I am Vivekanand from Nagpur, Maharashtra.


I chose Manda Kasi Vishweshwara Sarma and Manda Kusuma as my parents and I thank them for bringing me into this physical life.


I was born in Bodhan, Nizamabad Dist., Andhra Pradesh, and have two elder sisters Jyotsna and Aruna Jyoti.


I was named as Vivekanand, as my father saw Swami Vivekananda coming in his dreams before my physical birth.


I completed my schooling and college in Adilabad and did my management education from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.


During college days, I was inclined to join Indian Defence Forces after my college and joined NCC & NSS at our college. Participating in Republic Day parade at Delhi in the year 2001 was a wonderful learning experience.


During those days. On 14th January, 2001.. while all the other cadets were celebrating Bhaisaki Pongal festival at our campsite, I could witness a third-eye vision, which crossed me like a ray; I saw in that vision, many people lost their lives and a lot of damage to property, a strong intuition of a disaster ahead. However, I ignored all that as that moment was a time to celebrate. With our pan India friends.


On 26th January 2001, we heard of an earthquake in Gujarat that shocked the nation and I could see pictures in TV similar to that I witnessed during the celebration. That was my first strong intuition.


After my MBA, I worked from the year 2002 to the year 2008 in the banking and financial services industry at middle and senior management positions. On 7th July, 2007, I chose Aachal as my life partner.


I was taught the process of pyramid meditation by Jyotsna.. My sister.. For the first time in the year 2007. Though I strongly felt that this could be a wa . But I ignored.. As I was keen to know the scientific reason and process behind the meditation. Later, after studying about the pyramids, I could gauge that its dimensions, angular symmetrical structures do prove to be a source of receiving and spreading cosmic energies.


Then I consulted Janardhan Sir at Nagpur for a pyramid and it was for the very first time in 2008, I visited Nagpur Centre along with Jyotsna and did meditation there for a while. Though Jyotsna insisted me to meet Patri Sir many times, I was never keen but started practicing meditation for a while.


During those days itself, my intuitions were telling me that I have not come into this physical world just to pass the time without any learning. I was never interested to have a run of the mill life.. Getting married, having children, working till age, getting retired.. so boring and futile life.


At that time in the year 2008, I was working in a private sector bank as an Area Manager, with a handsome six digit monthly salary, a company car etc., but truly I understood that that is not the life to be led.


On 6th September, 2008, Dhriti chose us as parents and came to this world. On 15th, September 2008, I took a decision to leave the organization and establish something through which I can generate employment and help people at a large. I never looked at it through the angle of spirituality, but I knew that I came here for a purpose.


On 22nd September, 2008 I left my Job and informed Aachal and my parents that I left the job. Everyone started looking at me a crazy guy, who left a handsome job and knows nothing what to do ahead.


Our Soul is more mature than Mind. A state of mind should be attained in one's life so that one would follow the intuitions rather than mind. Real progress can be had only through intuitions. Our appetite to take bigger risks increases, which leads to larger purpose of living.


I started out an institution for training the bankers in October 2008. During this period, for the very first time, I met Patri Sir in the year 2009, during a pyramid inauguration in Nagpur. I sat for a while and I felt that I should ask him a question regarding my business and went and asked him, .. “ When will my college be established ? ”


Patri Sir replied, “ Iam not an astrologer ".


His answer raised many questions in my thought process. Though he has not answered my question, but I got an answer that I need to find it out on my own. This structured my thought process.


I started meditating daily, at nights and could see enormous changes during my meditation. My experiences have become boundless and could feel that a huge energy system trying to flow in. I started dancing, feeling and in the process I started enjoying meditation. I started testing myself as to my intuitions, my meditational experiences and started conversations with the Higher Masters and Self.


I decided not to read any books first as I didn’t like to have any pre-conceived notions. Instead, I used to receive clear guidance through personal discussions and learnt much through meditational experiences. Slowly it has become a process and my purpose of life started getting bigger. I started understanding energies, inflows and outflows, concentrating energies and much more. And I started testing meditation and energies.


Once, I tested healing energy for a person, who was in hospital. I asked help of Masters that night and passed it on to the being astrally who was in severe condition and to my surprise, it worked out and he was out of danger the next morning. I was happy for a while. Later, I learnt that I should not interfere in some other being's karma.


Once, during December 2010, I experienced visions during my meditation and had seen many of my past lives. Thanks to Patri Sir, for the wonderful gift of meditation.


Knowing past lives has important aspects. When we see our past lives, we come to know the great universal work we have been doing, the great Gurus who have taught us. It turns our current physical life into yet another opportunity for spiritual growth.


My experience with Barfani Dadaji ( Himalayan Yogi )


During August 2012, I was sitting in a meditation and felt very restless. I thought of moving out of Nagpur for a while. One day in the evening, I asked Aachal to pack the bag and told her that we are moving to Amarkantak, Chhattisgarh, for doing meditation near River Narmada.


The very next day, we started in a car and reached Bilaspur and thought of taking a halt that evening. I was sitting in a meditation in a hotel and I could see a bright light calling me and turn into an image of a Master with a beard with a broad forehead and very loveable face, as if he was loving me and caring every moment. He was calling me. It was as if he physically appeared and calling me to Amarkantak.


I opened my eyes and then surfed Internet for a while and started looking at pictures of various yogis from Amarkantak. And to my pleasent surprise, I could see the Masters' image, which I saw during meditation. He is Himalayan Yogi, Barfani Dadaji and I learnt that his Ashram is in amarkantak.


Immediately, the very next morning, we started for Amarkantak and reached there by 4.00 pm. We searched various places for our stay, but could not find a suitable one. We had to return from that place the same evening. On the way back, I could see the image of the Master calling me. Then I could learn that he has been moving and he is in Kairagarh ( a place near Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh ).


We turned our car towards Kairagarh and reached the Guru's Ashram. The Guru was sitting on Dewan. He was absolutely like how I saw him in meditation. In great delight, when we touched his feet, tears rolled out of my eyes, I started crying. He asked us to take lunch. After our lunch, we went back and sat near his feet. I could not even utter a word or ask him anything in his energy field. A huge light was around, tremendous energies, people chanting Rama Bhajan, Sundarakand etc.


I kept on looking at him. His eyes were closed. Dadaji looked like 70 years old. Walks steadily and moves across India to his Ashrams in his car donated by his disciples. He called me and asked " Why did you come here ? " I could not speak anything and he asked us to leave. He gave us prasad and we left that place with full of glory. No words. No discussions. Full of Light and energies flowing around us.


We reached Nagpur on the same day and I was continuously restless. Something was missing. That night, I sat in meditation and it was an extraordinary learning.


I learnt that Barfani Dadaji is more than 250 years old and some research further proves that he is more than 450 years being on this physical plane. In the Himalayas, he visited Nepal, Ranikhet, Pithoregarh, Tibet and Mansarovar temples and engaged himself in rigorous meditations, attaining rare powers. He also learnt the secrets of meditation from the saint of Gyanganj, Paramhans Phuleri Baba.


In the year 1930, Dadaji relinquished his old body and attained a new one through Kayakalp Vidya. Following the Chinese invasion of 1962, Dadaji left his Himalayan abode and settled down at Amarkantak temple.


Next day morning, we once again left to Kairagarh and reached there by afternoon. Dadaji asked us to stay for two days. He is fond of children and enjoys with them by throwing chocolates and giving them fruits. During the same night, I was sitting at his divine feet and Dadaji was sitting in chair. He saw me and just turned his eyes.


Next day early morning Dadaji took bath at around 2.30 am in the morning and sat on his Dewan. I was siting down and I was in meditation. He called me around 4.00 am and said " You are my disciple " and touched my head.


The moment Dadaji touched my head, it was as if I was in divine light all through. My spiritual growth flew to new dimensions. I could learn many new dimensions of spirituality. He blessed me and said " All the Masters are with you ".


I shared these experiences with Patri sir, when he visited later Nagpur, at Surendra Chaddaji's residence.


Construction of Pyramid


During August 2012, we moved to a new flat on rental basis. Around September, I was sitting in meditation and could see that Patri Sir was guiding me to construct a pyramid.


I could see Masters uniting and meditating near a place next to our flat. I asked them and they clearly said that " You are instrumental to bring a pyramid in this location ". Within no time the house where pyramid was about to erect, was on sale and we bought it. Immediately, I have shown the location to Janardhan Sir and as per his instructions we started construction of a pyramid of size 8' x 8 '.


During November 2012, Parvatamma Madam from Andhra Pradesh visited the location, and she conducted a meditation class and said this pyramid would be in place within a month. And the pyramid was ready within a month for inauguration !


As this is a universal work, on the initial day of the construction, we could see the Masters like Sai Baba and Tajuddin Baba laying initial bricks.


I thank all the Universal Masters and Patri Sir for choosing me for this work in this physical life and guiding me throughout.


Patriji opened the pyramid on 10th December 2012 and he named it as Sarvatma Pyramid. We have had many experiences in the pyramid and now it has become one of the most energetic places as guided by Masters.


My experience in Dhyana MahaChakram, year 2012 .. Kadtal


As we all are aware, that during Dhyana MahaChakram, it becomes the most energetic place on the Earth and all the Masters become physically present.


On 28th December, 2012 at 5.20 pm., myself, Aachal and Janardhan Sir were entering into the Gate of food court. Suddenly we were stopped by two ladies and I immediately noticed the change of energies in and around. I could see that Masters have physically come. It seemed that my whole body was shivering with highest energies and huge flow of current into the bodies. Literally, I had to catch hold of Aachal, who was also shivering with energies.


Master Confucius and Master Ramana Maharshi physically appeared and I could clearly see them. I called up Janardhan Sir and shown him. They blessed us. We took them inside the court and I gave them some fruits to eat.


On 1 st January, 2013, Patri Sir asked us to visit the " Omkareshwar Pyramid ", constructed on the way to SriSailam. One of the best experiences I ever had under any pyramid. The Masters guided me wonderfully. They revealed everything about future social conditions on the Earth, how political conditions would change, the economic situations, how meditation would play a vital role in hanging the facet of the planets, how our agriculture system and farmers in coming years would use meditation as a vital force.


My experience in Sarvatma Pyramid-Nagpur


January 2013 : During a regular meditation, I witnessed that a Master, a well-known Maharshi, come in the form of light and this light slowly transform in to the form of a star.


During the message, he requested me, " Can I take a physical birth through you ? ". He added, I am coming for a Universal work and would like to choose your couple to come into the physical body ". He said,  I would come as a boy


I sought permission from Aachal and honored his request. He thanked us for accepting his request. What a wonderful moment that was! And, finally, the Master arrived on 26th October, 2013 .. as a baby boy.


My experience at Ranchi, October 2013


I visited Ranchi on 29th September, 2013 for some official work. First two days of my visit, I was very uncomfortable in Ranchi. Though I was moving in and around on official work, my intuitions were indicating something different.


On 2nd October, 2013, I was moving on the roads of Ranchi and it happened that I could see paramhamsa Yogananda appear and calling me. It struck me and I started searching for the Ashram. And, I found that the Ashram was just a two minutes walk from my hotel room!


I entered " Yogada Satsang Society of India " Ashram on 3rd October, 2013 early at 6.00 am. The moment I entered, I got escorted astrally with the masters around ! However, the watchman did not allow me to enter further and asked me to come at 9.30 am. I went back to the hotel room and returned to the Ashram at 9.30 am.


Tears rolled out my eyes: the whole Ashram was filled with masters moving astrally, energies flowing from all directions. I entered into their office room and took their permission to sit and meditate. They guided me to the place where Guruji used to sit.


Energies were all around and I could see everything except me. What a moment ! I sat alone in that big room and felt happiness around, bliss around. Everything could be seen with open eyes. I sat down and at that moment I could see myself at least three inches above the ground level !


Thank you Patri Sir, for teaching me meditation and guiding me throughout. This experience is possible only through meditation.


I sat there for around two hours. I could feel those energies and bliss for the whole day. My physical body was filled with light.


Next day, once again, I visited the Ashram. I sat in the temple of Paramhamsa Yogananda

Guruji. Within seconds, I could see that Guruji himself came and took me into his arms ! He
hugged me, so sweet, such love and everything. ( Tears are rolling down even now as I am writing this experience ).


I had never felt such a divine hug before.( I am still feeling that sweetness ). Paramahamsa Yogananda Guruji in a light, sweet and loveable face, long hair, his holy body took me into his arms and said " Should I tell you how you are feeling now ? " .. No answer from my end, since I was experiencing his love and light in his arms. He said " You are feeling the love alike Hanuman felt when Shri Rama hugged him after a long wait. "


Guruji and I sat under a tree, full of bliss and he started asking me, " What do you want to know ? ". I was unable to reply to him anything; He said everything about the soul's journey. He clearly stated the purpose of his birth, his Guru's Yukteshwar's and Lahiri Mahasaya's birth. Guruji saidthat our parent soul is the same, taking various births for various works.


" We are all here for a purpose. Your My ) purpose of this physical life will take new horizons." He added, " Would you like to see the Masters helping you ? " I said " Yes ".


He showed me a huge gathering of masters astrally forming a single light and said we are all here to help you and guide you. Your work is a universal work. He talked about Satyalok. He said, " We are all from there. We took births to create guide and convert every soul into a truthful Soul. This means we are here to convert this physical plane into Satyalok. It also means Satyalok is here. "


I then asked Guruji to allow me to touch His divine physical body. He allowed me to do so ! He then blessed me.


Then I immediately thanked Patri Sir and all the Masters who have been guiding me all through. Such experiences remind us that our purpose of living is much bigger than what we usually think. Soul is more mature than mind.


Meditation is everything. We take births for specific purposes. We also need to believe in karma. We need to manifest our learning. Only through manifestation, we tend and give scope to our soul to learn many things.


How wonderful meditation is ! It's all about experiencing, learning and implementing. The real celebration of meditation is only when we manifest the learning.



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