" Meditation for Joyful and Service-ful Living "


I am Rajeswari.

I was born to my parents Malla Someshwara Rao and Malla Atmanandam, in a serene village,“ CHINTHALA AGRAHARAM ” of Vizag district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

I am immensely blessed with the love and support of my parents and my siblings ( Ravi Kumar and Padma ) .. without them, I am nowhere.


I was introduced to Anapanasati Meditation by my maternal uncle Dr. GOPALA KRISHNA and I am practicing it for the past ten years. All the spiritual growth I have accumulated over the years can be attributed to him. In fact, my entire family is indebted to him !


In my child-hood, I had everything .. a lovely family, good education and all the comforts of a school girl. During my child-hood, I was suffering from migraine headache, because of which, my vision was getting impaired occasionally. Initially I was just going through the motions along with my family members, without actually understanding the purpose of meditation.


Moreover, my headache used to increase whenever I started doing meditation, due to which some sort of fear crept into my mind about meditation.


Dr. G.K. used to constantly admonish me, saying :


“ Nothing comes easily ; a sculpted stone has to bear all the pains during the process of chiselling. ”


This made me more determined and I started to practice meditation more diligently. After just two months, I started observing the results, manifesting true all my convictions and beliefs about this wonderful SCIENCE OF MEDITATION.


All my ailments got completely cured, just by meditation .. and without any medicine !


From that day, I have made up my mind that we should never be dependent on medicines and being karmically responsible for whatever pains we have, physically or mentally, we have to get past them only by practicing Anapanasati Meditation.


After getting past the initial jitters of a fresh meditator, I started getting wonderful spiritual experiences, like, seeing beautiful natural places in my third-eye vision !


Every day, I began to meditate before going to sleep. And, I used to get dreams about whatever is going to happen the next day, which initially surprised me, but all this only strengthened my faith in meditation.


With the constant encouragement of my whole family, I also began to read wonderful books written by Patriji, Osho, Ramtha, Richard Bach, etc., etc. Reading right spiritual books made me realize the value and meaning of my life tremendously.


I studied in Telugu medium up to my 10th Standard. As such, I was really apprehensive about how I would be faring in the higher studies.. in English medium .. especially in languages viz., English and Hindi. Conforming my fears, I used to fare poorly in these two subjects. Then, I made up my mind that I have to do something to get over my weaknesses.


MEDITATION came to my rescue, as I was meditating for half an hour before studying. This pattern showed up wonders for me as I began to grasp anything very easily, which seemed miraculous for me.


Even during the exams, when everybody else in the classroom started writing, I used to meditate just for ten minutes, and then commence writing the exams ! I needed guts to do that, as everyone else looked at me in a strange way !


This only made me further more confident about my way of preparation. Good results in the school complimented my views and I was able to come out with flying colours up to my Post Graduation (M.Sc). I request every aspiring student to incorporate MEDITATION in his / her preparation stage.


During all these years, I could get over all family tensions very easily, stay focused, develop a positive way of thinking, increase my will power. I never had any negative feelings towards anybody and I used to feel, in my heart of hearts, that anything is miraculously possible for me !


Gradually, my MEDITATION took me to newer and higher levels and I started experiencing ASTRAL TRAVELS. Initially, I was very frightened about this phenomenon, but over a certain period of time, I could overcome my fears and I started enjoying my Astral Travels .. to visit new places and experience wonderful things !


During this time, my whole family ..including my parents, all my siblings, aunts, uncles .. were also reaping the fruits of this wonderful MEDITATION. Everyday, we used to meditate and read spiritual books in the night time.


During week-ends, we would invariably gather and discuss our experiences with one another. This sort of sharing of the experiences was a magnificently enlightening exercise for me as I learnt a lot in the company of all the masters.


My dear masters, please be assured that, if we are ready to change ourselves, nature will definitely help us in transforming us ! The crux of the matter is that we should be ready for the changes by putting in all our efforts.


Dr. G.K. always used to say : “ We have to continuously learn from all situations. Every situation teaches us new things. And, if we are open for the change, then we will overcome all the problems and this process keeps on continuing. ”


Once I learn from a given situation, that situation never recurs again for me. Every night, I analyze myself, as to what meaningful things I have done that day, and, what I could do the next day. I have the realization that, I am responsible for my life and all the situations that I am facing.


With regard to my marriage, I used to have a lot of fear .. about my life partner .. like : “How he would be ? ”, “ Will he be cooperating with my style of life (particularly, myself being a vegetarian) ? ” Thus, so many questions were occupying my mind.


Nature once again proved that “ You will get what you deserve ”. So, I am really happy to get a life partner who is really apt for me, who understands and really encourages me to go ahead and do whatever I want. He is “ SUDHAKAR ”, working in ABU DHABI !


After my marriage, we got settled in ABU DHABI, and now we have a four year old girl,“ KAMALIKA ”.


When she was in my womb, I used to talk with the baby every moment, and tell all the positive things about life ! And now, I can see the results in her. She really co-operates with me, even when we are having meditation sessions at my home ! She never disturbs me and always plays on her own !!


Regarding our child’s health, we hardly visit a doctor ; we totally rely on meditation and we also make her to sleep under Pyramids. She also tells me (whenever she is not feeling well) : “ We shall do meditation and everything will be all right ” ! Children will change their behavior only when parents change and show the children the way of life personally.


I am playing my role perfectly, that of spreading the message of meditation / vegetarianism / pyramid energy across UAE and would be rigorously continuing my efforts as long as we are in this country.


My salutations to PATRIJI for enlightening me, and all my family members of the whole world, for spreading the Science of Meditation and Vegetarianism and, above all, for showing the wonderful way of joyful and service-full living.


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