gave a message that Patri Sir was bringing those waves into peaceful form.


On the same evening there was a warning that people were going to face heavy storms at the sea coast. The next day symptoms of cyclone started and only then I could understand that what I had seen earlier in my meditation has really happened.


I could know that energy was flowing very easily into my body in the " Dhyana Maha Chakram II ". I observed my mind was going into silence state when I meditated and even when I was out of meditation. I have seen things were manifesting as soon as there was a thought in my mind.


Once, in Yadagiri Gutta, Patri Sir was releasing a book on the stage and distributing it. I was behind him. I thought that the last copy of the book must be mine. As soon as I thought so .. he handed over the book to me over his head without turning back. I was shocked by that ! I started thinking how nature reacts to our thought power. Once, Patri Madam was telling me about Patri Sir .. how humble he was towards his Guruji. In the same way we should be very humble towards our GURUJI to learn anything.


One day, in the afternoon, when I was sleeping, I experienced that my astral body came out of my physical body. At the same time, I heard the voice of Patri Sir as he was guiding me in my journey. On that day Patri Sir taught me about astral travel.


When Patri Sir came to O.U. Campus he described many more concepts clearly. One of them was " You create your own reality all the time and in all dimensions ". He also emphasized about Swadhyaya and Sajjana Sangathya. Now, I read many spiritual books by Seth, Ramtha and
Lobsang Rampa.


I learned many things from " Swadhyaya Yoga " classes which were conducted by G.Srinivas Reddy Sir.


Mainly, he explained about self checking, leadership qualities, emotions, ego, how our thoughts must be, how to balance our feelings etc. He used to update us with latest must read New Age spiritual books, like Torkom Saraydarian, Deepak Chopra, Osho, Gary Zukav etc. The guidance given by Srinivas Reddy Sir is ever memorable. We are all really grateful to Srinivas Sir and his wonderful Swadhyaya Yoga Team.


I am very grateful to all those who helped me in my spiritual journey. I thank all Pyramid Masters, Rajashekhar Sir, and O.U. campus friends.



I do thank Patri Sir from the bottom of my heart. I also acknowledge the most enlightening magazines viz., " Ohyana Andhrapradesh ", " Spiritual India " and " Spiritual Science ".


T. Vani
Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad
Ph : +91 9491343522

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