" Be with Normal, Natural Death "


I am Jogendra Nath Danturty.


I am currently living in Hyderabad. However, I migrated to Melbourne in the year 1997 and was working in the IT industry.



I was curious at that time of working for IBM in Melbourne about the " Secrets of Success ". I always had a curiosity regarding, how only some people do succeed .. and, how others don't ??


I was searching for connected literature and did lot of research on this subject. While doing so, I encountered lot of Yoga and Meditation Masters on the Internet. Then, I came to know in the year 2002 .. about " Satyananda Yoga Institute " in the Camberwell suburb of Melbourne, where I took the yoga and meditation classes for eight weeks.


After attending the classes, though I came to understand a few things, I was still not clear on a lot of things including meditation. Things were going well, however, my urge and curiosity for THE TRUTH continued to haunt me.


Again, after a few weeks, I saw an advertisement about " ART OF LIVING ". I enrolled into the classes of Art of Living for eight weeks and learnt yoga and " SUDARSHAN KRIYA ". Still, I was not really satisfied.


I used to go to " BHAGAVAD GITA " classes once in a fortnight at my friend " G. Muralidhar's " house in Melbourne. Later on, when I was sharing my yoga and meditation experiences with one of my close friends, called " Venkat Chavali ", He advised me to explore the " Vipassana meditation " of Goenkaji. Same thing I discussed with Dr. Muralidhar Ghantasala during our Bhagavad Gita class in the year June 2002.


In the Bhagavad Gita class, when we were discussing about vipassana meditation, then my friend introduced me to " Jhansi Gummadi " who was also attending Gita classes at that time. Jhansi madam requested me to come to her house and told me that she would teach me " MEDITATION " and there would be no need for me to go to anywhere else !


I was a bit surprised. How can this simple old lady teach me about meditation ?! However, after a week, I did go to her house in Melbourne. Jhansi madam asked me to sit silently and requested me to close my eyes and start observing my breath and thus taught me " Anapanasati meditation " for over thirty minutes.


I was perplexed at first to hear about this " BE WITH NORMAL, NATURAL BREATH " technique. However, I decided to pursue it any cost. When I was leaving her house, she gave me few audio cassettes of Patriji like " Jesus Christ ", " Mukti Margam ", " Vaakshetram " and some of patrijis books in telugu ; languages etc.


I kept on listening to those cassettes during my drive back home and I was surprised to know so many wonderful things directly from the discourses of Patriji ! I came to realize that, I met the " RIGHT MASTER " and my search for TRUTH came to an end ! I was not the same old person since then ! After my introduction to Patriji teachings, every single day, either I was reading some of the books given to me by Jhansi Madam or listening to those audio teachings !


I visited India during November, 2003, and went to Vijayawada and met Jakka Raghava Rao garu and brought a lot of Patriji's books and further audio teachings to Melbourne.


In the year 2004, a friend of mine " Shiva Jawaji " came to know about Patriji through me during a week-end get-together. Then he regularly started coming to my house to borrow Patriji's books and cassettes. In the year 2005, another friend " Rao Pamarthi " called on me to introduced himself and also shared his experiences on pyramid meditation.


Slowly, by end of 2005, we were a few dedicated families like Lakshminarayana Gummadi, Jhansi Madam, Saroja Gullapalli, Harish Gullapalli, Shiva Jawaji, Vani Jawaji, Raveendra Uppala, Rao Pamarthi and Vijaya Pamarthi were among the meditation group.


Early 2006, we were discussing the idea of inviting Patriji to Melbourne and made all the efforts and finally we had the opportunity to meet the GRAND MASTER during September 2006.


Meeting Patriji, in the year 2006, was such a magnificent experience to all the pyramid meditators in the Melbourne and Patriji stayed for 21 days during that trip and visited mainly Sydney and Brisbane during that trip. We conducted several meditation classes at the residences of friends and one big meditation class was organized at Paker Park Hall in Melbourne in September, 2006.


Patriji conducted ten group meditation classes in the South Eastern and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. During these meditation classes, all the meditators immensely enjoyed the “ flute meditation " by Patriji.


Patriji used to teach all the people about the importance of Anapanasati Meditation, the benefits of being with breath, advantages of full- moon meditation, why we must eat only vegetarian food etc., etc.


In addition to that Patriji used to teach us how to speak properly ( i.e., how to talk ) and importance of mouna ( silence) and various other concepts. Lots of books and audio cassettes, video cassettes and brochures were freely distributed to various people.


We also had an opportunity for three consequitive Saturdays to go to Radio 3zzz 92.3 FM Ethnic Radio in the Melbourne with the Help of " Babu Akula ". And, through the Radio Broadcasting, Patriji shared lot of his wisdom to all Melbourne Telugu People.


After Patriji left Australia, we PYRAMID MASTERS continued to conduct group meditations, full-moon meditations, house visits and sharing the Anapanasati Meditation and Patriji's Books, CD's and Brochures with various people. During 2006 trip itself, we requested Patriji to visit again in the year 2007.


Patriji returned in the year 2007 from Singapore and landed in Melbourne in August 2007. During this trip, Patriji covered Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and also New Zealand. Patriji's visit was extensively advertised in Telugu community News Letters, Beyond India News Papers and also in the 3zzz Radio 92.3 FM.


During this trip senior pyramid master " Saroja Gullapalli " delivered a lecture on Anapanasati Meditation in the Theosophical Society Hall in the Melbourne and this was very well received by senior theosophy citizens of Australia.


In the year 2008, Patriji returned again after touring Malaysia, Singapore and landed in Melbourne. Later, Patriji visited Sydney, New Zealand and Fiji Islands.


By end of the year 2008, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement was fully established in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. This year also, we conducted another big group meditation programme in Caulfield.


Myself, Pradeep Vijay, Mahesh, Shiva, Rao and Raveendra always used to travel with Patriji and had several opportunities to listen to his great spiritual wisdom.


Patriji always listens to each and everyone with such a lot of patience, and he encourages everyone to share with others how they came into this revolutionary movement pssm.


Patriji inspires every one and he celebrates every moment with every one !


After the year 2009, Pradeep has been actively and aggressively spreading the Pyramid Spiritual Scieties Movement Australia and has taken a lead role in spreading the pyramid activities. Pradeep is instrumental in connecting Melbourne with Pyramid Valley International Bengaluru.


Year 2010, all the PYRAMID MASTERS from Melbourne attended theDhyana Maha Chakram-I, Amaravathi ". Year 2011, all the PYRAMID MASTERS from Australia attended the " Dhyana Maha Chakram-II, Vishakhapatnam ".


During September 2012, we were once gain overwhelmed with joy to receive Patriji in Melbourne! Pradeep and Saroja took an active role in organizing meditation classes. Patriji was in Melbourne for four days.


While Patriji was in Australia, we had an opportunity to meet and interact with Enlightened Master Dr. Tom Chalko ( author of The Freedom of Choice ) and with Mary and Gary O'Brien (authors of " Messages from Your Soul ", " Reuniting Human and Spirit: The Hero's Journey ") who are vehicle for the message channelled from Spirit called " THE PATH OF DZAR ".


Year 2012, PYRAMID MASTERS from Melbourne visited and participated in the programs of " Dhyana Maha Chakram - III, Kadtal, Hyderabad ".


Madam Saroja Gullapalli is conducting meditation classes every Sunday in her house in Glen Waverey and continues to inspire lots of meditation-mad families !


I sincerely thank spiritual India team for giving me this opportunity to share few of my experiences with patriji.


I owe everything to my beloved patriji, who gave me everything with infinite love and grace.




Jogendra Nath Danturty
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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