I am Sivaramappa.


I got introduced at the instance of Brahmarshi Patriji to Anapanasati Meditation, way back in the year 1997.. when I was still working as Chief Accounts Officer, BSNL, Bengaluru. I retired from service in the year 2007.


I am very very lucky to be associated with the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement ( PSSM ) since 1997. Since then, I have been experiencing tremendous spiritual riches, wiping out all my ignorant perceptions on life and making me realize the true purpose of my life.


I am greatly indebted to Brahmarshi Patriji and all the Pyramid Masters of this mighty spiritual movement for my spiritual growth.


I have been assigned with a number of tasks, beginning with the establishing of " BENGALURU PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETY ", in the year 1997. This has since been renamed as " Karnataka Pyramid Dhyana Prachara Tust ", Bengaluru.


We started a Kannada magazine, " Dhyana Karnataka " in the year 2005 .. Which is now named as " Dhyana Kasturi " ?


I was made one of the trustees of the " Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru ". I was the Treasurer for some time. Currently, I am in- charge of the " Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy, Bengaluru ".


The " PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SCIENCE ACADEMY " was launched in the year 2010 at the behest of Brahmarshi Patriji.


Right from its inception, the ACADEMY has been endeavouring to induct " true spiritual insights and values " into the new generation's minds. ACADEMIC COURSES have been designed and developed to impart SPIRITUAL SCIENCE light into the society and to eliminate basic ignorance particularly among the YOUTH.


PSSA Courses have been designed meticulously on Anapanasati Meditation and various topics of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE for conducting five-day and three-day workshops catering to all sections of the society.


BASIC COURSES are aimed for the student community. RESIDENTIAL COURSES are being conducted in the PYRAMID VALLEY INTERNATIONAL, Bengaluru, itself .. while, non-residential courses are being taken up in the Bengaluru City and various other cities and towns in India and also abroad.


At the end of each CERTIFICATE COURSE, the participants are given a written test and based on their performance a CERTIFICATE is issued under the signature of Brahmarshi Patriji.


PSS ACADEMY has conducted these CERTIFICATE COURSES in several important towns and cities in India viz., Bengaluru... Davanagere .. Siruguppe.. Gouribidanur.. Chennai... Trivandrum.. Trissur ... Pondicherry.. Bhuvaneswar .. Cuttack.. Raipur.. Mumbai.. Bhiwandi... Betul.. Hyderabad.. Delhi.. Kolkata.. Nagpur and in other countries, viz., Cairo.. Alexandria ( Egypt ), Johannesburg ( South Africa ) and Malaysia.


So far, sixty three classes were conducted and CERTIFICATES issued to 2,875 participants including 1,810 students.


In addition, 155 students have taken courses through distance education.


Further, the ACADEMY undertook the task and completed codifying " SPIRITUAL SCIENCE KNOWLEDGE TEXT BOOKS " in association with the Pyramid Spiritual Society, Chattisgarh, Raipur.


These books are designed for VI to XII standards and also for Graduation courses to be taught in schools and colleges respectively, under moral science and / or value based education at weekly or daily basis as a part of their existing curriculum.


The ACADEMY has some more challenging tasks such as, getting Governmental approval for the courses and to introduce the subject of " Spiritual Science " in the regular text books.


The ACADEMY has, recently, formed its body into a TRUST for expanding its activities further to reach larger sections of the society.


We wholeheartedly acknowledge the mighty support extended in development of all aspects of the Academy by Shri Shailendra Jain, an Educationist and President, Pyramid Spiritual Society, Raipur, Chhattisgarh.


I consider myself truly fortunate to have been given the assignment as Vice Chairman of the ACADEMY.


Lots of spiritual experiences during the course of my long association with Patri Sir !


And, during my association with all the great PYRAMID MASTERS of PSSM for over 10 years !


The ACADEMY is looking forward to work with more energetically and to achieve the aims and objectives of " Ahimsa Dhyana Jagat ", ( humanizing and spiritualizing the world ) and thus fulfilling the great dreams of our master Brahmarshi Patriji.



B.Sivaramappa M.Sc. [Yoga], Vice Chairman
No. 5, 1st Floor, 5th Cross, 8th Main, J Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru-560018
Ph : 080 32325655, +91 9449831788, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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