" Journey from Becoming .. to .. Being "

I am Arpitha.

I am an eternal student.

And I am a beacon light to one and all.

My current-life journey began on 19 July 1974, as a child born to Dr. K. Jagat Sanjeevi and Sai Kumari, a religious couple. We are all from Hyderabad.



I grew up as a pampered child of my father. Life-Field itself has been the biggest learning place for me, where I learnt about so many religious rituals and energy mechanisms behind them .. through the teachings of my father and his understandings of the science behind all of them.


As my father was a doctor by profession, he believed in understanding the basic underlying reason-essence of all actions performed and leading life with abundant joy and acceptance. These two new words of “ JOY ” and “ ACCEPTANCE ”, made me feel so very good that the first seeds had been sown in me to seek them in every action and in every turn of life.


Gradually, with all the usual hardships of life, I grew up to teenage and I was always known as a joyous and an energetic dare-devil ! By then, I was a person who taught everyone I met, in whatever way, that life is only about “ JOY ” and “ ACCEPTANCE ” and nothing else.


This prompted my friend Sudha who took the initiative and landed me in Ramachandra Mission, Chennai, where I was asked to meditate.


The great guruji of Ramachandra Mission SHRI PARTHASARATHYJI told in a seminar the importance of meditation and that all should know their own purpose of life. Literally feeling bored of the lecture, I came to my father who had always been the guru and friend of my life and he explained that :


“ Closing your eyes is not meditation .. but forgetting what you are is meditation. ”


This one statement made me feel joyful again .. and I went along with life.


At the age of fourteen, I met my second guru of my life .. “ PARTHA ” .. currently, my husband ! He taught me the importance of relationships that we have with all in our surroundings. The new knowledge about the necessity of creating all human relationships with compassion had now become my challengeful task.


At the age of twenty three, I got married ultimately ! And from a “ child ” to a “ teenager ” and to a “ wife ” and also a “ daughter-in-law ”, I began the next phase of my life. Here, I started learning lessons of “ compassion ” and “ patience ”, which compliment “ JOY ” and “ ACCEPTANCE ”.


My in-laws were very loving people. Another guru of my life was my father-in-law .. Bibek Bhushan Gupta .. who thoroughly taught me, the about the essences of purity and simplicity. He taught me about the power of silence too. At every stage of my life, there were people who taught me about all the true beauties of life in abundance.


By the age of twenty four, I had become a sincere student of life who followed all the basic principles .. that of joy, acceptance,compassion, purity, simplicity, patience and silence.


This was the time I heard from many about Reiki, and with a lot of support from my husband, my journey from “ BECOMING ” .. to.. “ BEING ” got started. And, I learnt Reiki, Crystal healing, Astrology, Tarot card reading, Mantras, Yantras, Chakras and Kundalini studies, Cosmic intelligence etc., etc., from yet another guru “ MAA GYAN ” of Haridwar when she happened to stay in Hyderabad. It took one full year to learn about all these great spritual practices. From here, life took another turn, as an Eternal Student of the Wisdom of Life.


Life went on happily along with my family with the birth of my three children viz.,“ SUSHMITHA ”, “ ARYAN ” and “ ARYAMAN ”.


By the age of twenty five, I was a complete woman with all the spiritual and worldly principles learnt .. I was the most happiest one in this entire Universe !


Then, in the year 2002, I had a dream where, I saw an old man calling me towards him and guiding me to another person ! Though the faces of these two persons were quite clear in the dream, I was not sure who they were in real life.


Then, again, I started meeting both of them regularly in my dreams ! They just were there with me all through my dreams, pampering me and showing me the galaxies, where I felt great !


Life, again, is all about continuing experiences .. and here yet another shift in my life happened with the loss of my father, my first guide, guru, and friend. That was the year 2006. And, I was lost. There was absolute darkness all around. Within three months of that great loss, one more turn, another guide .. my father-in-law also left his body.This shattered me, and I turned silent.


The only thoughts which were there in my mind were .. “ What happens after death ? ”, “ What is death ? ”, “ Where does the Soul go ? ” “ What is there in Other Worlds ? ” Lots of these queries were in my mind but, I couldn’t fathom the right answers.


Once again, the same two old persons of my dreams appeared in the darkness of one midnight ( probably at 3’o clock ). However, this time, I was shocked to see them with my open eyes ! As I was lost, the fear of death was not there or may be I wanted to embrace death to meet my father.


The voice I heard from one of them was “ Come .. its time ”. I just stared at them blankly.Thoughts were jamming my mind as to “ Who were they ? ”, and “ From where are they calling ? ” and “ Why ? ” I did not dare to share this experience with anyone, as it was so unbelievable even for me !


In the year 2007, I forced myself, with the support of my husband, to attend the seminar conducted by DR. YUGANDHAR .. founder of “ The World United ”, Hyderabad .. who had played the role of the priest between the God and devotee in that part of my life. My gratitude for him remains forever !


This seminar was the major turning point which shocked me completely where I met those two old people of my dreams, now in 24 carat physical terms !


The first old man, whom I met in my dreams, was right there, sitting absolutely beside me, giving a smile silently ! All others around looked at me surprised .. the question on their faces was :


“ Why is this woman not talking ?? The master is right next to her !! ”


As I was completely under shock not knowing what to do, I just looked into his eyes, eagerly waiting for him to say something. He directed me silently with his eyes to another person and words in that silence were “ Follow him .. be with him ”.


As I turned my face to see the other person, it was another shock for me ! He was the other old man of my dreams !


These two persons were none other than, the DRONACHARYA of my life, a “ meditationologist Brahmarshi Patriji ”, and the enlightened “ past-life regression master Dr. Newton Kondaveti ” !!


Any titles for these two personalities would be small according to me.


PATRIJI had always been the silent teacher who had guided me through my dreams all the time, till today.


My life, rich with experiences of all the principles I learnt till then, had again begun !


Now, I earnestly felt the need to join the Life Research Academy, Hyderabad, of Dr. Newton / Dr. Lakshmi. All the questions of what happens after death were answered by these New Age Masters Dr. Newton / Dr. Lakshmi and my life took a new turn of learning.. one more aspect of life i.e., unconditional love.


Dr. Newton / Dr. Lakshmi entered my life as masters making me experience the Soul and they guided me in life just as parents and gave me a new birth or a rebirth where, from “ BECOMING ”, I marched forward and became the beacon of “ LIGHT-BEING ”.


My journey with all these masters and Gods is eternal. In every action I perform, their wisdom flows through me and I am always surrounded by their unconditional love as a cocoon of light.


As I was all set to spread the wisdom of masters, I started my own academy “ The Connection Academy ”, along with my husband, which is all set to spread all the worldly / spiritual lessons of life learnt by me as the ESSENCES .. which are joy, patience, acceptance, simplicity,purity, compassion, silence, unconditional love.


Around this time in my life, after crossing most of the stages of life, again one more experience : The DRONACHARYA of my life, Patriji, came silently into my dreams and said “ There is no death ”. Suddenly I felt a somersault in my life. In one stroke all my lurking unconscious fears about death suddenly became conscious ! I had to encounter all my fears again and in due course, I could REALLY overcome them ! Yes !! THERE IS NO DEATH !!!


Dr. Newton, as a TRUE FRIEND, continued to give his valuable guidance sometimes through dreams and sometimes in person in his workshops. And, last year, Patriji gave me one more essence in my dreams .. “ ONENESS ” .. that makes the journey of life not a “ journey ” in fact ! The understandings and satories go on and on ! For me, meeting these two persons was absolutely a dream come true !


After the experience of ONENESS, my journey has taken a new shift, making me a “ Light Worker ” of Life University .. the planned city of the Universe, near VIKARABAD, A.P., where all the masters and Gods .. visible and invisible.. would certainly gather in creating heaven on Earth !


I feel so honoured as a LIGHT WORKER, and to co-shoulder the responsibility for fund-raising in this divine project. I urge one and all to be a part of this divine reality of creating heaven on Earth and take up this as their JOYFUL DUTY !


Life Counsellor & Rebirther
www.liferesearchacademy.com / www.life-universityglobal.org
Ph : +91 9000245145

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